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Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 17, 2006 on CBS

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  • A bomber is causing panic in NY

    A show that has made so many improvements from last season has become one of my favourite shows and this season finale showed a great end to the season when a bomber is causing panic in NY and Flack is badly injured and Mac trying to save him gets flashback to Beirut with a similar situation.It was good to see the bomber taunting the CSI's but I thought he gave himself up to easy to Mac and Stella.This was an exciting episode all the way through and so has the season.
  • Great way to end the season!

    This episode by far has got to be one of my favorites. Eddie Cahill is AMAZING in this episode. This episode makes me cry everytime I see it. The interaction between Mac and Flack when Mac says, "Stay with me Don..." is awsome! It has you on the edge of your seat the ENTIRE time. I love it. I have not a dry eye when this episode is over. It's so intense. I love the scene where Mac is with Flack in hospital. Stella comes in and says, "Ya know Mac he's on round the clock care we don't have to be here." I love how Mac stays with him anyway. It show how dedicated he is t o his team. It makes me teary just writing about it. It's that good.
  • This is a legendary episode. I have been a major fan of CSI, particularly CSI:NY, and I know when something really special comes along - such as this episode.

    Every CSI:NY season finale so far - and I think the season 4 one will follow this trend too - has involved Mac (and sometimes one of the other main CSIs as well) getting into trouble. This just makes the finales completely mind-blowing because when the CSIs experience some personal drama (especially Mac, as his character is by far the most fantastically dramatic) everything suddenly goes mental. The storyline thickens; the plot becomes more sinister. This makes for some of the best episodes EVER in CSI:NY, and I look forward to them every single year. This episode is no exception. Action-packed and keeping you on the edge of your seat with suspense, this is a complete classic. A beautiful example of what TV can achieve - watch it now! And then again!
  • Great Season finale

    I loved the openning with Fack and Lindsay joking, we are not used to see them together and that one shows that they have a good relationship. Then the explosion. I really sufered for Flack!! I thought he was going to die!! Mac cleaning his hands only with the water and stop the bleeding...WAW! That guy knows everything!! I love Danny's concern when they found Lindsay. All the frustrated guy trying to be a marine during so many time and then trying to demonstrate that the country is not ready to stop another terrorist attack....GOOD IDEA!!

    I really liked that all the team works together but in a very different way than other chapters. It seems that all are touched very personally. Danny being all concerned about Lindsay even it seems that they personal space disappears in allthe screen time they share. Stella discovering MAc's injury...And the final scene with all the team in the hospital waiting for some news about Flack recovery. Things I found quite weird: Danny and MAc disabling the bomb....I didn't know they knew how to do that...
    Danny leaving with Lindsay at the end of the chapter: I am a huge DL fan but Flack is his bestfriend, and I think that the most normal thing would have been to be there for him but I guess he was worried about Lindsay and wnated to take care of her, maybe....

    Great chapter!!
  • Flack , my cutie was injured badly.

    When I saw the way mac sticked the two veins in his stomach, I was hoping that flack does not die....thank god, he is too cute to go...I luved him. Mac was great, if it wasn't for him, Flack would have died...The scene was a little scarry though but interesting...and looked real. I loved it. It actually made me cry.The blood oozing out of the vein...luckily, Mac managed to stop the bleeding..I agree with this episode though, that we are not ready for a bomb blast, like what Lessing says.Stella, Mac and the rest of the team being there for him was great. Shows how the team takes care of each other.
  • Excellent Season Finale.....

    I loved the excitement as well as the action within the finale for the season. I appreciated how TPTB were sensitive to a bombing in NYC, but the incorporation of the Lessing's need and desire to prove his point that the country wouldn't be ready for another attack. How the team worked together in determining the person behind the cell phone bombing was great. From piecing back together the cell phone, to figuring out Lessing new a lot about Mac to the stolen explosives from the armory. I thought the final scene with everyone checking on Flack's status was perfect. Showing that they are co-workers but also friends, even family.
  • Excellent season 2 finale

    I honestly thought this episode was excellent, certainly a great end to seris 2, firstly you have a mad bomber going round New York threatening to blow up more buildings and he just happens to be obcessed with Detective Mac Taylor and wanted to be a marine but couldn't get in, then you have one of the main team, Detective Donald Flack get seriously injured in the first bombing, which makes it even more interesting and exciting and then you see the team become much more serious over this case as one of their own has been hurt. Great finish and leaves you on a sort of cliff hanger on whether flack will be alright or not. Reccomened as a must watch!
  • Too ... Hollywood!! But Eddie was too cute to give it less than 9.5 :)

    As far as the plot goes ... it was lame ... so over the top, with Mac tying the blood vessel, disarming the bomb ... it was so "James Bond"!!

    The thing with CSI:NY is that there's always something missing, the cast is great, the ideas are good sometimes brilliant, yet something's off and I can't seem to figure out why!?

    However, Eddie Cahill looked soooo cute and helpless, I just love him. It was nice seeing everyone worried about Flack, there for him, although I expected Danny to look a lot more concerned!

