Season 1 Episode 2

Creatures of the Night

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2004 on CBS

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  • This episode speaks volumes to the character of Detective Stella Bonasera. While not as depressing as "Blink", this episode has a crime that certainly is dark and scary.

    The opening music and high class cocktail party in this episode lulls viewers into thinking that this episode is gonna feature a murder at a high class social function (something that certainly has been done before). Instead it focuses on the rape of a woman as she makes her way through Central Park by herself in the dead of night (something not even I would do).

    Due to the nature of the case, Stella gets rather emotionally attached to the victim to the point that Mac has to remind her to focus on her job and not the victim. In the end, she manages to find her suspect and, much to his dismay for reasons I won't mention, arrest him. She also has a moment where she completely tells off the victim's father after he makes a sexist comment about how boys are tougher than girls.

    The secondary crime which involves a dealer who was shot by a revolver is a nice contrast and offers some humorous moments between Aiden, Mac, and the exterminator. In the initial crime scene processing she has a minorly creepy moment with the way she comments on her speculation of the weapon. As she says "I guess the murder weapon is a revolver" is rather hilariously creepy with her neutral expression. Aiden and Mac also have a great moment with the general 'I don't care' attitude when the exterminator is giving an endless speech about his job to the two.

    Bill Brown also does a wonderful job with composing the music in this episode, especially the transition between Stella processing the vic and Danny processing the evidence as the transition between the songs is seamless.
  • I loved the script for the episode.

    Rats eating evidence. Definitely out of the norm. But good ol' Aiden, always willing to get down and dirty with the rats. This time it was literal. I liked how this case started as a simple drug deal gone bad but was turned into something more complicated. Tracking down the open piece of evidence Mac & Aiden needed for an arresting the bad guy. Our victim in Robin Prescott was a difficult one for Stella. It was great to see this side of her, allowing it to get a little personal. Wanting to get justice for Robin so badly, but without "proper" DNA she was presented with a unique challenge. Adding to an already difficult case because Robin, remembers nothing, nor does she want to. But Stella being the investigator that she is, doesn't give up and with several sets of eyes, meaning those of her teammates....they are able to make an arrest.
  • Brilliant all the way through

    From the beginning, this episode was pure brilliance. The way the party and classical music is disrupted by this one bloody and soon to be collapsed woman’s appearance foreshadows the way good police work is disrupted by collapsing evidence. They find semen, but only to find that it is without sperm cells- meaning no DNA. They find a bullet wound only to find that there is no bullet. Despite these difficulties, the CSIs work hard to solve the crimes. One of my favorite scenes in these first few eps are the wonderful morgue moments. I think the location of the morgue is beautiful, creepy, and peaceful at the same time. It looks as if it is the inside of an abandoned church attic. The ambiance is perfect, especially with the light streaming in.

    The case B proved to be a small case that solved quickly. The creepy rat that ate the bullet- and Aiden who goes from hating rats to saying, “poor fella” when Mac describes how the rat died, was hilarious. The look he gives her is just about priceless. Though a lot of times I like two difficult cases, I think it was best that the B case was small since it allowed Mac and Aiden to help Danny and Stella. When Aiden and Danny see Stella re-examining the evidence and help her, we really get to see how close of a family this group is. And then when Mac comes in and wordlessly joins their search, that only cements the idea.

    I loved that throughout the episode, the crime scene being Central Park provided a thorough challenge for the CSIs. It’s all well and good when other shows say oh yes it happened in Central Park, and immediately find what happened. But this shows how BIG central park really is, and how knowing it happened there, isn’t a lot of help.

    I thought this episode was a great Stella episode. I like how it showed how focused she is on getting the bad guys. All in all this episode proves why we should all LOVE STELLA.
  • Creatures of the Night is an interesting episode with two unequal plots in their intensity and rhythm, but both well written and acted. One deals with the rape of a young woman, the other with the death of a drug dealer.

    Creatures of the Night is what I call one of the 'blue hue' episodes of CSI: NY. Even in broad daylight, the pictures stay dark, mysterious and you can’t shake away a feeling of uneasiness as you watch both stories unfold.

    The A case is about a young woman who was raped after going through Central Park at night. She has no memories of the brutal attack she suffered. Stella and Danny have to find out what happened to her in those fateful moments. One major setback in the case is an interesting twist. The rapist left no DNA as he has no sperm cells. This means there is no direct way to identify him. Either the young woman recognizes him a line-up or other evidence can prove he is the culprit. Stella is very eager to catch the culprit and wants Robin to identify him, but the young woman asks her a very valid question: does she really want to remember as the attack was very brutal. It’s Mac who will remind Stella that evidence is key and that she should have faith in it.

    The B case is about a drug deal gone bad. As rats feasted on the victim, the bullet is gone and a little search-and-seek game with the rodent starts. Once the bullet found, everything goes much faster. After some analyzes, they are able to find the man who fired the gun the same evening and a little interrogation is enough to prove he did it.

    The cases are unequal in difficulty and in their twist. In the rape case, they have everything they could hope for: the clothes of the victim, plenty of evidence to send to trace and quickly a good idea of what must have happened as the location of the attack is found without any doubt. In the drug-deal gone bad case, they have the victim but are missing the one element which could tell them who did it: the bullet. But nothing is at it seems.

    The key evidence in the drug case is missing and its retrieval brings humor in this austere and dark episode. I couldn’t help smiling at Aiden flashing her badge in the market or Mac’s comment about the rat-topsy to be done. Once the bullet found, the case is solved. The murdered is in the throws of withdrawal, making not that smart.
    The evidence in the rape case is not as damning as they thought. The lack of DNA is making everything more complicated. They found the likely culprit but have no way to prove it was him beyond reasonable doubt. It’s a little detail which will give him away, proving Stella’s point that there is no such thing as a perfect crime, however smart the aggressor was. It was interesting to see Stella’s struggle with this case. She was very taken by this attack and felt very close to the victim. When everything seemed lost, the team gathered around her and they once more looked at all the evidence to find the missing evidence. However small it was, it was enough to solve the case and wipe away any doubts left.

    So I liked this episode. It was not as powerful as Blink or as a coming episodes. If I had rated it last year immediately after seeing it, I probably would have given it a far better mark. The one thing I like most about it was the team working together once the B case was knacked. Stella couldn’t stop so close to the goal and her colleagues were all there to make it happen.
  • way to go stella

    i think the way how they all in the end pitch in to catch the bad guys. (now that's team work)
    and how mac and danny (in their own way )tells stella not to give up. love the way danny use the computer to narrow
    down the crine scene in the park.
  • Two seemingly average crimes, each with an unusual twist.

    This episode was alright, though not fantastic. Actually, both cases didn't really make as much of an impact as I'm sure they were intended to make. The rape seemed to be almost gratuitous, as if the makers of the show were trying to see how much violence, or the results of violence, could be shown. One of the only truly moving scenes in the entire episode was when Stella was documenting the victim's injuries, the deliberate and careful way she was treating the girl was touching in a "almost make me cry" way. The other scene that I really liked, even though a scene like it happens in almost every crime-drama, was the scene between Mac and Stella, where he tells her about his pile of unsolved cases and how the nine cases used to be twelve cases. It seemed overdone, but I still ended up liking it, perhaps because I believed that keeping these files on his desk really reflects Mac's personality.