Season 5 Episode 19

Communication Breakdown

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2009 on CBS

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  • An insight into the variety of cultures in New York.

    While I enjoyed the episode and I do applaud the concept of looking at other cultures that exist within New York, I was a little disappointed with this. As per usual the various groups were depicted in fairly sterotypical ways. As an Irish speaker it is frustrating to hear it being pronounced badly and then even more annoying to have it translated incorrectly. Also there is often a suggestion that Irish people have a tendancy towards fighting. Amazing then that we are one of the countries that is neutral and didn't send our army to Iraq. Politics aside it was nice to see the colour festival and something about the Native American Indians. I wasn't aware they had tribes that lived in Manhattan before it became such a metropolis. I know its impossible to avoid annoying someone when you make a tv show but maybe try and avoid the obvious sterotypes. Generally though I enjoy the show.
  • Entertaining

    I quite liked this episode, there were lots of plot twists and turns, and we got to see some Flack/Angell, which is always good in my book. Loved the end scene with the translator.
    I felt bad for the Chief though, it was the first time I really felt sorry for a victim. he was trying so hard to protect his people and his culture, and he did the right thing in the end only to be murdered for it. Sad.

    On the flipside, I did not love the Oirish theme. Maybe it was in homage to St Patrick's Day or something, but it was pretty terrible. The guy playing Finn Wexford (oh dear, what a name) was Scottish I think, certainly not an Irish accent I've ever heard anyway! And then the chattering in Irish, and Flack knowing the lingo??? Not convinced!
  • Really ok, not great!

    Really an ok episode in my book. Not good but definately not bad. One thing about CSI Las Vegas is that they focus on the crime, rarely their personal lives. While Miami focuses more on the personal lives, and some on the crime. NY is half and half. NY is known for it's diversity and other things. Which makes the city and the show unique. As none of these people speak english, the team needs to understand. And investigate a culture that is unfamiliar to them. Meanwhile Danny tries, to get new baby names for his offspring. Neat how Sheldon got his name. Really an unusual but, awesome name.
  • Intriguing, enjoyable and well done overall, but a bit overdone on some elements.

    There were a number of things overdone in this episode. Danny's seemingly endless quest for a name for his offspring was cute the first two times, but then rapidly got old. That said, I would not have missed the end scene for all the tea in China, even if the final "revelation" was as predictable as the sun rising in the morning. And I absolutely loved his reaction to Hawkes' story of his own parents' 6 week search for a name, which resulted in Sheldon. SHELDON! Yep, every time I hear that name it reminds me of the Sheldon conversation in When Harry Met Sally. The focus on ethnic diversity and the polyglot culture of New York City seemed a bit overdone as well. Everywhere the detectives turned there were more folks speaking anything and everything except English. But wonder of wonders, we've got a Greek woman who grew up in an orphanage, but still speaks the Greek of her heritage and who reads Native American Indian languages besides; another detective who speaks French, along with a third who is apparently fluent in Gaelic simply from occasional conversations with his grandfather. Amazingly, the one character whose Italian roots have been emphasized since nearly day one spoke not one word of Italian. Lastly, we get it already. The loss of native cultures is a tragedy. Just as two weeks ago we were subjected to a tirade on environmental issues. Both are serious issues, but when CSI mounts the pulpit and gets preachy they tend to go just a few steps too far. Fortunately, within all of this was a rather clever murder weapon that proves that ancient peoples could be incredibly ingenious and had an amazingly extensive and scientific knowledge of their world. Add to that some interesting glimpses into the variety of ethnic communties in New York, beyond the stereotypical Italian, Jewish and Chinese. I loved the scene with the Hindu Festival of Colors, which I'd seen a news story on just a few days ago. And I did enjoy the insight into the Native Americans of New York, in spite of the preachiness of the delivery.
  • Mac and the team investigate what looks to be the open and shut case of an indian chief shot and killed on a commuter train. As the investigation progresses, Mac soon learns the case won't be as easy as originally expected.

    This episode is good. Just good. While I did like the way the story is written and thought that it came to a plausible conclusion, there are flaws with this episode which prevent me from saying that it is just "good." The first flaw is the indian chief being shot on the train. It's even mentioned in the episode that the odds of that happening are incredibly remote. The other big flaw is Danny deciding on names for his unborn child. Danny should focus on the case. Second, it was obvious right from the beginning that his child is female.
  • Not My Favorite.

    Honestly, I liked the episode as a whole, but not the case. I loved seeing the cultural diversity seen throughout the episode from the languages, the different artifacts, parties in the streets to sports. I'm surprised it hasn't been acknownledge more. The murder of an Indian Chief on a moving train wasn't as easy as first determined but I liked the method behind the actual murder. I found it creative and well suited considering the cultural focus of the epsiode. For me, NYC culture made the episode, not the case. Danny's focus on boy names and the team's opinions turned amusing once it was determined he's having a girl.
  • Indians and LOTS of languages

    CASE: Really interesting but quite on a second view all the time. I didn't know NY was land of indians. I knw the guy was the murderer since the moment he was trying to get the computer from the room. And the way of killing the chief was really original! Hawkes: He is just too smart...LOL, I love him! And the moment with Danny and him explaining that his parents waited weeks to finally call him Sheldon, hilarious!

    Adam: I'm glad to have him back! In the final scene he was just so funny!

    Mac: Nice eyes! I always thought they were green but after the closer look I think they look more like grey. Really smart with the termical thingy when the guy shuts off the lights.

    Stella: I love that she talks in Greek! Really smart too!

    Flack and Angell: CUTE! the final scene is just awesome the goofy grin in his face and the seductive grin in hers when she is about to leave the precinct are amazing! I SQQUUEEED!!

    Sid: In what language did he talked????

    Danny: Weren't his eyes even more blue today than in other chapters??? It was cute he was trying to find a name for his baby and that he was so convinced that it was a boy. But with Hawkes and Stella was enough, the third time, with Mac was already too much... I don't think he is disappointed about having a girl, I just think he is even more scared than before. He has been a boy, and boys are easy, but girls.... I loved his smile at the end!

    Nice team moment in the break room!
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