    I'm still waiting for the third season here and I hope they develop Flack's character a little, give it some dimension, maybe a dark secret from his past ...

    Edit: Upon watching this episode again (over and over again to be honest) I noticed something worth mentioning; I thought Stella was very cold throughout the entire event. I mean, Flack is her friend, he never left her side when she was attacked, he was worried about her, there for her, and yet she actually looked more concerned about Mac and how he's coping than she was worried about Flack!! She looked almost emotionless.
  • A madman threatens to set of bombs in New York and one of the team is severly injured

    This season finale left an impact

    1. A Bomber treathens New York
    2. Don was injured
    3. Don is/was near death

    And I was on the edge of my seat the entire time trying to figure out who it is and why he/she is doing it.
    And we get to see Mac go all Marine in the showdown between the bomber.

    In a way this felt to much Hollywood. To much happened at once and it seemed like veryone could do about everything I could even think they could do.

    But the very last scene between Mac and Don was the most emotional. Could be because Mac flashed back to a situation when he was a Marine.

    But over all this was a very good and very nervwraich episode.
  • About this bomber that is mad becaus he was never a marines but Mac was so he tries to blow a lot of building up for some odd reason

    I really liked this episode, it was one of my favorite episodes in this season (among a lot of really good episodes) but i think this one is by far the best. It has fire (which is really cool, probally because im a pyro) Mac being all brave and all, and even a little D / L action (when Lindsay has a cut on her head from the explosion, Danny totally is concerned about her ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !) which i think is totally cool and sweet!
  • Action packed episode, kept me watching in amazement.

    This episode was one of my personal favorites. At the beginning we see Mac and Don investigating inside a building. They follow a blood trail that leads them into a room with a bomb located in it. Mac searches the ceiling panels, and looks absolutely adorable in doing so (like a little puppy or something). He see's the bomb and him and Flack rush through the building ushering everyone out. The bomb detinates while their still inside. It's sad to see Mac flashing back to his past marine life, and him not being able to save the man he was beside. He ties Flack's insides together with another man's shoelace. The CSI teams finds out the bomb was detinated with the incoming call of a cell phone. The bomber turned out to be a schizophrenic, who at the end has a women in his arms with a gun to her head. Mac, being brave, put his weapon down in order to make the bomber feel like he's in control. His schizophrenia kicks in and his personality changes. Mac acts as his army commander and tells the suspect to secure his weapon. They catch him and lock him up.

    It was a very touching scene at the end when Mac is with Flack in the ER, and he tells him to squeeze his hand if he can hear him. He does and you can see Mac's relief. I almost cried.
  • This was an excellent episode for the season finale. It made me realize how much CSI:NY is going, and how far it can be taken, and how great it is. It definitely was a hint of next season and how great that would be. Spoilers inside

    A bit creepy, we see a bomb guy and he's working with things. I have to say the bit with Mac and Flack ushering everyone after the discovery of the bomb was great. Seeing NYs greatest working so well to save a bunch of people. And of course there is one stupid guy with his music so loud he can't hear anything and gets Flack seriously injured because Flack tried to save his butt and they would have been out the door had it not been for him! And then there is the explosion. THE CASE:
    This entire episode was about the obvious: the bomber case. I had to say I loved this case from its very beginning with Lindsay saving everyone. It was amazing to see her clear everyone out. It was great seeing her take charge like that. Lindsay seeing the place blow up was just great. Her reaction to it happening was great too. Then with her being blown back Flack and Mac still in there. NOOOOOOOOOO!

    The aftermath of the bomb with everyone running was incredibly scary, for me especially. Though I came in to NY the year after 9/11, I lived not too far away, so it was a bit jarring for me to think of them reacting in that same way. It was sweet to see how worried Linds were and how she kept trying to reach Mac on the phone even after she was ushered and told to take care of her cut. Of course, what's worse is that all the debris ruined their original crime scene. GAWD. I love how homeland security just waltzes in. The head chick was just a bit unbelievable. I didn't like her acting. She was the only bad thing about this for me. I really love episodes when you see everyone rallying together, and this one was one of those, when we see everyone trying to find Mac. I kept thinking throughout the entire beginning "Our boys!!! Mac in the debris!" When we see them up there, everything looks sideways. It's sooo creepy. It reminds me of a dada painting or something. When I saw the one guy I thought they rescued Flack, but no of course not it was the dummy. Then Mac looks over, and he sees Flack, and ooooo man Flack is injured the worst. Then I screamed "Nooooo" as I saw the giant HOLE in his body with like a pipe or artery or something and it being cut. I mean there was a literal hole. His skin was all off and everything, and all I could think was, how is that skin going back there? (If anyone can tell me, please do). And the guy is like oh god. Thanks that's what they need. Though if I was in that situation I would have died. I don't know what I would have done. I love Mac knowing exactly what to do. He is literally like MacGyver on the scene!!!!!(Maybe that's where he got his name from, huh?) I love that he uses a shoelace. *shudders* the thought of that every happening to me and someone tying me up with a shoelace and putting PAPER and stuff in my body? I loved when he was taking care of Flack and there is a bottle of water to clean up. Thank god for RBoW(random bottles of water!)

