Season 2 Episode 24

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Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 17, 2006 on CBS

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  • Great Season finale

    I loved the openning with Fack and Lindsay joking, we are not used to see them together and that one shows that they have a good relationship. Then the explosion. I really sufered for Flack!! I thought he was going to die!! Mac cleaning his hands only with the water and stop the bleeding...WAW! That guy knows everything!! I love Danny's concern when they found Lindsay. All the frustrated guy trying to be a marine during so many time and then trying to demonstrate that the country is not ready to stop another terrorist attack....GOOD IDEA!!

    I really liked that all the team works together but in a very different way than other chapters. It seems that all are touched very personally. Danny being all concerned about Lindsay even it seems that they personal space disappears in allthe screen time they share. Stella discovering MAc's injury...And the final scene with all the team in the hospital waiting for some news about Flack recovery. Things I found quite weird: Danny and MAc disabling the bomb....I didn't know they knew how to do that...
    Danny leaving with Lindsay at the end of the chapter: I am a huge DL fan but Flack is his bestfriend, and I think that the most normal thing would have been to be there for him but I guess he was worried about Lindsay and wnated to take care of her, maybe....

    Great chapter!!
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