Season 3 Episode 23

Comes Around

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mac is on the roof getting Clay Dobson to admit cutting the eye lids off of at least two women. Mac says angrily you're gonna have to look at me when you die. Mac then pushes Clay Dobson off the roof looking somewhat happy.
Mac is in the middle of a disciplinary hearing. He's listening to the prosecutor describe the events of that night, which she says Detective Taylor broke protocol by not telling anyone where he was going. She tells everyone in the room they will be hearing from colleagues of Detective Taylor. Mac suddenly gets up and walks out of the room ignoring a judge's gavel telling the detective to come back and sit.
Detective Flack is waiting outside the courtroom, and immediately wants to know what happened in there. Detective Flack wants to know the other side of the story is, but unfortunately Mac doesn't feel like talking about it and angrily tells the detective that all he was trying to do was catch Clay Dobson and arrest him. Mac feels the story is just plain and simple.
Detective Flack urges the detective to tell the people in the court room exactly that. Detective Taylor tells detective Flack that he's been called a murderer and he doesn't have to stand in there and listen to it. Detective Flack tells Mac that the department can't afford to lose him. Mac tells the detective this isn't about the department it's about me.
Mac angrily pushes the door open and walks outside.
As they head over to the second crime scene Danny and Detective Flack can't believe Mac walked out of the disciplinary hearing they both think it's pretty gutsy to do.
Our second case begins with the ladies arriving in a limousine with the top open one lady is waving to the crowd below in New York. We enter a bathroom with the victim having apparently been impaled by a condom machine possibly resulting in Tony Russo's death. Doctor Peyton Driscoll examines the body and says the mouth looks a bit jagged. But the death was really fact. Danny comments "So much for safe sex"
Danny finds three blood drops but no blood trail to follow the drops.
Detective Flack introduces us to the bride and her husband, tomorrow would have been their wedding day. She tells detectives that she is quite positive that tennis legend John McEnroe committed the murder. Everyone seems a bit shocked that the legend would commit murder. The bride also tells detectives that all she wanted from the tennis legend was a condom.

But getting a condom from every man you go to is a bridesmaid's game.
Stella interviews a man at the bar who is also positive that the tennis legend committed the murder. The man tells Stella he was in charge of restocking everything. He pulls out his blackberry which is looking at a web site where you can track a celebrity's movements. He shows Stella where John McEnroe was minutes before the murder.
Danny begins processing that scene very carefully. Tony is then taken to the lab with the condom machines still attached. As the body is being removed from the machine a penny falls out of the victim's mouth.
Detective Flack is busy waiting outside for his turn to testify as to the credibility of Detective Taylor. The inspector and chief of detectives commend Detective Flack on staying at the courthouse they also mention that a case like this can have a long lasting effects for the department, and for the person involved. As they leave, the chief of detectives refers to Mac as a lowly third grade detective.
Detective Flack is on the witness stand talking about Mac requesting his memo book about the cases that involved Detective Truby. Detective Flack starts to give more information that but is in interrupted by the prosecutor she tells everybody that the memo involved several of Detective Truby's cases being overturned including the Clay Dobson case. The prosecutor makes particular note that Clay Dobson killed at least two women. The Prosecutor asks Detective Flack how Detective Taylor's demeanor was that day Detective Flack tells the spectators that Mac was shocked that day because Clay Dobson jumped off the roof.
The prosecutor points out that because of Detective Taylor's actions, Clay Dobson now was released and killed again. The killings took place three months after he was released. The prosecutor tells Detective Flack they'll get back to discussing the Detectives demeanor in just a minute.
The prosecutor also asks Detective Flack if he was there the day Clay Dobson jumped, the prosecutor points out the detective was there. She asks him if he knows for a fact that Clay Dobson jumped. We leave Detective Flack shocked and unable to defend his boss's actions.
In New York the day is beautiful but Mac isn't concerned with that. All he's thinking about is his career as a police officer. Stella finds him walking the street. Mac mentions that the reason he became a cop was because of the looks on people's faces. Stella asks Mac what his first arrest was. He says he arrested a man who was drunk, his blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit, and couldn't walk well on the straight line. He had fallen over and apparently was doing a back stroke on the line.
Stella tells of her first arrest which involved a man taking an 'I love New York' bag and putting things in it. Later on, she arrested him again at that same store. They get serious again Stella advises Mac that even though he doesn't like the game of politics he needs to find something that that he can use to get back against Gerard and the chief of detectives. Mac believes Stella is better playing the game of politics.