    But really, putting paper in his body- eww. I loved Mac's flashbacks. They tied in very well with the situation, as well a bomb scene and a war is a lot like the same. I love how they found them early on, I was glad the whole ep wasn't about getting them in. And Danny is to the rescue! This episode definitely tied in the Beirut with the bomb. I loved Stella's worried look at his old injury. As to the guy who actually did it? It’s a guy from the military (love the tie- military personnel doing this and Mac is remembering his military days while this is going on- great little tie in). The creepy military guy was really psychotic no? Ok true, he was a schizophrenic, sorry for being a little insensitive. But he killed people. I think that's when sensitivity needs to stop. I mean he studied Mac. Only after Stella told him (btw he totally hit on her, what is with her and attracting the creepy guys? First Frankie and now military bomber?) I love the fact he was a military nut because it was great to see what someone who should be protecting the country do when well they are harming the people of that country. It's just a great idea to see the good turn bad. The thought of how screwed we'd be if any military personnel turned on us, since they know sooo much and they are so good at what they do.

    I loved the idea of the cell phone being the trigger. That was excellent. I mean how many people could set off a bomb? It could be anyone. And I loved Mac yelling at the homeland security chick and she has this look of like a punished student. It was great. Hahah I love Mac. And the scene with all the cell phones going off was a good point to see HOW screwed NY would be.

    I mean this episode was just great because it also had yet another bomb? And well crap now they gotta find it. And of course we are worried about Flack. Not cool. RANDOM LITTLE NOTE:
    I have to say I was very happy to see Jane! She needs to come back. We need more of her. Also I definitely loved the military music throughout. It was another great tie in to everything.

    I loved the bits with everyone worrying about Flack. Again I love it when the episodes are about teams joining together. I was like "Awww Mac wants to see him." And when we found out there were pieces of debris in him…… grosssss…. What the human body can go through, right?
    And when Mac was taking photo I was worrying he's dead. Since usually you take photos or we see them taking photos of the dead. So I kept thinking "stop it Mac….. He can't be dead!" And of course, I loved the bit at the end where everyone was watching over Flack- so sweet. Mac and Stella were really cute and when the others joined it was just perfect.
    Then, squee, Danny and Lindsay go out together (internal note: YAY! Sorry- I'm done now :D)
    Mac and Stella were so cute- "we take care of each other."
    And then of course best scene of all had to be when Mac was in the room with Flack and he asked him, told him to squeeze the hand. And Flack does! YAY. It made me SOB. But hey, it was good :D.

    This was an excellent episode for the season finale. It made me realize how much CSI:NY is going, and how far it can be taken, and how great it is. It made me love this show more, and though it was a little bomby (grr Miami) it was a great episode. It definitely was a hint of next season and how great that would be.
  • Awwwww…. So touching and exciting at the same time!!!

    Mac and Flack with this other guy was in the building when the bomb exploded, we found out that Mac was slightly injured, where else Flack on the other hand didn’t look good at all. Mac helped Flack as he was badly injured.

    In the hospital scene, it was awesome that Stella stayed with Mac. It the show Mac told Stella “I’m glad you stayed”.

    The ending bit, where Mac went into the room and told Flack that if he can hear Mac talking squeeze his hands. It was so good that Flack is going to be alright.

    Love the relationship with Danny and Lindsay was so cool!!!!

    Can't wait for CSI:NY next season in NZ. Go CSI:NY it rocks!!!!!
  • Bombs and a CSI:NY hottie gets injured. TPTB nearly made me fainted.

    Last episode of Season 2. Exciting and scary.

    Music blasting along the streets of NYC. Lindsay, Flack and Mac makes their way to the crime scene. Later, Mac discovers a bomb and tries to evacuate the building. Lindsay managed to escaped but Mac and Flack didnt because they tried to save another guy in the building. And there, KABOOM! Bomb explodes. My heart was beating fast.

    Mac was not badly injured, but FLACK was badly injured. My friend and i was moaning our heads off!! And at one point when Mac was talking to unconscious Flack when he was just brought in to the hospital, i thought Flack was gone! And i nearly cried. Only later Mac told the other CSI's that Flack's okay, my heart started beating normal again. :P

    It was nice to see Stella and Mac together..alone. It felt like they were going to have a relationship or something. And Danny offering Lindsay a ride home(SQUEE!!)

    They ended with a cliffhanger. Flack in coma. What's next in Season 3?
  • bombs,action,some serious D/L moments and a cliffhanger, what more could a girl want?

    This episode starts with the csi\'s checking out a crime scene when they find a bomb.Before they can get everyone out of the building,the bomb explodes,with mac caught up and flacks life hanging in the balance.With Lindsay outside the rest of the csi\'s arrive to find out who is behind the bomb.After scouring the crime scene and piecing together the evidence, it turn\'s out to be a crazy man who got turned down by the marine corps trying to outplay mac.The episode ends with flack lying in hospital with all the csi\'s at his side.

