Season 9 Episode 7

Clue: SI

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2012 on CBS



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    • Flack: Her classmate, Alexa Holdman, discovered her when she was practicing one of those twirly things.
      Mac: A pirouette?
      Flack: Like I said, a twirly thing.

    • Hawkes: Petechial hemorrhaging. C.O.D.'s most likely asphyxiation.
      Flack: You needed an exam for that? She was hung up by a rope.
      Jo: We're not sure the rope killed her.

    • Flack: All right, I may not be the owner of a wonderful white lab coat, but it sounds to me like you're saying somebody strangled her, then strung her up.
      Mac: Why hang somebody who's already dead?

    • Mac: No one else was in the... (Unable to remember the word) ...the, uh...
      Flack: Building? No.

    • Christine Whitney: I'm sorry I didn't... I didn't return your calls. I didn't know what to say.
      Mac: I understand why you're angry with me, Christine.
      Christine Whitney: I'm not angry. Um... hurt, uh, confused... a little embarrassed. I realized I'd been acting like a teenage girl, you know? Butterflies
      in my stomach 'cause I'm so excited to see you, fighting the urge to text message every minute... making a lot more of this than... than what it is, so I'm going to take a step back.
      Mac: No, I don't want you to do that.

    • Christine Whitney: Why don't you tell me what's wrong? Why are you shutting me out of whatever it is that you're going through?
      Mac: That's not what I'm doing. This isn't... about us.
      Christine Whitney: Oh. Oh, okay. I get it. It's none of my business.
      Mac: That's not what I'm saying.
      Christine Whitney: Mac, the problem is that you are not saying anything.

    • Mac: You... you make me very happy. I'm just... struggling with...
      Christine Whitney: You can tell me. You know, all those nights that I sat by your bedside in the hospital, it wasn't because I felt some obligation. I was where I wanted to be. I sat there day after day, praying... because I wanted... I needed you to recover. Mac, you can trust me.
      Mac: I can't... I can't remember things.

    • Christine Whitney: Why didn't you share this with me, Mac? Never mind. I asked a question I already know the answer to. You know, one of the most endearing things about you is your pride. But it's also your weakness. And I... I have to decide if I can live with that.

    • Sid: A dancer, more than any other human being, dies two deaths. Martha Graham said that.

    • Hawkes: Hey, never get Lucy a cell phone.
      Danny: She's only five, Doc.
      Hawkes: I mean, never ever. I went through Ellen White's cell. There were 500 texts from this week alone.
      Danny: Wow. Anything out of the ordinary?
      Hawkes: No, just a lot of IMHOs and FTWs.

    • Adam: Messer, you got to do me a favor and tell your wife to back off, okay? 'Cause I didn't do it. Okay, and I don't like being accused of things I didn't do when I didn't do it because I didn't do it, okay?
      Danny: That make any sense to you?
      Hawkes: Yeah, he didn't do it.

    • Danny: Hey, babe, what'd you do to Adam?
      Lindsay: (To Danny and Hawkes, revealing she's been pranked as she has blue ink ring around her eyes) Don't think that you two aren't suspects.

    • Lindsay: I think I'm a pretty nice person. Levelheaded, patient, as is evidenced by the man I've taken as my husband.
      Hawkes: God knows how you do it.

    • Lindsay: (After being pranked) Somebody decided: hey, she's an easy target. Let's play lab prank on Lindsay because she's... what, weak? (Chuckles) Whoever did this is going down.

    • Mac: (To Lindsay, who has been pranked into getting blue ink rings around her eyes) That brings out the color in your eyes.

    • Jamie Lovato: You like shooting young girls with old guns?
      Sam Cross: I never shot anybody.
      Flack: Of course not. You're a good guy. Let's see. Sam Cross, 25 years old. Highlights include: assault, armed robbery and burglary. So, tell me, what made you graduate to murder?

    • Sam Cross: I'm just a stickup guy. I never graduated to nothing.
      Jamie Lovato: I can't imagine why.

    • Sam Cross: That's not even my gun... I found the damn thing.
      Jamie Lovato: That's the lame-ass story you're gonna go with?

    • Sam Cross: It was just... lying there. Lying.
      Jamie Lovato: That's an interesting word choice.
      Sam Cross: Yeah, well, you know what? A free piece comes your way and you take it.

    • Jo: (To Lindsay) Remind me never to get on your bad side.

