Season 4 Episode 7

Commuted Sentences

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • Two separate crime scenes are investigated here. A man found stabbed to death in Madison Square Park and a woman shot and killed on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The cases look unrelated on the surface, but Mac soon finds out otherwise.


    When I watched this very good episode of CSI: NY I was reminded of the classic Hitchcock movie Strangers on a Train. A movie that CSI alluded to in a past episode. I was also reminded of a past episode of CSI: NY titled "And Here's to You Mrs. Azreal" which had a theme similiar to this episode. However, despite this flaw I found this episode to be one of the best of the season (Which looks to be a little shorter due to the Writers Guild strike) so far. Four seasons and CSI: NY is still going strong. Fantastic.

  • I didn't like this one...

    The team investigates two murders at two different locations and find out that they are connected. Wow, I've definately seen that before a hundred times of CSI. Anyways, it turned out that two friends were rape victums and one of the friends killed the other's raper. The only thing I liked about this episode was how the two characters coped. I liked their characterization and their vulnerability as well and their perserverance. Still, neither of the cases interested me at all. I felt that it was easy to catch both killers. Overall, not a good episode because of it's common story.
  • The team investigates two cases and learn they are connected

    Okay if I'm Juliet, this episode can be my Romeo!! I loved it!!! Since the beginning of the season was crappy, we were due for some good episodes. DANNY/LINDSEY INTERACTION!!! That sceane was adorable!! I nearly died laughing when I saw Danny's face when Lindsey said he couldn't shoot the sling shot thing:) Flack and Angell, who would of thought?? I like it. I will call them Doniffer!! There was not that much Mac in this episode which is good because basically the whole season so far has revolved around him. Loved the Stella hair sticks sceane!! I hope the strike was worth it and we get better episodes!!:)
  • Loved it

    I just saw this episode on channel 5 (british) ande loved it. I really like the whole Angell/Flack thing. I am a huge fan of Flack and he just looked cute when he was flirting with her. I could feel the chemistry between Danny and Lindsay when he was holdong her at the crime scene, for scientific reasons of course, but still cute. The look on Adams face when Kendall was eating and Mac was trying to talk to him was hilarious. The whole plot line and the acting in this episode was spectacularly amazing. I hope that there are more episodes like this one to come.
  • squee worthy

    this episode is definitely my favorite of this season. ship wise it's one of the best. the scene between danny and lindsay on the steps of the museum is great, funny and totally squeeworthy!!!
    and new prospect of a ship, flack and angell, so cute, i think we won't forget flack 'busting his move on' jess now will we? definitely the beginning of something.
    the cases were interesting too, the link between them, vengeance, seeking justice, really well written. the only thing that was a bit out of place (for lack of better words) was mac's description of bullfighting like it was some kind of art. which it is not. but anyway, great episode that i rewatch with delight.
  • Just plain GREAT.

    Oh my gosh! Danny and Lindsay were totally on fire this episode! I like how the writers have really committed to D/L. :) Love the comments and conversations between them. QUOTING LINDSAY: "Definitely could've gone through the love handles." :D QUOTING DANNY: "That's too low, wiseass"...:lol: Also the First Aid kit came very handy in solving the crime, as did Danny's hidden gun on his ankle. So hott. LoL. To see all of this and of course, MORE, go to youtube.com to watch sugah's version of D/L in SODL or Story Of Danny and Lindsay. :) You'll love it just like all we fans do too. :D
  • Excellent take on Alfred Hitchcock

    This episode was a great homage to Alfred Hitchcock's 'Strangers on A Train'. The CSIs investigate two seemingly different cases that eventually come together. Even the co-conspirators did not agree to kill each other's problems; they did agree to murder those who had been wronged before.

    Of course things don't as plan and it is up to the CSIs to pull it all together. The best part of the episode was watching Lindsay and Danny investigate the museum case using a sling shot. Great scenes between those two during this episode.

    I am not sure if I am liking the girl detective but the scene between her and Flack in the car was kind of cute.
  • ...................