    I was gripped by this episode,definately the best episode of the season after run silent,run deep.

    I can\'t do a review on csi:ny and not mention the D/L moments.....the concern on danny\'s face,priceless and we can\'t forget \"do you still want that ride?\"

    I am sure sugah has got that on her list hehe.

    Brilliant acting,fantastic writing and an amazing script,this season has finished brilliantly!!!
  • Why must TPTB insist on trying to shock us by putting a major character in mortal danger?

    Why is it that CSIs seem to know everything? How was Mac able to tie off Flack's arteries to prevent further bleeding and in the same episode diffuse a bomb? I'm sure the NYPD has a bomb squad that would take care of that for him. Was Mac a medic in the Marines that required him to try and save that guy's life?

    I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, hoping that Flack would be okay. I hate when the writers try to shock the audience by killing off a major character or putting him in mortal peril. CSI seems to do that a lot - especially this season. I'm sure there is some other plot device that could be used instead of that. So I was glad when Flack squeezed Mac's hand at the end of the episode.

    On the subject, I didn't realize that Mac and Flack were such good friends. I assumed that Flack and Danny were closer.

    And we got some shipper moments, too. Everyone leaving Mac and Stella alone, Stella going off to get Mac some coffee and knowing how he takes it. I don't even know how my mom takes her coffee, and I've seen her make it every day for 24 years. Danny making sure Lindsay was okay, offering her a ride home from the hospital. CSI: NY seems to be more willing to give us those shipper moments.

    All in all, a very exciting episode. Looking forward to see where season 3 takes us.
  • Great episode.

    Unbelievable, exiting, thrilling episode. i love how they used Mac's military experience throughout the episode. He uses his experience to save Flack's life and also to stop a crazy police bomber. the episode was exiting and thrilling throughout.
    It was a great way to end the season. with Flack laying in the hospital in critical condition, many people will return to see what happens. it was a good idea on the writers part.
  • old habits are hard to lose and so are good friends

    haven't actually watch the show in full but from what i have read the spoiders i have seen i can't wait. its nice to see that some of Mac's old marine corp habits haven't dieanf ist nice to see/hear that another department put aside tuff war(who's in charge ete) and got with the job of finding the bomber. people have said that end was rush until i see it myself i can't say but it would have been nice as a 2hr season final
  • Great finale.

    The way that the finale was set up was great. All of the CSI's worked together to find the perpatrator which was cool. I was so upset when the first bomb went off while Mac and Flack were inside, and I was even more upset when Flack was hurt. I think that Stella and Lindsay bring great strong women roles into this show. I love Danny and his willingness to get the guy no matter how dangerous, I mean he wsa there with Mac cutting the second bomb.

    The end was great when they were all in there with Mac while he was keeping an eye on Flack. That showed how much they really do all care for eachother.

    And I was glad Danny called Lindsay, Lindsay right off the bat.
  • This review contains spoliers, so don't read if you haven't seen.

    This is why I watch CSI: NY. So many people don't give it a shot because it is a spin-off of CSI. But you have to give it a chance people. Okay now onto the episode. I loved this episode, even though it was painful to watch. I was like when the bomb blew up, the first one. NO NO NO!! Flack and Mac are in there. Oh oh crap crap crap crap. When I saw Flack like that, I almost started crying. My hands were shaking and everything. I couldn't believe it, but thank the lord for Mac, who saved Flack. But the poor other guy was like holy crap what is he doing. The episode was very intersting and will bring me back next season. I noticed that Danny called Lindsay, well Lindsay. Intersting anyway going off that, I was so happy when Flack squeezed Mac's hand, he was there he wasn't gone or brain damaged. Sure Flack will be in a lot of pain, but he is here and with us. I was bouncing around my house, jumping for joy. Of course I calmed down but I was so happy I could hardly sleep. I hate season finals though, I want it to be next season already! But I'm gonna stay with this show til the very end. Good-bye my fellow CSI: NY watches and good-night.
  • The feds would have immediately taken over

    I'm sorry but Homeland Security or ATF would have immediately taken over a bombing site. I'm not saying NYPD wouldn't have been involved but as soon as the feds showed up they would have been in charge. Mac saving Flack was good. I can understand how Mac did it after being in the military. But come on, a fed with a mental illness bombing places in the city? No way would the feds even hire a person like that. Too much liability.
  • Sounds good on paper

    ALl I could think while I was watching this episode was...this would make a great book. A misunderstood killer who just wanted to be a marine, a CSI ex marine officer who was havign painful flashbacks, a man who risked his own lives to save others and ended up in the ICU...it was all quite moving. But I almost just wanted to say...are you being serious? I really wasn't too impressed by this episode simply because it was so completely unrealistic. It seems like this is less of a CSI show than a cop show...we really need to petition for a new name or something. Overall, it was touching, but as others have said it felt rushed and as though they had no option but to squeeze it all into one episode. I think it would have made a better episode at another point in the season; not as the finale.
  • A liked this episode because it was exciting and scary. This episode was a bit scary to watch because I felt as though I was reliving 911 again. The exciting part was when they found the trigger mechanism in Flack’s body.

