Season 9 Episode 12

Civilized Lies

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2013 on CBS



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    • Anthony Lombardo: There's no law that says I have to help you guys. So, you know what'd be nice? Just a little, maybe: hey, thank you for cooperating, Mr. Lombardo.
      Flack: You wouldn't even be talking to us if the hospital hadn't called to report you coming in with a gunshot wound!

    • Adam: No one puts Lombardo at the scene.
      Hawkes: But the science does.

    • Hawkes: Unless Lombardo had some sort of magical cloaking device, how did he end up in the crime scene, get shot, without anybody seeing him?

    • Jason Riley: Do you have any idea who did this?
      Jo: Not yet, but we have a whole team of detectives working on it.
      Lindsay: No one's going home till we do.
      Jason Riley: So, what? You're... (Clears throat) ...here to process his body if...
      Jo: No. No, we're here to collect evidence in his clothing once he pulls through surgery.

    • Jason Riley: He said: 'I love you and I'm proud of you'. That's pretty good, right? If it's the last thing your father ever says to you?
      Jo: Don't think like that.
      Lindsay: From what I know about your dad, he's a fighter.

    • Flack: (After playing a fake recording to trick a perp) Well played (She breaks a DVD disc in two pieces) What are you doing?
      Jamie Lovato: That press conference is golden. It's two years old. We need an upgrade.
      Flack: You have a point.

    • Mac: (To Anthony Lombardo) Come on, get up. Give me an excuse (Anthony calms down and stays put) I didn't think so. I'm done with this piece of garbage. Do whatever you want with him.

    • Jamie Lovato: (To Mac) Damn. I would not want to get on your bad side.

    • Anthony Lombardo: What, now you gonna play good cop?
      Flack: (About Mac) Be honest with you, I don't know what to do. He's usually the good cop. He's also the boss. And the last guy in this building you want to piss off.

    • Jamie Lovato: (About Flack who is interrogating a perp) He's being too soft.
      Mac: He's being patient. I can't think of anybody I'd rather have in that room.

    • Flack: You got hit with a bullet from Officer Riley's five-shot .38. That thing's a pea-shooter. It wouldn't barely break the skin from across the street. It definitely would not go clean through you shoulder from that distance. Impossible. I've been doing this for a long time. I've heard a lot of stories. This one's bad.

    • Flack: Being six feet away from a cop getting robbed does not make you guilty of anything. It just means that maybe you got a little too close to a bad situation. All of our witnesses say that three bald black guys did this. You got a full head of hair, and you look pretty white to me. What are you hiding?

    • Flack: Maybe you think no one will believe you because of your record? If that's it, you got to tell me, because the people out there are looking to put this on someone, and right now, that someone is you.

    • Flack: I want you to write down your statement.
      Anthony Lombardo: Yeah, hey, but I'm no good with spelling.
      Flack: Neither am I.

    • Jamie Lovato: Fish on, the hook is in, and we reeled him into the crime scene.

    • Flack: (After Mac has shown some aggressiveness while interrogating a perp) I nearly messed myself when you spun his chair around.

    • Danny: Lunch at Lawson's says my results come up first.
      Jo: Dinner, Grimaldi's.
      Danny: You're on.

    • Anthony Lombardo: Spelling's pretty bad, right?
      Flack: It's terrible. There no such word as 'runned'. It's 'ran'.

    • Flack: (To Anthony Lombardo) Four. They say it's a great age. Gonna be honest with you. I don't remember it. She'll be going to kindergarten next year, won't she? That first day of school is always a big one. Let's figure this out. Attempted murder of a police officer, that's, like, ten years minimum. Robbery one, possession of a loaded firearm, criminal possession of stolen property, all the other little charges, add another seven or eight. My guess, you're looking at 15 minimum. Damn, you'll probably just miss the prom and high school graduation. But no big deal she probably won't even know you by then. And your girl will promise, and she might even mean it, but I'm telling you this right now: there is no way she's gonna schlep up to some maxi max prison on the US-Canadian border to come and see you.

