Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on CBS
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The next case for the CSIs gets even tougher when a paintball player turns out to be the prime suspect and later goes missing. The team also has another problem: the evidence that should point to the prime suspect points to someone else.

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  • Many things are happening in this episode of CSI: NY. A paintball player is found dead in a warehouse, his teammate has gone missing, Mac and Detective Flack are having issues and somebody appears to be stalking Stella.moreless

    There is a lot going on in this particular episode but it worked well, was very entertaining and was well written and acted. I think it's safe to say that not many people were correct in their guess as to what happened to the paintball player who vanished. Certainly a clever (and maybe even frightening) way to end that story. Gary Sinise and Eddie Cahill were terrific in their confrontation. Another sign that CSI: NY has a truly great cast. The one thing that did not work for me was the person supposedly stalking Stella. Still a great episode.moreless
  • Danny looking sexy with his shades and a hair cut and bundle of angst that is Flack and Mac.

    Wow, this is the most random-est episode I've ever seen. From paint ball-shooting, to aliens, to corrupt cops, this episode definitely takes the cake. When I saw the preview for this episode and saw that Stella was being stalked, I was thinking, "Oh no, not another Stella-central angst episode. Now, they're over doing it." I watched the episode anyway because of Verna Welke, the crazy alien-lady.

    OMFG. Danny got a hair cut (not bad, but I don't like it!) and wore glasses for dang near the whole episode (love it!!!!!). Mmmm very nice on the eyes. Now, on to the angsty part of this episode. I read a plot spoiler that said something about someone knowing Claire, but I hadn't given it much thought. Watching the exchange between that kid and Mac was really sad. Seeing Flack's face as Mac arrested the officer involved in the drug raid was pretty bad too. This was definitely an excellent mix of angst, suspense, and comedy.moreless
  • Such an amazing episode! Paintball isn't all it seems to be spoilers inside

    THE BEGINNING: How much greater than this can you get? There is a paintball game that ends in DEATH. Sweet. I always knew that game was dangerous! I definitely loved the sounds and the cool effects of it all. Very nicely put together.


    The entire case is built around the paint baller case. However, it has some smaller cases built into it. I think a lot of people, or some thought Mac was a bit over the top with Flack, but actually I think Mac's response to Flack was pretty on target for him. He pulled the same "my lab must be clean of suspect" whatever with Hawkes just last week (poor Hawkes I wub him) and he did it with Aiden a while back. He just doesn't like the idea of corrupt cops. he strives to have clean business. Though I wouldn't be surprised if in the future the writers make him go all ebil- MWAHAHA.

    Anyways, I liked where they went with this case. I really liked what seemed like rival paint ball champions was actually a good cop turned bad case. I thought the first clue was great. Also integrated into this case was the kid following Stella who turns out to be Mac’s son. At first I thought she was just being way too paranoid, but now, not so sure, since we actually see him. And then we find out who he is, and it’s a whole, oooooo. He thought she was CLAIRE. Though I don’t know how he could have made that mistake. But whatever, not a big deal.

    Definitely loved the twist with the aliens. I mean come on. It just shows you the kind of silly things New Yorkers, well some, believe in. A lot of people said it was pointless. I didn’t think so. I mean this is an episode, about NY. You are of COURSE going to run into random things. CRAZY people. And yes, people are that insane here. And there is a majority of them. It’s hard to go by a day without some guy preaching to you or some woman singing prayers on the train. So maybe they aren’t crazy, no, but they need to realize after a long hard day of working, we don’t all want to listen to you talk about how You’re an angel sent down from heaven and we aren’t allowed to look at you. That is one of the great things about new york. It’s all the different people, and all the different personalities. That’s why a show about NY is of course going to throw in the random NYer who is just a little on the unique side.


    I liked the crazy astrologer. I hope she and her husband eventually get back to each other. I loved THE ENTIRE thing with the alien. Flack Flack Flack, with his whole smile as he looks at Stella who looked quizzically at the girl and said “I’m here for the alien??” And who is the alien? Our missing paint baller.

    I also loved the whole scene with the interviews in the apartment. And I loved how they filmed that, it was very well put together. With all the thank you’s and door slammings. GREAT!

    HEE HEE HEE And come on you have got to love the gleeful look Danny gives after he checks out the moon rock. How cuter can you get? The “get outta here!” and that whole science geek that he makes look sexy is sooo apparent here. Such a cute part. I mean really.

    Adam’s scenes. Over and over again. He is such a great little techy :D I loveeeee him with the whole poof! He has some great one liners. Superbly done :). I definitely love the scene with Mac and Reed. So cute. It was definitely very touching. And finally had to be Flack watching the cop go down. The pain on his face is just unbearable. Poor Flacky Flack.


    Such an amazing episode! I must play devil's advocate because I enjoyed this episode despite the lack of D/L. What really sold me on this episode was Flack. I LOVE Flack and I think Eddie Cahill is brilliant. I thought he was awesome. He was not only hilarious but also he had a more touching side to him: you could see the pain on his face when the cop was being taken away. I *heart* Flack, especially when he was interviewing everyone.

    I think another part that really touched me was when we see the husband of the astrologer and Stella asks if he wants to talk to his wife. He claims sadly, how that’s not his wife, his wife, Trina, is still missing. Poor guy. Bless him.moreless
  • Flack, Flack and Flack. Anything else I need to add???

    This episode is made for Flack and his actor Eddie Cahill deserved it.

    The interaction between Mac and Flack: the actors play each other off so well in this episode that you can only wish for more intersction between the two.