    I thought putting the trigger mechanism in someone's body was interesting because it made the mystery of where it was more complicated. I felt sad for Mack when he had to try and find his friend among all the debris. I also thought it was interesting the way he didn't let the flashbacks of Beirut getting his way of solving the case.
  • Can’t wait for the next season!!!

    The best episode from CSI:NY

    It was so nice that nobody in the team dies in this episode. Watching this show was like watching CSI and ER shows together. Excited!!!

    This episode was very well written to end the season. I like the way they made the plot. It was a very good idea to relate the story with the most fear of people in the gigantic city as New York.

    Even though, they did not clearly show or explain the reason why the criminal chased after Mac or bombed the building. Luckily, they got the bad guy.

    I hope Don will be nicely recovered. Can’t wait for the next season!!!
  • The episode centers about a single case, namedly a bomber targetting a residential building in New York, and the whole CSI team works together to find him before he bombs any more buildings

    The episode started of really intense, and exciting, and I was both dreading and looking forward to it being a cliffhanger, and a nice 2 episode story-line, so we wouldn\'t catch the bomber this season.

    But, to my great disappointment, things suddenly happened REALLY fast, and about halfway through, the intense atmosphere turned slow and very US-centric, and the rest of the season finale was just plain boring and uninteresting.
  • Overall, this was a great episode. Had they given it the extra hour, it could have been that much better.

    We got more back-story on Mac and his experience serving in the Marine Corp (great flash backs strictly from his point of view). Gary did a wonderful job, as did the rest of the cast. My main beef with this episode is that it should have been two hours to make it a truly worthy finale. The beginning was great, very gripping, and the end had the great moment at the hospital when the team gathered to be with Flack, but in between, it was too rushed.

    Looking at the wound that Flack had, I would be having flashbacks too if I were Mac, but did we really need to see it for as long and as many times as we did? It seemed like the wound got more airtime than Flack’s face.

    Things I did like:
    1. Lindsay and Flack ACTUALLY had a small conversation – a funny one to boot.
    2. The action
    3. Danny offering Lindsay a ride ...
    4. ONE case that they all worked on
    5. Mac keeping vigil with Flack
    6. Character development
    7. Angry Mac
    8. Group at the hospital

    Things I didn’t like:
    1. Only an hour long – should have been two hours
    2. Too many shots of Flack’s innards
    3. I know this episode was supposed to focus on Mac, but I missed that the team wasn’t more involved
    4. Bomber was obvious

    Hopes for next season:
    1. More personal storylines like what we got at the end of this season
    2. Continuance in story lines – Danny/Lindsay story, Danny’s brother
    3. More casual interaction amongst all the characters, banter between them. This is good and something that has been lacking.
    4. More of the “athletic” Lindsay from Zoo York and Risk
    5. More shows where the entire team works one case
    6. More twists in the “who done it” category so that it isn’t so obvious
    7. More Flack/Lindsay interaction
    8. More backstory on Lindsay
  • Great season ender, but the events kinda felt crammed into one episode.

    Just a few thoughts about the episode.

    - Gary Sinise was amazing.
    - Didn't quite like how they nabbed Lessing. I was kinda hoping for something explosive/extravagant. When he "secured his weapon", I was like "That's it?"
    - Some of the "processing" scenes felt like they were crammed to fit one segment.
    - I knew Flack was going to be injured, but I didn't think he'd actually have a HOLE in his stomach! I think I cursed when I saw the wound and my sister had to ask me what was wrong.
    - I thought Lindsay did great, especially when she was getting the people to move away from the building. She had that sense of urgency that didn't seemed forced.
    - Danny and Mac disarming a bomb? Aren't they supposed to let the bomb experts handle that? Anyway, Danny's "anticipating an explosion" look was kinda cute when Mac was about to cut the wires.
    - I knew it was Lessing from the start. He seemed a little too helpful, plus he sounded kinda sarcastic when he said he was glad Mac made it out alive.
    - D/L scenes weren't disappointing. There weren't much, which is a good thing since their relationship isn't the main story; it's just enough to show that there IS something going on between the two. I noticed Lindsay pause for a moment before answering when Danny asked if she was okay. They were standing awfully close to each other while working on that sim card. Danny also called her "Lindsay" for the first time. And giving her a ride was really thoughtful of him. I'm pretty sure the D/L shippers' imaginations are going wild as to what happened during that ride.
    - I was a little surprised that Danny left the hospital almost immediately, but then I figured he wanted to see to Lindsay first. I bet he went back to the hospital after he's made sure she's okay.

    I guess that's it. I'm really excited for the next season. Hopefully Flack won't have scars on his face.
  • Great season finale!

    In tonight's episode, the season finale, we find someone assembling a bomb. The explosives are C-4, stuck together with an orange colored tape. The bomber is wearing a pair of black gloves. He solders together the bomb and inserts the blasting cap. It's unclear where exactly this is taking place and the identity of the bomber isn't revealed.