Back at the lab a computer screen shows exactly what happened to Tony Russo. Peyton describes it as a total trans section of the spinal cord which means when he hit the condom machine and the spine literally broke apart.
Sheldon gets a little worried at this point about his record being broken. He asks Peyton and how long it took her to remove the body from the machine she plainly tells him that his record is unbroken.
Sheldon tells everybody that it took him two hours and twelve minutes to remove a body from an animated billboard with all of organs intact.
Peyton tells Lindsay something fell from the victim's head but isn't sure what it is yet. Sheldon says the bride that was collecting condoms as part of the game and wanted John McEnroe to contribute. Sheldon also point out that that the tennis legend may have run into some weird people but they still can't believe he would have committed murder.
Lindsay mentions that the groom-to-be walked into the bathroom and got the wrong idea after seeing his fiancée with John McEnroe. Stella and Danny walk along the streets of New York and see John McEnroe signing autographs for kids. They want to question him about the murder he possibly committed John McEnroe admits to being very cooperative and Stella requests a DNA sample from him.
Sheldon and Lindsay or are looking at signatures from John McEnroe both are very similar but that still doesn't help them understand who killed Tony Russo and Stella asks Lindsay how she did with the evidence. Lindsay analyzed the two pennies no hits from them came in the database. The tooth that was pulled from the victim's head had some blood on it but no definitive profile could be pulled from the blood. Stella also mentions she spoke on the phone to John McEnroe's manager who states he was home that night with his family
Sheldon then picks up the blood sample results of those that were found in the bathroom that do match John McEnroe.
Danny testifies at the hearing as to Mac's credibility. Then he is asked how long he's known Mac. He states 5 years, and the prosecutor wonders if that's good enough to know someone's character. Danny states that five years working along side someone, is long enough to know someone. The prosecutor asks Danny if Mac allows anyone to break the rules. Danny tells everybody that Mac is a by-the-book kind of guy. The prosecutor brings up the fact that Danny was cited numerous times for breaking procedure and for having a little controversy. The prosecutor asks Danny if Mac told anyone where he was going with regard to Mr. Dobson.
Hearing the prosecutor refer to the killer as Mr. Dobson infuriates Danny because the victims don't get the respect they deserve. The prosecutor brings Danny a report that includes numerous bruises and cuts Clay Dobson received while on the roof that day. He is told to read aloud from page 23 and first he doesn't read aloud. Danny tells everybody Mac was doing that he was supposed to do when he found information against a dirty cop.
In the next scene Stella is on the stand and is asked if Detective Taylor left unexpectedly. She tells everybody he didn't leave suddenly. Stella is first asked about how his demeanor was with regard to trying to catch Clay Dobson. A scene from "Past Imperfect" is shown where Detective Taylor is rather angry because he didn't receive evidence from Adam but from Gerard, the Deputy inspector. Stella is lost in thought for a moment and is brought out of it as to whether Mac broke procedure. Stella talks about one of the victims that they found at the Weddington hotel basement. The victim described Clay Dobson as her attacker and Mac went to immediately arrest Clay Dobson. Stella tells everybody that there wasn't anything else he could do but arrest him. Stella is asked again if he broke protocol regrettably she answers yes to that question.
Detective Taylor detective Taylor is busy watching the press conference that the chief of detectives is giving he tells the viewers that they are satisfied with what went on in the disciplinary hearing so far. They await detective Taylor's decision as to whether he will testify in that hearing on his own behalf. As Mac watches the press conference, thinking about what Stella said, that if he doesn't want to play politics, it wouldn't hurt to play it in order to get his job back. Detective Taylor turns off the television and we go to a bar where Danny is having a drink after a long day at work Detective Flack comes in and congratulates Danny on his testimony at the hearing.
Detective Flack congratulates Danny on reading the autopsy report for Clay Dobson and trying debate what would have happened if detective Taylor hadn't caught Clay Dobson. They realize that chief of detectives and the deputy inspector would've been all over him as well. Detective Flack tells Danny that his testimony at the hearing might not help Mac all. The two of them play a game of pool and debate whether serving the public is a good idea, or if they decided to quit, would they be good at anything else.
Over dinner at a restaurant Peyton and Mac are sitting together talking about the case so far. She jokes that she liked cutting Clay Dobson's liver into a lovely dinner. She also tells Mac she regrets that the autopsy report did not contain anything helpful towards Mac.