    The struggle Flack has with Truby's dirty-ness, it gives Eddie Cahill a good opportunity to show what he can.

    Otherwise, this episode is extremely good and I just love it. Sure, I'm a huge Flack fan, but all the other characters have their episodes, too and this one is Flack's.

    For all the Flack-fans out there: watch it and cuddle cute Eddie at the end of the episode!!!!moreless
  • A solid episode

    A solid episode not the best so far this season but good. For one I like how they only centered around one case and made a mess of clues all tie together. The only thing I didn't like was near the end. I thought the sub-plot with Mac and that kids was pointless. Also didn't like how the case tied to someone on team. Because they did the same thing last week with Hawkes and how this week they did the same Flack.moreless
Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Lewis Tan

Lewis Tan

Kym Tanaka

Guest Star

Erin Chambers

Erin Chambers

Verna Welke

Guest Star

Christian Monzon

Christian Monzon

Daryn Kramer

Guest Star

Kyle Gallner

Kyle Gallner

Reed Garrett

Recurring Role

A.J. Buckley

A.J. Buckley

Adam Ross

Recurring Role

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • It is very interesting that Mac's past private life is brought up in a season where he is again in a steady relationship.

    • When Reed asks Mac what Claire looked like, he describes her using very detached terms, pretty much as if he was reporting on a homicide victim rather than on the woman who became his wife. The emotionless terms as athetic could be the only way he found to talk about her keeping his emotions in check.

      It wouldn't have been out of character of Mac to keep a picture of Claire in his wallet, but we learned in season 1 that he got rid of everything that reminded him of Claire (but the beachball) and that might include photographs. Or, it might been long enough for him to have trouble remembering her face.

    • Danny has some new squared-off framed glasses.

    • Claire had a baby when she was in high school giving him up for adoption and that Mac knew about it.

    • Anna Belknap is only shot shoulders up in this episode to conceal her pregnancy.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Mac: (Sees Lindsay sitting and looking upset) Lindsay?
      Lindsay: Yea?
      Mac: You Ok?
      Lindsay: I ran a chemical profile on the black cocaine against our database. I got a match.
      Mac: (Looks at her with a smile) Well usually that's a good thing.

    • (Flack questions tenants around a crime scene)
      Flack: Hello Sir, did you see anything strange in the alley last night?
      Tenant: That depends on what you consider strange, I mean this is New York City or what?

    • Flack: Do you care about the consequences? I'm not talking about me, Mac. I'm talking about the hundreds of arrests this cop was involved in. The thugs who are going to be screaming for an appeal because his credibility's in question. And the ones that are going to go free despite the fact they're guilty, and he did everything by the book?

    • (Flack visits Lamont Tyson in jail)
      Lamont: Is this a conjugal visit? Huh? You trying to screw me again?

    • Stella: I'm hearing footsteps and seeing shadows and catching glimpses of someone or something, and I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like I'm being watched.

    • (Adam shows Danny the piece of rock found in the alley under the microscope.)
      Adam: It's a piece of the moon. A moon rock. This rock is, is from the moon.
      Danny: From the moon?
      Adam: Outer space.
      Danny: Get out of here. Wow. How did a piece of the moon end up in the alley?
      Adam: I don't know. This stuff is illegal to have and somebody went to a lot of trouble to get it. I mean I've seen this stuff listed on E-Bay before, you know and most of it isn't real, but if it is. Short of going to the moon they would have had to steal from NASA.
      Danny: Something happened in that alley and I don't think it had anything to do with what happened in the warehouse.

    • Stella: Bear blood, molasses, leaves with human blood on them, a spike and a jagged edge. You're talking bear trap.
      Adam: Yes! You win the washer and dryer.
      Danny: Woaaah help me out here. You're telling me Cyrus Menlo was caught in a bear trap.
      Adam: Yeah.
      Danny: You're crazy.
      (Cyrus Menlo's capture in the bear trap replays in a flashback)
      Adam: It's the only conclusion we can arrive at with this evidence.
      Danny: So Tanaka sets the bear trap, leads Cyrus Menlo down the alley, Tanaka goes into the warehouse...
      Adam: Bang, bang, Tanaka gets shot, and Cyrus walks out, steps in the trap while Tanaka bleeds to death in the warehouse. Moral of the story, all right? Stick with bowling. (Adam and Danny chuckle and bump fists).

    • Flack: Get outta here. Ya gotta have a Master's degree in Chemistry just to run drugs these days.

    • (Looking at a Macy's Day Nutcracker Balloon)
      Mac: They build these balloons in sections and divide them into compartments.
      Hawkes: Yup well that would explain the limp arm.
      Mac: The bullet's somewhere inside all that polyurethane. Thought you might wanna do the autopsy. For old times' sake.
      (Mac pats him on the arm)
      Hawkes: (smiling) This job is never boring.

    • Mac: (To Flack) The cop who did this, I hope he goes away for a very long time, because he disgraced the badge we both wear.

    • Kid: (To Stella) Are you Claire Conrad?
      Stella: No.
      Mac: You mean Claire Conrad Taylor?...She was my wife.

    • Verna Welke: Here, it's so they can't read your mind.
      Flack: We're good, thanks.

    • Stella: We have two missing people who ended up in that alley.
      Adam: And went 'poof.'

    • Danny: Let's look over the evidence found in the alley. Thanks for confusing us.
      Adam: You're welcome.

    • Mac: (To Flack) Looks like our only witness is full of hot air.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Mac: Little early for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

      In 1924 the parade was known as Macy's Christmas Day Parade.

      In 1948 NBC put Macy's Day Parade on tv.