Season 3 Episode 23

Comes Around

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS

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  • A man is found impaled on a condom dispenser in a men's room. Evidence at the scene suggests that the killer is tennis legend John McEnroe. Elsewhere Mac is thrown to the wolves over the case of Clay Dobson as his court hearing begins.


    The whole story around whether or not John McEnroe is a murderer is a bit silly, but what is making me give this episode a high rating is the great performances by the cast as they step up to the plate for Mac. Eddie Cahill, Carmine Giovanazzo and Melina Kanakeredes are all terrific. CSI: NY once again shows the best of the talented actors who make up its cast. The episode's resolution is great as well. The current season of CSI: NY has been great. I certainly hope the next season is just as good!

  • This is what I'm talking about. This is the Mac I know and Love. I truly loved this episode. It brought so many things in Mac that he trys and fights for every day of life. I hated the fact that Gerard and the department made Mac the scapegoat.

    I never been so mad at the police department before until I watched this eppie. Gerard should have had his badge takin away from him and his police pention revoked. He dindn't have to make Mac his scapegoat. But he did anyway. Mac had to smoething that he truly hated to do. He had to use politics in order to break the charges against him. Mac over came the odds and fought with fire that Sinclair and Gerard hated. All they cared about was the public image they got when they were on tv. Mac took them to the back back door and put the cops trust back in his hands.
  • Lots of hype, very little delivery.

    I'm going to say this now... I wasn't that impressed with this episode. There were bits and pieces that I liked, but on the whole, this episode was highly disappointing.

    *The scene at the beginning was awesome. I actually laughed at the thought of Mac threatening anybody. As much as I don't like the character they've turned him into, he would never do that.

    *Why must they always make the lawyers such witches? It just reinforces the belief that this was all a political stunt to get Mac. When in reality, it's just common sense. Mac was the only person on the roof when a handcuffed suspect fell to his death. Even though the DA decided not to prosecute, I should hope that the NYPD would want to investigate it. This is what happened to Greg on CSI - he went through the coroner's inquest, and then the family sued. I would think that they would investigate any suspicious death at the hands of the police.

    However, the way that they portrayed it, with that lawyer who was such a wenchbag, just made it look like they were turning Mac into a martyr. Made me want to throw something.

    *I knew, from the promos and ep summaries, that John McEnroe was a suspect in this week's case. However, telling us that right from the beginning, before he'd even been on screen, was overkill.

    Do a shot every time someone says "John McEnroe". You'll be drunk in five minutes.

    *Danny had some great lines in this episode. However, when he said Mac's decision to walk out of his own hearing was "ballsy, like something I would do", I didn't entirely agree. Now, it is very true that S1 Danny would have done that without a second thought, but I don't know if he would do it as quickly now. He'd probably still do it, though. It's just the way Danny is.

    *Danny, by the way, looks HOT. And I love when he flashes his badge. I wish he'd flash something else.

    *Well... John McEnroe is a better actor than Sasha Cohen, at least. But he's playing himself, and that's not much of a stretch.

    *Lindsay looks good. For, you know, the four minutes that she's in.

    *Aw, the story of Mac's first collar. *bangs head against wall*

    *Reactions to everyone being on the stand:

    Flack: I felt terrible for Flack. The witch wouldn't let him talk. When he was trying to explain Mac's side, she was like, "You weren't there, you don't know for sure that he jumped," I wanted to say, "Witch, you weren't there either!" Honestly.

    Danny: Ha ha ha ha. Danny being a smartass. I miss smartass Danny. I loved when she wanted him to read the autopsy, and he started reading, and she goes, "Out loud." I so bet he did that just to piss her off. "Is that an actual question?" Oh, Danny. You slay me.

    Stella: Um... I don't remember. XD

    *Selling people's blood? Sick! And a very random explanation for how McEnroe's blood ended up at the crime scene. But I have to ask... Does this stuff happen? I mean, people were selling Britney Spears' hair on eBay, so I guess anything is possible.

    *The scene at the bar with Danny and Flack was very cute, and I like that they reminded us that they are, indeed, friends - or were, once upon a time. For a show that focuses a lot more on the characters' personal lives, they don't show them out much. So I did like that we got to see them outside the lab.

    I wish it had been Danny and Lindsay, though. It could have been a great scene. That one tiny scene of them together held nothing cute. They just talked about the case. These two are supposed to be dating! Come on!

    *Can't go wrong when Danny and Flack chase a suspect. "You should have told us you were hungry. We could've gotten you a pretzel."

    *Okay... What was up with the Truby scene? "Sinclair's using you as a department scapegoat." Excuse me, Mac was the only other person on the roof when a handcuffed suspect fell to his death! You have to realize how that looks! Even if they did believe him, they owed it to the city to investigate it.

    *Is he allowed to just walk in there and take that evidence?

    *The D/L scene was disappointing. Though I guess I should be happy that they at least saw and spoke to each other. However, I rather enjoyed talking to Bo and coming up with all the things Danny should have said after Lindsay said, "You look happy."


    "Well, that's because you just walked in the room."
    "That's because we just had sex in the supply closet."
    "Well, your hand is down my pants isn't it?"
    "Well, you're not wearing any underwear."
    "I was thinking about teh mad secks we're going to have when we get home."
    "Because your cat is in my garden." (That was Alex.)

    And so on.

    *And Mac gets off scot-free. Excuse me while I vomit. Of course, I knew nothing was going to happen to the freaking star of the show, but still.

    *And Stella ends the show with another cheesy line. "Let's go make a difference." Blargh.
  • Opening scene alone is better than all of CSI: Miami combined.

