Season 8 Episode 3

Cavallino Rampante

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2011 on CBS
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Danny and his team are puzzled as to why young women's bodies are being found in Ferraris and wonder if it'll escalate into something much bigger.

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  • 8x03

    Come on guys! Why the hate? I don´t understand why this episode is receiving these bad scores, in my opinion this one was really interesting, it remembers me when cis ny used to be full of interesting action like in season 4 and not boring as they are in the last seasons, I think people is being too hard with this one

    Maybe the only thing I did not like for this episode was danny trying to be a good boss, for me that was overacted but in general this episode worked at least for me

    Honestly I though this episode was going to be the worst in the entire csi ny story after I see how bad receiving it had but after I watched I asked myself "why is everybody hating this one" it was very good, I wish season 8 bring more episodes like this one

    P.D: I´m from Venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakesmoreless
  • Dead body in Ferrari

    Story line of CSI NY is more interesting this season and funnier. There are more light moments in this season. It seems that Adam is the joker in this group. He's funny especially when Hox was explaining how the girl was killed. He was demonstrating the killer's tactics on Adam and he was acting dying, hilarious. Tonight's story line is a bit far fetched though. Linking the death to a known terrorist who got blown out of his yacht and is going through plastic surgery thing... I think that was too far fetched but the reason behind the death and kidnapping of the car-nappers were interesting.

  • Pretty ladies stealing fancy cars... Until they take one that is hiding more than just a nice engine...

    Not my favorite.... It was kinda slow and there wasn't much of character developement.... And I get that the last scene is Danny getting to know his new team. He has to spend a lot of time with them but I don't like that the rookie has a crush on him... That's gonna be a problem even when I'm sure (since I hope TPTB learned their lesson with the Rikki thingie) Danny won't return her feelings... But it will put her life/career in danger and as consequence his since it's her boss.... Btw, the killer in this chapter was already a killer in 'Fare game'(season 2 chapter)... He did a good job, don't get me wrong, but have they run out of actors???All in all, it had its nice moments with Adam making jokes, but I could find tons of mistakes... Mac finding out something Sid had missed? It make me feel like he was saying he did a bad job. Flack going ALL ALONE to the suspect place, no cops backing him up, no vest... This guy had an arrest for assault and they found this girl dead... And I dunno why but Jo annoyed me a lot in this one... And to make things worse no DL, Danny mentions that he will not be able to see his wife and kid and that's it...Another note, if they wanted to show Lindsay carrying a huge gun they were better ways to do it... making her jump out of the SUV to point to a car thieve who they know wasn't violent was out of place....Sorry, but really not my favorite chapter....moreless
Sela Ward

Sela Ward

Josephine "Jo" Danville

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

A.J. Buckley

A.J. Buckley

Adam Ross

Elizabeth Lauren Hoffman

Elizabeth Lauren Hoffman

Michelle Moore

Guest Star

Courtney Ford

Courtney Ford

Nicole Moore

Guest Star

Michelle Page

Michelle Page

Audrey Noonan

Guest Star

Jeananne Goossen

Jeananne Goossen

Officer Lauren Cooper

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (35)

    • Nicole Noonan: (To Michelle before stealing a Ferrari) Let's go find a wild stallion to tame.

    • Lauren Cooper: Stolen cars with theft recovery devices emit a tracking signal, but the battery only lasts three days. Thief stashes the vehicle, walks away. If it hasn't been found by the time he gets back...
      Danny: ...probably never will.

    • Mac: (About Michelle Noonan) That photo puts her behind the wheel. Now we got to figure out who put her in the trunk.

    • Jo: We got powder flecks on some of the controls knobs inside and some kind of crushed electronic device outside, but other than that, I can say this is officially the cleanest Ferrari I've ever been in.
      Mac: And how many is that?
      Jo: Well, it depends if you're talking stock or race modified.

    • Jo: He may not have killed her for the car but simply because she stole it.
      Flack: Somebody jacked my quarter of a million dollar midlife crisis, I'd be mighty pissed.