    • Christine Whitney: It meant a lot, you, um, opening up to me last night.
      Mac: I wish it wasn't so hard for me.
      Christine Whitney: Yeah, I know that. But I want you to always feel you can come to me, be honest with me, no matter how hard it is. I'm tougher than you think.
      Mac: I know how tough you are.
      Christine Whitney: I want to help you, Mac.

    • Adam: Tracked the seller of the antique revolver, and it wasn't easy because it was made back when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth.

    • Adam: After some masterful Internet sleuthing by moi, I was able to track down the gun to the seller.

    • Mac: Someone's playing a game with us. Mrs. White. Conservatory. With a rope.
      Lindsay: Lisa Weston had red hair, and she was killed in Hell's Kitchen with a revolver.
      Jo: Mrs. Scarlet in the kitchen with the revolver.
      Lindsay: Holy crap.
      Mac: It's Clue.

    • Mac: Six suspects. Nine rooms. Six murder weapons. 324 possibilities to deduce the killer.

    • Danny: Seriously, babe, how long you planning on wearing those sunglasses?
      Lindsay: Till I don't look like I'm a member of the Blue Man Group.

    • Danny: (To Lindsay, discussing who might have pranked her) Probably could take Mac out of the equation because, you know, joke is not really a part of his vocabulary.

    • Danny: (To Lindsay, who's been pranked) Think I would pull that kind of prank on... on my own wife?

    • Danny: How does a whisker from a giant snow leopard in the Central Park Zoo end up on a dead body halfway across town?
      Robby Hull: I'm the primary zookeeper for the snow leopards.
      Danny: So, does anyone else interact with them?
      Robby Hull: They can be temperamental animals. Anybody gets in that cage without proper training, that's when limbs start getting ripped off.

    • Flack: Mac Taylor in the lounge with the Glock.
      Jamie Lovato: You just couldn't help yourself, could you?

    • Steve Davis: I need to see Dr. Emerson.
      Flack: Oh, you will, in court behind a stand as she's testifying against you for murdering three of her patients and nearly killing her fiance.

    • Steve Davis: My mother loves her vacation home, and my father loves his French whores. They don't... they don't love me.

    • (Danny arrives to the lab with a bouquet of red roses)
      Lindsay: You got some hot date I don't know about?
      Danny: Yeah, taking my wife out to dinner tonight.
      Lindsay: Oh, what's the occasion?
      Danny: You don't need an occasion to take your wife out to dinner, do you?
      Lindsay: It was you. I knew it. I said it was you.
      Danny: Adam was supposed to be in Ballistics, not you.

    • Lindsay: So it was Messer in Ballistics.
      Danny: With methylene blue. Can you forgive me?
      Lindsay: It's almost gone. This better be some dinner.

    • Mac: I have something I need to say to you, and I didn't want it to wait. I love you, Christine (She doesn't reply) Aren't you gonna...?
      (They kiss)

  • Notes

    • Music featured:
      La Valse d'Amelie
      (Orchestra version) by Yann Tiersen (Played at the beginning of episode)
      Don't Say Nothing by The Heavy (Lindsay is processing evidence from Shane Simmons' crime scene).
      Comptine d'Un Autre été, L'après-midi by Yann Tiersen.

    • Jake Thomas, who plays Steve Davis, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Chip/Tuck.

      Benjamin Ciaramello, who plays Sam Cross, also appears in the C.S.I. episodes Zippered and Ms. Willows Regrets.

      Joe Nieves, who plays Robby Hull, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Snakes.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: November 9, 2012 on CTV.
      Czech Republic: February 13, 2013 on AXN.
      Norway: April 3, 2013 on TVNorge.
      Finland: December 2, 2014 on MTV3.

  • Allusions

    • Danny: Seriously, babe, how long you planning on wearing those sunglasses?
      : Till I don't look like I'm a member of the Blue Man Group.

      The Blue Man Group is an organization which produces theatrical shows and concerts featuring experimental multimedia. The performances star a trio of characters called Blue Men who wear blue makeup.

    • Episode title: Clue:SI

      It refers to a board game murder/mystery themed deduction board game called Clue. The game consists on the players to collecting clues to successfully deduct which suspect murdered a victim, with which weapon and in what room.

    • Sid: A dancer, more than any other human being dies two deaths. Martha Graham said that.

      Martha Graham (1894-1991) was an American modern dance pioneer. The quote above belongs to her 19991 Blood Memory memoir.