    This episode opens with a very sadistic Gary Sinise savagely dropping Clay Dobson off the rooftop, but when the viewer is brought back to reality it is revealed that it is a lawyer's interpretation of the incident. What a great opening!!!!!! This episode revolves around tennis star John McEnroe possibly killing some poor guy, but the episode really shines during everything else. The court room scenes with Danny, Flack and Stella, Flack and Danny's bar conversation, Peyton and Mac at the diner and so on. McEnroe does his job fine and is nowhere near as bad as some of the non actor guest stars CSI: NY has brought on their set. (Suicide Girls? Ick.) Excellent episode.
  • Behind the scenes of the New York Police Department...

    This episode was really great.
    The viewer finally gets to know what really happens behind the scenes in the NYPD. "It's all about the politics," Mac states and he is correct. Gerrard and Sinclair are the corrupt cops,only interested in their careers, but neglecting the little man... Actually not their job and we need Mac to tell them.
    We get to see what happens in a disciplinary hearing and at the end, the release: Mac is proven innocent!!!
    My favourite scene in the whole episode: Flack and Danny playing pool together at their favorite bar. They really seem to have a great friendship and I like it that we can see them outside of work. Makes the show more realistic to show their private life, too.
    All in all, a great installment!!!!
  • Not perfect, but pretty amazing nonetheless.

    The episode before the finale was a very nice lead up! I'm so glad that Mac got off, because even though I knew it was going to happen it was still really great to see. I loved the scene between Danny and Flack playing pool, emotionally charged, wondeful characterisation and just generally good.

    Had a little bit of DL, and a little bit of SMacked, both of which made me a very happy bunny! Hopefully that is a sign of what is to come in the finale. Anyway, I liked the episode, John McInroe was a great guest star and I hope the fianle will be even better.
  • I KNEW Gerrard was dirty!!!

    Excuse me while I have a spazz moment. I knew it, I KNEW it!!! This is my greatest triumph!! That'll shut him up for a bit. -dances about-

    Danny was awesome. Just awesome. He looked fabulous, as usual. And that smile... guh... I'm so glad he behaved himself on the stand! I could've just kissed him.

    I hate lawyers. I can't believe I wanted to be one! Not anymore, that's for sure. And they went to Sullivans! I was wondering what happened to that place. I just wish it had been Lindsay at the bar instead of Flack. I want my D/L!
  • Mac takes another risk!

    Again like last week, Mac takes another risk as he
    Tries to realize that the media sensation involving Clay Dobson had nothing to do with the media as he faces pressure from the powers that be. Meanwhile John McEnroe doubles as himself and someone else named Jimmy Nelson. The team tries to clear him of murdering a rival. Not a McEnroe fan but he did good in this one.
  • Wonder why they say so many bad things about lawyers.

    The investigation was alright, it was nice to see a celebrity playing himself again, I liked the Kid Rock episode, too. It was a great pleasure to see Mac defeat those bastards, but what if it hadn't been for that small evidence? Those lawyers can be so unfare. I especially hate when they make you say something, which is true, but there's a context, which totally modifies the meaning, but they just won't let you explain it, like, what, you have the right to speak and answer but only if they like the outcome? Mac made that dirty cop go to prison, and yes, indirectly, it was his responsibility that Clay was released, but it's not like it was his fault, should he have let the dirty cop get away with his crime? Of course not. If it had been me, I wouldn't have walked out, rather I would have asked the lawyer: you're a serial killer, you know you're caught because they have hard evidence on you, and you can choose between going to prison for life or even death row or killing yourself right away and messing up the career of the cop who's been chasing you, what would you do? Can't believe that stuff like this happens day by day in that country.
  • John McEnroe may or may not be a murderer, and the Brass goes after Mac to cover their asses.

    The thing I liked most about this episode is that we got to see some real character interaction that we don't get to often.

    My favorite scene was the one between Danny and Flack in the bar. We've known for a while that these two are really good friends, but we rarely get to see them interact on screen. Flack's response when Danny asked him why they do their job was excellent and subtly powerful.

    The scenes between Stella and Mac as well as Mac with Peyton were also well done. It's go to see (Sorry SMacked fans!!) a separation between Mac's close friendship with Stella and his relationship with Peyton. It was hard to see Don and Mac fighting. That always makes me nervous, and the references to previous episodes and storylines were a welcome change from stand-alone episodes that pretend nothing's ever happened before.

    All in all, LOVED IT! P.S. Course, it's always fabulous to watch Mac lay the smack down.
  • I'm Saving the Ten for the Finale.

    Way to go Mac. Teaching the "old" dog new tricks. I'm not calling Mac old, but Mac has never been one for playing the political game but like Stella said "if you had the right angle it would work in his favor" and it did, ten fold. Watching Stanton squirm was definitely satisfying. But one of the things that this situation did prove, was Mac is not perfect. Mac is correct about one thing, they'll be back and gunning for Mac. Mac will be ready. I like the McEnroe case. it was actually a puzzling angle. I really enjoyed the interaction of the team outside of the lab. No M&M - which is disappointing. Now we wait for the finale.
  • Go Mac!

    Wow, I knew Mac could do it! The court hearings were a little cliched with the way Mac was the only one to save himself, but it was awesome because of how well Mac handled himself. I was a little iffy when he went into evidence lockup and got Dobson's personal stuff, going against protocol with the whole "wait a few days" thing. The smug look on Mac's face totally rocked.

    Lol, John McEnroe was awesome! I knew it was a twin that committed the murder, he just wasn't biological. I don't know McEnroe but the way he played two roles at once was positively wonderful. It's a pity his murdering counterpart wasn't able to tell the soon-to-be husband the whole story.

    This was a wonderful episode. I had to laugh when Mac told Stella his "first time" was arresting a captain's son. That's honestly too funny in a serious way. I'm glad Mac never backed off then. Best scene was definitely the bar scene between Flack and Danny.