Season 3 Episode 23

Comes Around

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 09, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Clay Dobson was sent to prison 5 years ago, which would suggest 2002 from the date of this episode, but the newspaper article Mac is reading at the end states that Dobson was locked up in 1997. The article also turns into an unrelated story about a missing woman halfway through.

    • When Flack meets Danny in the bar after Danny's testimony, he orders "one of the good stuff". The pint glass he is given holds what looks like a pulled pint of Guinness..."real beer" according to every Irishman I have ever met and also "the good stuff". Just find that amusing since it seems Flack is supposed to be an Irish cop.

    • Some of the celebrity blood samples Sam Friar has sold are of director Spike Lee, New York City Major Michael Bloomberg, and John McEnroe.

    • Danny has known Mac for five years.

  • Quotes

    • Clay Dobson: I cut off their eyelids, so they had to look at me while they died, ok?
      Mac: Now you are gonna look at me... when you die.

    • Peyton: No apparent cause of death and the tox report didn't indicate anything helpful but I knew something was wrong... so, I... (notices that Mac is distracted) ...so I decided to just cut the poor bastard's liver up and make a lovely pate and everybody in the lab just adored it...

    • Lindsay: (talking to Danny) You look happy.

    • Danny: Why do we do what we do, huh?
      Flack: What do you mean?
      Danny: Why do we wake up in the morning at three o'clock, stand at a crime scene in the freezing cold, living paycheck to paycheck, for what? To protect and serve? Serve who, the public? Sometimes it seems like they hate us, and then here we got the brass ready to throw us to the lions.
      Flack: (shrugs) We do it cause we're good at it. Maybe we'd be lousy at anything else. I don't know. Maybe we do it for the one or two times somebody actually thanks us for finding their son's murderer.

    • Hawkes: The gravitational blood drops that Danny found in the bathroom match reference samples you collected from McEnroe. It's his blood.
      Lindsay: Wait, he was in the bar and at home?
      Stella: So the question is: how was John McEnroe in two places at one time?

    • Mac: (Smirk) You know, I think I'm getting the hang of this politics stuff.

    • Stella: Must have been incredibly satisfying to get Sinclair.
      Mac: I don't take pleasure in someone else's discomfort (Pause) Yes, it was incredibly satisfying. (Grins)

    • Mac: Want you to tell him or should I?
      Sinclair: Tell me what Stan?
      Mac: Let me tell him, I like this story.

    • John McEnroe: What, is he crazy?! Look at his nose!

    • Danny: You shoulda... you shoulda just told us you wanted a snack, we coulda got you a pretzel.

    • Flack: The ultimate fan.
      Danny: Sounds like we're looking for the ultimate fanatic.

    • Danny: (about Mac) It's a no-win. Because if he hadn't caught Dobson, they'd have been all over his ass for that too.

    • Danny: It's nice, ain't it though? Bein' cooperative?
      John McEnroe: (shrugs) It ain't bad.

    • Peyton: Impaled on a condom machine, that's a first.
      Danny: So much for safe sex.

    • Flack: The Department can't afford to lose you.
      Mac: This isn't about the Department, it's about me. They're calling me a murderer. I'm not sticking around to hear that.

    • (Mac storms out of his disciplinary hearing)
      Flack: Did you just walk out?
      Mac: Apparently I'm the kind of person who just does whatever he wants, why disappoint them?

  • Notes

    • Heather Mazur, who plays Natalie Greer, also appears in episode 5x06 Enough and in the CSI: Miami episode Caged.

      Michael King, who plays Detective Dean Truby, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Cello and Goodbye.

    • Spanish episode title: Todo lo que Sube, meaning What goes around.

    • International Airdates:
      Tuesday August 14, 2007 on AXN Spain.
      Greece Wednesday November 21st, 2007 on SKAI.
      Norway Wednesday, November 28, 2007 on TVNorge.
      France Wednesday, December 12, 2007 on TF1.
      Hungary Monday April 22, 2008.
      Finland: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 on MTV3.
      The Netherlands: October 10, 2007 on RTL4.
      Turkey: July 30, 2007 on CNBC-e.

    • Music Featured:
      The Bomb (original) by New Young Pony Club.
      Love Is Here to Stay by Chungking.

  • Allusions

    • Episode title: Comes Around.

      The episode title is an allusion to the saying: What goes around comes around.

    • Jimmy Nelson: I've never been married to a rock star.

      This is a reference to John McEnroe's 1997 marriage to Patty Smyth. They have two daughters, Ava and Anna.

    • Stella: Dead man standing.

      This is a slight variation on the phrase, Dead man walking, which refers to a condemned prisoner on death row.

      It is also the title of a movie about capital punishment starring Sean Penn as a man sentenced to die and Susan Sarandon as his spiritual adviser.

      There is a CSI: NY episode, Past Imperfect, where a man reported his own murder to Mac. There is also a CSI: Miami episode (Dead Woman Walking) and a NCIS episode (Dead Man Walking) that allude to the same saying.