    We cut to a group of New Yorkers who are having a Sunday block party, just as Lindsay and Det. Flack arrive. There's a deceased security guard inside of the apartment building. The man is ID'd as Darwin Judge. They got the call because he missed his scheduled check-in. Darwin has a single stab wound in his gut. Mac notices a blood trail leading up the set of stairs. Lindsay believes there may be some latent footprints so she heads back out to the truck to retrieve a piece of technology to retrieve the footprints, should they still be there. Mac and Det. Flack follow the blood drops and they lead to a door, so they enter it. The area is apparently a brokerage firm, so there's no one there at work today. They come to the end of the blood trail and see that the guard did put up a fight. Mac notices an overturned ladder and above it, a ceiling panel is not in the place it should be. He puts the ladder back up and takes a look in the ceiling and is surprised to find a bomb. Mac immediately hops off of the ladder and tells Flack to help alert everyone in the building, so Flack hits the fire alarm, sending everyone out. Flack calls the bomb into the PD and helps Mac by going door to door, getting people out. Outside, Lindsay receives a call from Mac, who tells her to get everyone away from the building because of the bomb. Lindsay immediately asks people to back away from the building, and the people do so. As the people who were evacuated exit the building, Lindsay tells them where to go as well. When they believe to have everyone out, they find a man who was wearing headphones and is confused about what's going on. Outside, Lindsay looks back at the building after getting people back, and there's then a large explosion, knocking out the glass windows and sending a shockwave throughout the immediate area, sending Lindsay and a few others flying.

    After the credits, we find firefighters and EMTs treating people who have injured. Most of the people were injured because of the flying debris from the building. A few of them have headaches and hearing problems because of the sound of the blast. Eventually, the rest of the CSIs arrive, Danny, Stella, and Dr. Hawkes. Lindsay informs them of what happened and they immediately get to work. Lindsay's trying to call Mac, but his phone just rings, no one answers. Danny and Dr. Hawkes enter the area in which the original team was investigating the death of the security guard. They find Lindsay's CSI case and Mac's camera, as well as the dead security guard. They correctly conclude Flack and Mac went up the stairs, so they go up it as well.

    Outside of the building, Stella has pretty much taken over control of the scene. She's cautious about sending in more people because they don't know how safe the structure is after the explosion. Just then, a woman walks up to Stella and identifies herself as Ellen Fielding from the Department of Homeland Security. She and Stella chat about the command posts and more ATF people will be there soon to examine the building for pieces of explosives. Lindsay walks by and tells Stella that the head of the building did a head-count, and there are at least eight people still inside. With Flack and Mac still inside, there are at least ten. Ellen finds the low bodycount as being out of the ordinary for terrorists, so Lindsay suggests that the building itself may have been the target, not those who lived and worked in the area.

    Back inside, Danny is working with some of the search and rescue people. They're using a camera to search through some of the debris. As the camera gets pushed through the rubble, they come across a hand, but it's unclear who the person is.

    Elsewhere in the building, Mac is coming to. He pushes some of the debris off of him and is slowly able to stand up. He calls out for Detective Don Flack, but doesn't get a response. After getting up, Mac looks for survivors and comes across the young man with the headphones. He appears to be just fine. Mac then sees Flack across the room. He's in very bad shape. Mac has a flashback of a similar situation when he was a young marine. As Mac checks out Flack's wounds, he realizes they're more severe than he thought. There's quite a hole in Flack's stomach, with a torn artery, sending blood everywhere. Mac has the young man help him by using a shoestring to clamp together the artery, hopefully helping Don live. Mac then asks the young man to grab something and bang on a wall to make some noise for search and rescue. Mac then uses some cloth to soak up some of the blood from Don's stomach.

    Outside, Stella informs members of the FBI about separating the debris for analysis at the crime lab. She also notes that they need a sample of the explosive, likely from one of the inner walls.

    Back inside, Mac is tending to Don, but Mac is still having flashbacks of the marine he lost many years ago. We then see a pair of flashlights. It's Danny and another individual. Danny asks if Mac is in there, so Mac speaks up and tells him that Don is injured.

    At the crime lab, EMTs are checking out Mac, who while injured, is doing just fine compared to Don. Stella briefs him on the collapse of the above floor, which is why most of the people got hurt. We then learn the teams have been working on photographing the scene thoroughly, which will enable them to reconstruct the blast on a computer later on. As the EMT removes Mac's shirt, we see his old wound from his military service. An explosion left quite a scar on his left chest.

    Back at the scene, Danny and the other teams are documenting everything. Danny then calls Lindsay and tells her he's going to send a series of photos to her. He sends a series of eleven photos from the crime scene, and we get to see each of them.