    • Flack: (At the crime scene of Michelle Noonan) Be nice if she could just tell us what happened here.
      Mac: Maybe her body can.

    • Sid: Robust 25-year old female. Non-smoker, clearly works out. Overall, the shapely picture of health.
      Hawkes: At least she was.

    • Sid: While decidedly unpleasant, I'm quite sure that small bruises are not what killed her.

    • Sid: All of the vital organs, her brain included, are well within normal parameters. By all accounts, our decedent shouldn't be deceased.

    • Flack: Mr. Rose, you reported your 2009 Ferrari California stolen on July 26?
      Harry Rose: Yeah, my fault for parking it in such a bad neighbourhood. Temporary lapse in judgment.
      Flack: Leaving your keys in the glove box... that also a lapse in judgment?
      Harry Rose: I was just going to a party, didn't want to lose them.
      Flack: I guess leaving them in the car was pretty stupid. Almost as stupid as committing insurance fraud.
      Harry Rose: Just need some water.

    • Nathan Purdue: Should never have bought that expensive car. Just let vanity get the best of me.
      Mac: Ego sometimes clouds our perspective.
      Nathan Purdue: Yeah, especially when birthdays start flying by.

    • Lindsay: The car was registered to your father, not you.
      Jamie Fisher: I borrowed it.
      Lindsay: Without his permission?
      Jamie Fisher: I was surprised he even noticed. He's been a little distracted lately... ever since he ditched me and my mom for a girlfriend half his age.
      Lindsay: So, how did he react when you told him the car had been stolen?
      Jamie Fisher: He took it pretty well, I guess. Other than cutting me out of his will and depriving me of my birthright.

    • Harry Rose: I thought a fancy car would get the attention of some of the ladies. So I cashed in my savings for the deposit and leased one.
      Flack: How'd that work out for you?
      Harry Rose: No ladies. Just a mountain of debt. I just figured if the car got stolen I could use the insurance money to get out from under it.
      Flack: Did you have anyone helping you with this genius plan?

    • Mac: Thieves put clean VINs on stolen cars so they can resell them. Why would someone put stolen VINs on another stolen car?

    • Adam: Looking good, JD. Not many people can pull off those coveralls.
      Jo: I love you, Adam.

    • Mac: Did you finish the reconstruction?
      Adam: Ka-pow! This baby's good as new.
      Mac: What is it?
      Adam: It's a homemade RF cloning device... tool of choice for this year's technologically discerning car thieves.

    • Adam: (Tosses Mac's car keys away to make a demonstration) Now get in.
      Mac: I can't.
      Adam: Of course you can't because it's locked, and like any would-be thief you don't have the keys.
      Mac: Adam!
      Adam: Okay, I'm sorry.

    • Adam: This gizmo thing fools the receiver by transmitting all one trillion possible codes in rapid succession. Here, check it out. Huh? (Car door opens) The same matched code disengages the engine immobilizer and activates the ignition system (Engine starts) So, say sayonara to the car and hello, ridiculous insurance premium.

    • Mac: Prints match an ex-con named Arthur Noonan... nine counts of grand larceny dating all the way back to the late '70s. Also has priors for assault.
      Jo: A seasoned car thief with a temper.

    • (Adam has tossed Mac's car keys away to make a demonstration on how to break into his car. Demonstration is over)
      Mac: Go get the keys. Go.

    • Arthur Noonan: Those kids were out on the street because I failed them as a father. Would have done anything to make things right between us.
      Jo: Make it right now and give me Nicole's address.
      Arthur Noonan: I can't.
      Jo: Arthur, Michelle's dead, Nicole might know why.
      Arthur Noonan: I didn't say I wouldn't, I said I can't. I haven't seen or spoken to either one of them in months.

    • Mac: (To Audrey Noonan) Michelle is already gone and your father is a very sick man. Nicole is the only family you'll have left. This is your chance to make sure that you don't lose her, too.