    Amazing, this is exactly why I watch the it!!! The Flack/Angell flirting, the Danny/Linday moments and the Adam/Kendall moments- is cupid hit NYPD or somethin'?
    The storyline was awesome- I don't knoe who the writer was but I want he back to do more episodes.
    All the characters had perfect screen time and evryone who should be there was there- Mac, Stella, Danny, Lindsay, Hawkes, Flack, Angell, Sid, Adam and Kendall. The acting was great and so was every thing else. If I had to pick five episode to watch forever this one would diffinetly be in there!!
    In 3 word- Perfect, Perfect and- wait for it- Perfect
  • Another good episode

    I could hardly concentrate on the murder cases because I was too busy being a romantic. The cases were good, from what I could tell. :P I just couldn't get over the romantic vibes of the episode.

    Flack and Angel were flirting. I'd never even considered them as a couple but the idea has definite potential. The truth is, I don't think much of Angel. She doesn't really fit in. I don't dislike her; she just didn't really stand out to me. Lindsay and Danny are too cute together. "Love handles"! I love how TPTB are handling their romance. They are so cute. But their romance is not in your face all the time. It's not overt.

    I thought the scene with Mac, Adam and Kendall was so funny. Mac knew something was going on behind his back. Kendall was being naughty, teasing Adam like that. I wonder if she really likes him or she's just toying with him. I remember that they woke up together in the season premiere and I'd wondered then if they'd end up together.

    The cases were good. I felt bad for that woman, getting revenge on the bad guys who had left victims behind them. I totally understood why she was murdering. Justice isn't always served so she did what she felt she had to. I'm not saying that I condone behavior like that. No way!! But I felt bad for her. Another good episode for the CSI NY crew :)
  • Really great show and great teamwork!

    Great teamwork and a great storyline makes a great show. As two murders that were connected it seems together. Happens in two great places. One at Madison Square Garden as well as another at the Metropolian Museum of Art. As someone seems to want to murder these people in great places for all to see. One is stabbed with a knife while the other is shot to death. The team must put their heads and teamwork together in order to solve these identical murders. And that they do a great job with camera angels as well as well as great dialogues between the leads of Mac & Stella.
  • All interconnected...great storywriting.

    It's amazing how much one's own day can affect their response to a story. Being tired and cranky doesn't help when watching and reviewing a show. I watched this and thought, "how boring." And yet, I read all these other reviews and was shocked. How could everyone else have consistently voted so high and me feel it was subpar. Anyway, upon a second, albeit faster, viewing, I saw what a great piece of storytelling this was. I still felt it was slow paced at times. And yet, it all most certainly came together in the end. Victims turn vigilantes make the streets safe and the CSI's work the clues until they trace their way back to the killer. The best part...when the alleged killer smiles beguilingly to the released victim...passing the baton.
  • The team investigates two bizarre murders that could be connected.

    From this season's opening moments from the top of the Statue of Liberty, CSI: New York has delivered a perfect storm of stunning action sequences, great dialogue and clever plots. The result: pure entertainment. CSI: New York is the definition of great TV this season. They should scrap CSI: Miami and run CSI: New York twice a week. Yes, it is that good.

    This episode grabs you in the opening moments with a character covered in blood running from a crime scene. You spend the rest of the episode trying and failing to figure out what is going on. You just have to sit back and watch this great episode unfold.

    A couple of stand out features of this episode must be highlighted. Firstly, the use of the overhead camera angle of the first crime scene. You usually only get to see the body from the ground and by viewing it from this new overhead angle they jazzed up the scene and gave it a much different feel. Nice! Secondly, the mass appeal of CSI is their use of really cool technology. What gadget are they going to show you next? Will they present a device that gives the team the ability to re-create a face from a skull they found? Or how about the new touch screen super cool crime computer at CSI: Miami where they are able to work with evidence more easily to crack the case? What, oh what, new technology will they use to catch the killer this week? That is why I thought it was brilliant to reach back into the stone age to crack the case with the newest crime fighting weapon in CSI: New York's arsenal: The Sling Shot. This was an exceptionally entertaining sequence. A perfect episode. Nice work!
  • This episode is so freaking perfect!

