Season 2 Episode 24

Charge of this Post

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 17, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Lindsay is running the explosion simulation the color key has Mac as blue, Flack as green and Smith as red. However in the simulation itself, Smith is orange, the falling beams are in red.

    • Goof: When Mac is taking pictures of Flack after his surgery Flack's mouth is slightly parted but when they show the photo that Mac took Flack's mouth is closed.

    • The building that explodes in this episode is the same one that was used on Angel during its first season, exiting the series with an explosion in that season's finale.

    • Goof: Mac refers to himself as Lieutenant while the papers Lessing has on him has his rank leaving from the military as Sergeant.

    • Goof: When the building blows up, you see some people being blasted sideways, sitting at tables like from a food place. Why would people be sitting calmly while an NYPD officer yelled to run?

    • Goof: The paperwork form the bomber had about Mac had a mistake in the title. It read "Enlisted Record and Report of Seperation." It should be "Separation."

    • Goof: Because episodes are often shot out of sequence, the cut on Lindsay's forehead keeps disappearing and reappearing.

    • In this episode, the CSIs are shown going through evidence, performing makeshift surgery, running investigations/crime scenes/bomb scares, AND disarming bombs. Real life CSIs are much more likely to specialize in one of the above; this approach was very unrealistically Hollywood.

    • When Mac received the phone call at the bomber's hideout, his cell phone said "New Text Message."

  • Quotes

    • Danny: (holds her arm) You OK?
      Lindsay: (Touches her head) Yea.

    • Danny: Well, you still want that ride?
      Lindsay: Yeah. Sure.

    • Danny: Military-grade explosives are hard to get a hold of.
      Stella: Not hard enough.

    • Mac: It's quiet in here.
      Flack: This place is a brokerage firm. No work on Sundays.
      Mac: Must be nice, huh?

    • Stella: You know, he's on round the clock care. You don't all have to stay and stand watch.
      Mac: We don't have to.
      Stella: True. Black coffee, two sugars, right?

    • Dean Lessing: Hard to believe that anyone's going to survive that blast.
      Stella: Yeah. Well, Mac Taylor was a marine, if anybody would survive it, he would.

    • (On their way to the crime scene.)
      Lindsay: It's quite a shindig.
      Flack: Sunday block parties. Springtime in New York City.
      Lindsay: Right in the middle of the street, huh?
      Flack: Where do they have 'em in Montana?
      Lindsay: Wyoming.

    • Smith: (after Mac treated Det. Flack after the explosion) How did you know what to do?
      Mac: I've lived through this moment before.

    • Mac: I'm glad you stayed.
      Stella: That's what we do; we take care of each other.

    • Mac: (to Det. Flack) Stay with me, Don. Stay with me.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The parts of this episode dealing with the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon are based on a real event. As Mac Taylor mentions, 241 American servicemen were killed that day, 220 of whom were Marines. The bombing was a suicide attack involving a truck packed with explosives. The perpetrators are still unknown, but many people have suspected Hezbollah.