    • Danny: Next time, you stop and you think and you use your training and discretion to determine what's the best use of your time and that of your supervising officer. This uniform you're wearing makes you accountable for your actions and mine makes me responsible for 15 officers and when they mess the bed, that's my problem. Because of your decision, we're sitting here paper-jockeying vouchers instead of being out there on our shift where the real criminals are. That means overtime and that I might not see my kid and my wife tonight.
      Lauren Cooper: I didn't consider all that.
      Danny: Next time you will.

    • Danny: Go ahead, Mac, say it. Tell me I handled that wrong and I got a lot to learn before I become a good boss.
      Mac: I think you handled that like a seasoned pro, Danny. I think you're already a good boss.
      Danny: Serious?
      Mac: Yeah, come a hell of a long way since those first couple of years in the lab.
      Danny: (Sighs) Wow. That was a long time ago. I still feel like I got a lot to learn, though.
      Mac: Trust your instincts, don't beat yourself up if things don't always come out the way you intended.

    • Mac: (About collagen) The glue that holds the body together.

    • (Hawkes and Adam are doing a little demonstration on Krav Maga, a defensive fighting technique. Hawkes pretends to asphyxiate Adam).
      Adam: (Muffled yell) I can't breathe! Oxygen...
      Hawkes: Is it working?
      Mac: Gentlemen, should I be concerned?

    • Sid: At the risk of sounding a bit envious, I do have to ask, how did you figure out electric shock?
      Mac: I think I know who killed her.

    • Mac: The yacht he was on reportedly caught fire and sank, taking everyone down with it.
      Lindsay: Well, a dead man didn't kill Michelle.
      Mac: No, but maybe a burned man did.

    • Danny: Listen, about before...
      Lauren Cooper: No, I, I deserved what I got.
      Danny: I was a bit out of line.
      Lauren Cooper: Shaving my head would've been out of line but what happened earlier, that was just you teaching me how to be better.
      Danny: As long as I didn't push you too hard.
      Lauren Cooper: You don't have to worry about me. I'm much tougher than I look.

    • Danny: Truth is, you're gonna be a great cop. And that's more than anyone ever said about me when I was starting out.
      Lauren Cooper: Did you make as many mistakes as me?
      Danny: Twice as many. I was impulsive, I was arrogant, I thought I knew everything.
      Lauren Cooper: You know? Some things never change.
      Danny: All right, now take it easy, rookie... but I want you to keep doing what you're doing, okay? Mistakes and all 'cause that's the only way you ever really learn.

    • Lauren Cooper: (To Danny) Me and some of the guys are gonna go get couple beers and there's always room at the table for one more screw-up.

    • Mac: Michelle and Nicole's biggest mistake wasn't stealing a car, it was stealing the wrong car.

    • Jo: Janos could buy a hundred sports cars if he wanted to. Why would he risk exposing his true identity by going after this one?
      Mac: What if it's not the car he wants but what's hidden inside?

    • Mac: What if they dismantled the car before they knew who the owner was? Then they find out Purdue is Janos and that he wants it back?
      Flack: Then it's too late. Car's already been chopped.

    • Jo: I always tell my kids the only reason evil exists in the world is so that good can triumph over it.
      Mac: Well, if it didn't, we'd be out of a job.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Music featured:
      Death By Diamonds And Pearls by Band of Skulls (Beginning of the episode with the fancy car).

    • Tim Guinee, who plays Nathan Purdue, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Double Cross, in the CSI: Miami one Sex & Taxes and in the CSI:NY one Fare Game.

      Michelle Page, who plays Audrey Noonan, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Felony Night.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 7, 2011 on CTV.
      Norway: December 14, 2011 on TVNorge.
      United Kingdom: February 11, 2012 on Channel 5.
      Czech Republic: March 28, 2012 on AXN.
      Germany: September 24, 2012 on Vox.
      Turkey: September 24, 2012 on CNBC-e.
      Slovakia: March 14, 2013 on JOJ Plus.
      Finland: March 12, 2014 on MTV3.


    • Episode title: Cavallino Rampante.

      It translates as 'Prancing Horse' and alludes to the famous symbol of the Italian Ferrari cars depicting a black prancing stallion on a yellow shield.