    Back at the lab, tests on the wallpaper have given them the results on the type of explosive; it's C-4. This is a military grade of explosive. They also learned from Sid that the security guard was killed by someone with military precision, a stab wound to the aortic wall, causing massive bleeding. One of the feds mentions C-4 is usually marked in some way, which allow them to find the manufacturer. This is good news, as it may help narrow their investigation. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to reconstruct the bomb. All they have is the bag it was in and some wires. They are still missing the trigger.

    Mac stops by the hospital Det. Don Flack is being treated in. Mac learns he can't see him until the surgery is complete. We quickly cut to the surgery scene, which is a little gruesome, but it's not too terrible. The surgeons remove several pieces of shrapnel/debris from Don's gut and chest. After the surgery, Mac is allowed in. He enters as a CSI, with his camera and takes a number of photographs of the various wounds. He then says, "I'm going to get you through this, Don."

    Back at the crime lab, Mac watches the 3-dimensional bomb recreation. It shows the relation of the bomb's explosion to how walls collapsed and the final location of Mac, Don, and Smith. Unfortunately, they still haven't been able to find the trigger. Mac then suggests taking a look at the shrapnel from Don's body. Mac, Lindsay, and Dr. Hawkes examine the debris, and some of it appears to be plastic. It turns out to be the remains of a cell phone. The fact that it was so melted tells them that the cell phone was near the bomb at the time of the explosion. The only reason for it to be so close to the bomb is if the phone was the actual trigger. Mac then receives a phone call from the bomber. He says that the next "demonstration" will be at 16:00. Mac asks Dr. Hawkes to get a trace put on the phone in case the bomber calls again. Unfortunately, the team only has three hours to find and disable the other bomb.

    Later at the crime lab, Lindsay and Danny disassemble the cell phone to extract the SIM card in hopes of getting its cal log. They're able to retrieve two numbers. On May 15th at 6:33 pm, there was a call from 1-212-555-1130 and on May 16th at 12:21 pm, there was a call from 1-212-555-1445. Danny searches for the owner of the last phone number and he gets a "Restricted Access" screen, with the phrase "Secured Gov. Network" on it, meaning someone in the government made the call.

    At the scene, we learn that Ellen Fielding triggered the bomb. She doesn't seem to have done it on purpose. She responded to a message she received from her office and unwittingly triggered the bomb. Mac and Lindsay then learn that the agency uses a series of codes in their correspondences, and a laptop containing those codes was stolen recently.

    Back at the lab, Mac receives a call from the bomber. It's from 1-212-555-5498. It's a text message, which says 10-23-1983. Mac knows that the message means something... it was the date of the Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, which Mac was stationed at, at the time. The bomber sends the text message and lets the phone ring twice before hanging up. Mac and Stella aren't entirely sure why the bomber doesn't trigger the bomb himself, instead of involving others. Mac gets another call from the bomber and quickly enters the number into a Signal Detection program from Shore Atlantic and gets a "no signal" notice. It happens every time. The bomber turns off the phone, leaving no signal. What the bomber doesn't know is that someone can remotely turn on the phone, so Mac does it and comes up with a result, Chelsea University. As Stella and Mac are about to leave the building, Mac receives another call. He asks Stella to put the trace on his phone, and she quickly does so. Mac notices the number isn't from the cell phone, it's from a pay phone this time. He answers the phone and the bomber congratulates him on figuring out how to remotely turn on the cell phone. When questioned, the bomber tells Mac that he's not his target, just a part of his demonstration.

    Mac, Danny, and a few feds sweep a library for a bomb. A number of threats have been called in during the past few weeks, and they suspect it may be the next location. Mac finds a pay phone in the library, and a bomb is sitting on it. Mac tells the feds to get everyone behind the barrier.

    We quickly cut to Mac and Danny working on the bomb. They're wearing special suits for it, obviously. Danny mentions the bomb squad isn't too happy about the two of them doing this, but Mac assures Danny that they didn't get to dismantle the other one to learn the bomber's signature, so it really doesn't matter. Mac cautiously cuts some of the orange tape and then cuts the yellow and green wire, effectively dismantling the bomb, giving them a blasting cap/detonator to examine. The phone rings, and it's the bomber again. Mac tells him he's too late to detonate the device, but the bomber says "you're doing what I want."

    Back at the lab, the CSI team is processing the cell phone, the tape, the bag, and all of the pieces to the bomb. Stella then finds a hair and Mac asks her to run the number of the detonator. It has the ID # of 2010336. The search turns up "Fort Wadsworth National Guard." Stella wonders if the bomber could actually be in the National Guard.

    In the hallway, Jane Parsons tells Mac that Det. Don Flack was moved to a recovery room, so he seems to be doing a little better, which is great news. Mac changes the subject to focus on the hair Stella recovered. Jane wasn't able to find any DNA, but she found a drug used to treat people with mental problems. It seems our bomber has stopped taking his schizophrenia medication recently. Lindsay and Dr. Hawkes stop into Mac's office and tell him that they just spoke to the National Guard Armory and have learned that they hired a private contractor to dispose of some out-dated explosives and when they arrived to collect it, someone else had already done so. The government laptop likely gave the bomber the information he needed to gain access to the armory. The logo from the van used in the crime has been located at an abandoned house.