    • Anthony Lombardo: You getting your rocks off? Messing with my heart. Disrespecting my family.
      Flack: No more than you've been getting your rocks off disrespecting me,
      sitting in that chair, lying to my face for the last couple hours!

    • Anthony Lombardo: (Pointing to the window in the interrogation room) Is there people watching us?
      Flack: (Lying) Well, there was. There was a whole crowd of people. It was standing room only. But there's nothing to watch anymore. It's a ghost town in there now. Everyone's out in front of the precinct right now at a press conference announcing your arrest. The case is cleared. They got their man. Yeah, they'll say something brave about going after the other two guys, but at the end of the day, the cop didn't die. They are happy putting all of this on you.

    • Flack: Those guys drove off and left you in the street, knowing you were shot. That's messed up.

    • (In the autopsy room)
      Lindsay: Jason... is there any way I can talk you out of this?
      Jason Riley: No. My father was invincible in my eyes. I need to know how it went down and how he died.

    • Jason Riley: So he was... he was executed. Lying helpless on the ground? What kind of human being does that?

    • Mac: I know some of you have worked through the night. If you start feeling tired, think of Mark Riley's family. Now get out there. Be safe.

    • Mac: You're here. We're here. You want to make a deal, now's the time to do it. When they come through that door, all bets are off.
      Flack: Don't do it for us. Do it for her. What's it gonna be, Anthony?
      Anthony Lombardo: I got nothing to tell you.
      Mac: You're making a very bad decision. And I'm gonna do my best to make sure that you regret it for the rest of your life.

    • Anthony Lombardo: I snitch, I'm dead. My girl is dead, my daughter is dead. Do you understand that?
      Flack: We can protect your family.
      Anthony Lombardo: No, you can't.

    • Anthony Lombardo: Mookie's no snitch.
      Flack: You don't think so? 'Cause they didn't bring the D.A. and the camera in to make a YouTube video.

    • Flack: (To Anthony Lombardo) Mookie's definitely a better speller.

    • Anthony Lombardo: What, you think I'm stupid? I know what you're doing. Yeah, you're trying to fool me.
      Flack: You give me too much credit, Anthony.

    • Anthony Lombardo: We've been homeboys since we were 12, man. I can't believe that bitch turned on me like that.
      Flack: Anthony, when you're in here, it's every man for himself.

    • Lindsay: (To Eric Blaylock as he is being arrested) See these cuffs? They belong to the man you murdered.

    • Danny: Smug son of a bitch. He's lucky he didn't catch a bullet.

    • Mac: We need a confession.
      Jo: That's not likely. He just lawyered up.
      Mac: Well, that just means we can't talk to him. But maybe somebody else can.

    • Flack: (After making a perp change his mind and confess) In the boat. Filleted, pan-fried, on the plate.

    • Mac: (After tricking a perp into confessing his crime) Thank God for civilized lies.

    • Jamie Lovato: (To Flack) I'm only gonna say this once. You did an amazing job in that room.

    • Lindsay: (Handing him his father's badge) I wanted to give you something. I made a few phone calls. It's yours. Course, you don't get to wear it till you graduate from the academy, but... every time you pin it on your uniform, you can think of your dad and what he represented. I'd say make him proud, but... he already was.
      Jason Riley: Thank you for everything.

  • Notes

    • Music featured:
      Go Stop Go by Mothmatix (Danny and Jo process evidence).

    • Kris Lemche, who plays Anthony Lombardo, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Sqweegel.

      Jarrod Crawford, who plays Surgeon On Tv, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode See No Evil.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: January 11, 2013 on CTV.
      Czech Republic: March 20, 2013 on AXN.
      Norway: May 8, 2013 on TVNorge.
      Finland: January 6, 2015 on MTV3.

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