    This episode just had everything a good and awesome episode needs.

    Perfect comic relief! Perfect script! Intersting cases!

    Flack and Angell flirting: So cute and so truly believable. I can totally see the two of them together! They have awesome chemistry and would make a great couple.

    Flack as such: snarky, witty, absolotely gorgeous and sooooo funny and cute. Danny and Lindsay worked together and had the awesome chemistry they used to have before. The old team is finally back and cuter than ever!

    Sid sitting on the autopsy table! You just gotta love Sid Hammerback!

    Less Mac and Stella-concentrated episode, perfect for me, actually.

    Kendall is back and she and Adam are so great together! She seducing him to eat whereas he's on a diet, trying to get rid of his babyfat... Absolutely awesome and soooo funny!

    All in all: aside from episode 3 this season, the best one!
  • Mac is always saying how everything is connected and it certainly is in this case as 3 women who have been victims of violent crime are connected in 2 murders. It takes a slingshot and mutating food cultures to help them solve the mystery.

    This episode was a true reflection of a ensemble cast at its best. The entire NY team was involved and we sae new sides to many characters. Adam and Kendall gave us a memorable scene. You knew chocoalte could be so mesmerizing. There were plenty of D/L moments and Detecive Angell and Flack teased weach other in a cute scene.
    It had something for everyone.

    The writer decided to flesh the charcters out, make them more than 1 dimensional. Hopefully this trend will continue.

    The cases themselves were well written, very believeable. And I must say that not overloading on technology helped the episode. Afterall, who would have thought that a slingshot could be such a useful tool? It is a shame that the writer's strike is continuing because this episode was crafted well. It got back to the heart of CSI-intriguing cases. This was the first episode in a long time that I was totally engaged in and I hope not the last.
  • Awesome!!

    A raper is found killed like a bull of a Spanish bullfight. The main suspect is the woman he raped and wasn't charged for. Another body is found in the stairs of the MET. A simple shotgun, trough and trough. Mac and Stella investigate the first case and Danny, Lindsay and Hawkes the second one.
    I liked this episode a lot! Maybe it's because we see ALL the characters and no-one appears more than the rest! We have some interesting characters moments:
    * Kendall/Adam/Mac: in the break room. Hilarious!! I love Adam! And I like Kendall a lot!
    * Flack and Angell flirting in the car...Really cute. I love when he is quite embarrassed...
    * No major action with Mac, Stella or Hawkes
    * And I reserve the best for the end: We had a D/L moment! I've been waiting for a moment like this for the last month! They are back to the teasing and flirting but now it's clear that they have more confidence with the other and there is no tension. It's just me or in all that chapter they seem to be all the time very near one from the other. The reconstruccion secene in the museum is Squeeee

    I Really loved the chapter! One of the best of this season!
  • This Episode had EVERYTHING!

    MY first 10 for the season. This script had EVERYTHING. Excellent writing. (please come back soon) Excellent Plot. Just everything I have come to expect in my all time favorite show. The plot of vengence and vigilentes going after people they have deemed not being served by the justice system. This aspect I loved. I also loved the fact of which it didn't work. Having our "vigilentes" coming to the rescue was creative and believable. Especially when they were well off and connected through personal past history. I loved the scene in the breakroom with Kendall, Mac and Adam. Perfect timing and perfect comic relief. Thank God for Adam / AJ. We have our D/L moment.
  • Great D/L moment!

    Here's a dark episode for ya. I totally thought the blood was hers and was afraid the writers were going to do an "8 hours earlier" episode that CSI Miami is so infamous for. instead, they did what they are infamous for and made the victim look like the murderer and had her arrested in the first five minutes.

    LOL!! The D/L scene was so awesome! Danny has love handles, eh? :D The banter between them and Angell and Flack was hilarious. It was even more funny when what's her face suddenly gets in the back. That was good. It's a pity she took the wrong path to dealing out "justice".