Season 4 Episode 1

Can You Hear Me Now?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2007 on CBS

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  • Best of the best CSI premiers!!!!!!!

    When Mac was hurrying through the airport I thought there was something big going on. I instantly knew there was something going on when Peyton wasn't with him, as he was checking for his flight back to New York. Lol, what better way of meeting up with Flack than getting a witty greeting?

    YAY!!! Sheldon grew his facial hair back! He looks so much yummier now. Lindsay looks really pretty with her shorter hair. ADAM! You dirty boy! Lol, I love how he and What's-Her-Face competed with giving results to Stella. XD

    This plot line was very interesting. Death on the Statue of Liberty. You know, I've actually been waiting for an episode like to happen. Although, this definitely took a totally different turn that I didn't expect. However, I knew it was the landlord. He seemed really shady to me.

    EEEE OMG the writers are pulling a Las Vegas. I think. 3:33 for Mac Taylor? What the heck does it mean? Ooooh this season is going to be so great!!!

    My Last Comment of the Day/Night: Spray on Condom????? I have many scientific questions for this new innovations, like how much is needed for proper durability?, how much force can it take?, and ditto of Danny's question because I didn't catch the answer.