    Mac and Stella arrive at the house and find the white van in the garage. They process the garage and find photographs of potential targets. They also find a number of identity tags (NTSB, Secret Service, etc), the stolen laptop, Mac's shield (badge) he lost during the explosion, a place on the wall where an M-16 would be kept, and 20 pounds of C-4. On the laptop, Stella finds a lot of information about Mac. The bomber did his research on him, gaining access to a lot of military records. The two CSIs search through a few boxes on a shelf and find that the man failed getting into the military, failing the psych evaluation. Stella then finds a series of letters written to the government, warning them about how vulnerable the country is. All of the letters had a different author, however. Mac then receives a call from the bomber. He tells Mac to be in town for a show and to bring reinforcements because Mac will need all the help he can get.

    Back at the lab, Stella and Mac walk in and Dean Lessing, one of the feds, left blue footprints on the floor when he left the room. He was stationed to the outside of the building. Mac knows that he was inside, because the blue powder is ink toner from one of the copy machines, which fell from a higher floor. Mac then recalls what Lessing said as he was leaving the room, something about one of the groups needing all the help they can get. Ellen Fielding then walks in and asks Mac and Stella if they have any leads. She's shocked when he says Lessing has something to do with it. Lessing just took a car uptown, so Mac gets on the phone and asks Det. Scagnetti about other area threats. One of the other targets is just a few blocks away, so Mac tells him to bring backup to the location, a theatre.

    The CSIs and feds arrive at the Goodmanson Theatre. Outside, Ellen Fielding tells Mac that she doesn't mind if he leads the operation, but she wants to take care of Lessing. Mac then briefs the law enforcement officers of the danger of Lessing, who is believed to have explosives and an automatic weapon, the M-16 that was missing from the wall of the abandoned home. The police then enter the theatre and are quickly ambushed by someone with an automatic weapon. He uses the lights to see the police on the stage, while at the same time, partially blinding them. Sella and Ellen make their way through the theatre and Ellen is then confronted by Lessing. He orders her to put down her weapon and she does so. He tells her that "we are not ready." Mac then comes in with his gun pointed at Lessing, asking him to drop his weapon. He tells him his point has been made, that his demonstration is over. Lessing says that the country is still very vulnerable to an attack. He then refers to Mac as 'Sir' and mentions something about serving his country. Mac then puts his weapon down and tells Lessing to secure his weapon. Mac is a superior officer and speaks to Lessing as though Lessing were a private. Eventually, Lessing secures his weapon, per Mac's orders. Mac walks over to him and takes the M-16 from him, and Lessing says "Lance Corporal Lessing reporting for assignment, Sir!" Feeling as though his mission was accomplished, Lessing agrees to the police escorting him out.

    At the hospital, Mac and Stella talk about Lessing and the fact that he didn't want to kill anyone, just to show people the country is still vulnerable to attack. Mac then mentions that this one took him back to a marine who died in front of him, Corporal Stan Whitney, marine sentry at the Beirut airport. Although Mac was injured badly in the attack, he lost Cpl. Whitney in his own arms. Dr. Hawkes, Danny, and Lindsay join them in the hallway. It seems Det. Flack is improving. While Stella leaves to get some coffee, Dr. Hawkes leaves to talk to Flack's neurologist to find out when the next CAT scan is. Danny then offers to give Lindsay a ride home, and they leave.

    Later that evening, Mac tells Stella that he's glad she stayed. To which, Stella responds, "that's what we do; we take care of each other."

    A bit later, Mac goes in to Flack's room to see him. Flack seems to be still out, but Mac tries to talk to him. In an emotional scene, Mac asks him to squeeze his hand if he can hear him. After a while, Flack gives Mac's hand a strong squeeze and then relaxes a little. He continues to hold Flack's hand as the show ends and the credits roll.

    I really enjoyed tonight's episode. As far as season finales go, this had all of the action, danger, and emotion you would expect. It's terrible to see Flack so injured, but this is a storyline which could last several episodes in season three. I wonder if something will happen between Danny and Lindsay... Danny's attracted to her and she doesn't seem to mind him at the same time. We'll just have to wait and see...
  • story line was standard not the best CSI writing

    Found it laughable and routine, the bad guy was to easyh to figure out and the flash-backs were not worth the film or the time spent on them. The kill the bad guy and right after have that touching moment with the dying friend thing was done better by John Wayne in Flying Tigers. I think the only reason they make CSI NY is the network requested it and them happy Jerry Bruckheimer agreed to it. Or maybe they waved a few more greenback dollar in his face making it impossible for him to refuse. But then I can not wait for Thursday night and the good stuff come to us.
  • Well written and acted though a sad ending!

    Mac Taylor has a lot on his plate to really
    Get things done but first, he has to prove the
    Team has to stay one step ahead of a potiential serial
    Bomber that takes him back to memories as he was a US
    Marine before becoming a cop. It ends with Detective Flak
    Fighting for his life as Mac is there holding vigil at
    His bedside!
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