Season 9 Episode 11

Command + P

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • Through and through?

    Shine a laser through a bullet hole in the man's head and it shines all the way through? Seriously? Brains and blood don't fill the bullet hole? hahaha
  • Mac and the team investigate two murders with a strange connection just as a mysterious act of kidness occurrs in the city.

    I know my opinion of "Command + P" is in the minority, but I will say it anyway. I was very disappointed with this episode. I found it way too predictable and contrived. I have always liked the character of Dr. Sid Hammerback. Robert Joy is a very good actor and does a great job playing the character. However it could not have been more obvious that he was the "Guardian Angel". The scene where he tells his fellow coroners "These bodies don't autopsy themselves" gave it away. Also, Sid is such a good natured character and a kind person it was just too obvious. The whole thing about the three demensional printer was recycled right out of a recent episode of "CSI" titled "Strip Maul". As soon as the first clues were discovered I had that figured out as well. However I must admit that the final scene featuring Sid and Jo was very well done. Sela Ward did a terrific job as did Robert Joy. A major disappointment though it does have a bit of a silver lining at the end.
  • ok episode

    it was ok, i love robert joy he was the best part of this episode
  • From good to sad

    It was interesting to learn about the printed 3D gun. I have to say I didn't see that Sid having cancer would come I was glad however that he gave 10 million dollars away to people who really needed it (even though he didn't really know them). It was nice to see that some people care about others no matter if they are strangers who are down on their luck, or friends who worry about you and your problems.
  • Hope restored

    What Sid has done just reminded me of why I watch all these shows. Amongst the busyness of our daily lives and the agendas behind donations, we get reminded once again that it is ok to do something just for the pure joy one gets from it and not worrying if one gets any recognition for it.
  • sad

    This episodes has only reiterated why Sid is my absolute favorite character on this show. But the ending made me sad...

    I can't help but feel that the reason that Flack is attracted to Lavoto is because she is a little like Jessica Angell.