Mac tells her Truby left a message yesterday saying that he wants to see Mac. Mac is reluctant to go because he regrets arresting the detective, and thus freeing Clay Dobson to kill again. Peyton tells Mac to go ahead and see the detective, and not regret arresting him because Truby is not half the cop Detective Taylor is.
Mac goes to see the detective and receives some surprising information from the detective that gets his career back on track. The detective tells Mac that the deputy inspector and Sinclair are using him as a scapegoat to further their careers. Mac and Truby each talk about the death of one of Clay Dobson's victims Emma Pierce and feel bad about her death.
Sheldon comes back with some interesting findings the report he has contains something that is a preservative for blood. Stella interviews John McEnroe again he complains that the calls to his manager and family just won't go away. He mentions that about two months ago there was a blood drive at CBS sports. She asks him if he remembers that tech who took his blood. They find out some interesting information.
The person that took John McEnroe's blood is registered to take blood, and has been collecting celebrity blood from the likes of the Mayor and several other celebrities. The computer screen shows blood contained in a key chain Danny figures that when John McEnroe got into a fight the key chain brook leaving at least six blood drops in the bathroom pointing the finger at John McEnroe for the murder.
They find the person that took John McEnroe's blood, he was selling it just to get money. Detective Flack figures that he broke one or two Federal codes by doing that, Danny asks if he can give them some information about John McEnroe's biggest fan all he can unfortunately provide is a PO Box and for both detectives that's fine with them.
Detective Taylor is escorted to the jail cell where the detective is eager to tell what he knows. He mentions he was the first to arrest Clay Dobson. He tells Mac that he did the right thing by arresting him and holding him accountable even though the young girl was dead. Mac comments that it's tough to be right when the young girl's dead.
Minutes later Mac is down at the jail office asking for the affects of Clay Dobson, the police officer in charge gives Mac a form to fill out for these affects and that it could take one to two days before he gets them. Detective Taylor minutes later literally puts a rush on it, by ringing the bell that opens the door climbs up a ladder and grabs the affects of clay Dobson.
Back at the lab Mac opens the box in a fury only to get in the computer match found.
The prints that were found on a series of mailboxes didn't belong to John McEnroe whom thanks to 'sidekick' a celebrity web site dedicated to celebrity sightings shows John McEnroe at a restaurant. Danny got off the phone with John McEnroe who told him he was in Long Island. Danny uses the 'sidekick' to see if he can track down the McEnroe look alike.
They find out that be McEnroe look alike is Jamie who got in the fight in the bathroom. When he is being interrogated he mentions that a tennis event in 1979 was the greatest day of his life but he doesn't watch tennis.
Detective Flack and the real John McEnroe are busy watching the interrogation of Jimmy when and John McEnroe mentions he got his first grand slam at age twenty and becomes infuriated when Jimmy has no clue who the real and John McEnroe is. All Jimmy wanted was John McEnroe's blood figuring it would make him a great as well as get a lot of attention, including girls.
Jimmy claims he was protecting John McEnroe, having no idea how tough it is to be a celebrity. Jimmy tells the detectives that he was protecting John McEnroe because the celebrities don't wait to get the story straight.
Mr. Sinclair and Gerard are busy debating how to get to New York's crime numbers below 100 and having fun doing it when Detective Taylor comes in with some series information that could implicate the deputy inspector's career.
When Clay Dobson was originally arrested and put into a holding cell, his belt was not removed so he couldn't try to commit suicide. Clay Dobson tried to commit suicide with his belt by hanging himself. When Stan Gerard was in the academy, he broke one of the first rules, safe guarding the prisoner. Mr. Gerard covered up the incident. Detective Taylor states that he'll testify at the disciplinary hearing but not on his own behalf, but against the deputy inspector.
Mac tells both the deputy inspector and chief of detectives that the press might like to know what he's found, though maybe they could something work out. We find Mac walking alone on the streets of New York and this time in a much happier mood with the newspaper headline declaring that he is cleared of all charges. Stella says Sinclair might like to make Detective Taylor his chief commissioner. Mac gladly states that he's happy where he is, making Stella very happy.
He also tells the Stella that he doesn't take any pleasure in another's misery, but for one brief moment he does however, take pleasure in seeing the deputy inspector crumble right in front of him. Mac and Stella decide to do what they can to make a difference.