Season 2 Episode 5

Dancing with the Fishes

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 2005 on CBS
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Mac, Stella and Flack investigate the death of a young dancer who recently won the lottery, and it isn't long before they realise that her death is connected to Lindsay's investigation concerning the death of a tram driver. Danny and Hawkes look into the murder of a local fish merchant, and soon find their way to a jealous friend who was angry that their child didn't get into a prestigious school.moreless

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  • A great episode. Really why I watch this series. Love my boys: Danny and Hawkes.

    The beginning:

    A dead girl just flops on someone's car after they said those people could have killed someone? Absolutely brilliant. Only CSI could do something like that. I loved the interaction also with Stella and Flack and how they wanted them to clear off the FDR (which that wasn't btw- that showed stores next to it. FDR has no stores next to it) and especially not in the location that was, which is by 59th street, the Roosevelt Island Octagon Tram. Nonetheless? An awesome beginning to a great episode.

    The cases:

    So we have a dead dancer. Who has been sabotaged by her co-dancers and sexually assaulted by her choreographer. We have a list of suspects that all come out negative. Her case ends up being combined with Lindsay's case of a dead tram driver. That's how we got the second suspect, the choreographer. He lives on Roosevelt Island. What it turns out to be is that Kia's death was an accident. The intent was only to kill the tram driver. And the widow who was married to that guy for that long and hated him? I mean really. 35 years no matter what it is- you divorce him way before that. What made her stay in the relationship- couldn’t have been the pension when they were first married. What a b****. Faking an injury to get her brother to act and so HE gets in trouble? What a piece of work.

    Then we have the poor fish merchant who only wanted the best for his son who was stabbed to death by a SWORDFISH that's right a swordfish. He was stabbed by the person who recommended him to the school. The guy figured the fish merchant's son would never get in, but of course he did, they were a good family. It wasn't all about money. But the stupid restaurant owner, an elite, thought badly of it. What a jerk. Another episode though involving the elite gone bad. And who imports Hawaiian sand to a school? I mean really.

    Favorite scene:

    Had to be when Danny and Hawkes were wheeling in the giant swordfish. That was amazing. And I loved them treating it like a dead body and everything with the wheeling it in on a cart like that. They could have put it in something else… a trunk maybe? Hahaha. So brilliant


    This was a great episode. Really got you thinking and it really got your blood boiling with the crimes. I mean who do some people think they are? Honestly?moreless
  • Great Script . . .

    I really like how the cases of Kia Rowe and Harold Klavin ultimately had Mac, Stella & Lindsay working the same case. Mac & Stella tackling the murder of a dancer. Lindsay the death of a tram driver. But it was Lindsay going on her gut and instinct was great to watch. Danny & Hawkes working the murder of Fred Bayliss had it's amusing moments but the serious tones. I loved how Danny was willing to stand up for what Fred Bayliss wanted for his son.moreless
  • What's 17 Million Dollars if it has nobody to spend it?


    Good episode, nice written, jokes in the right places and not over ruling.

    *cough* excuse me, I got a cold *cough cough*

    I swear, i keep my hand before my mouth when i cough...

    Well, anyway, the episode...

    Three murders... and they all smelled!

    First Kia, who landed on a car... Now this is something i just HAVE to say... when I saw her land on the window, I thought she was thrown out of a high building...

    Then, when I saw the bridge, which she 'fell' from, as stated by the team... I was like 'What? No way! That bridge is way too low for such a fall... She must have jumped very high to get that done!"

    I thought it was a mistake from the makers, but then it turned out that she actually fell from the cable tram... DOH... why didn't I think of that... awesome!

    *sneeze*... thank you.

    Something I didn't like here was... the knife in the locker of that loser of a dancer who put glass in Kia's shoe...

    It was the exact same kind of knife as the one that cut Kia's arm.

    The glass and the choreographer (is that the name?) were amazing though, it could easily have been them... and then the seventeen million!... it was seventeen million right? or was it thousand?

    Oh well... i thought those were great things to fool the watchers of this episode.

    I never expected it, and that's rare, i normally solve the murder a long time before the detectives in the series do... so that's what i really liked!

    I could have sworn that Mr. Claven was killed because he saw something he shouldn't have... on the other hand, i did think... 'why kill somebody in a cable tram when you don't want anybody to witness it, while you know that somebody has to drive it... steer it... whatever... ?

    So that did give me some doubts...

    The bitter old lady, misses Claven got my sympathy when i saw her black eye... now she just disgusts me...

    "You might hated your life miss Claven, but Kia loved hers, and you took it from her"

    NICE! I like Lindsay, always very sharp!

    Now, the sword fish murder... that was a classic!

    And i like to moral of the story... "rich people suck"... no just kidding... It was a nice case to solve, very unusual, not as many fish jokes as i expected, but i guess that's a good thing... *cough cough cough*... gosh!

    What i don't understand is... why was Fred dumped in an ally... why didn't he just leave him there? And... why did he run in the first place? It's not like he murdered him... right? Or did he? Did mister 'i'm rich so i deserve more' know that Fred was going to land in the tooth of a swordfish? He should have called an ambulance... but i guess that would have cost too much... i mean.. calling the ambulance is one thing... but the batteries it eats while hanging on the phone with alllll those questions before somebody actually send the ambulance... oh dear lord... you'll have to recharge your battery... that would take two whole cents from his well earned fortune!moreless
  • Good but nothing happened in the Big Apple.

    What to say about this episode? I would say that it was a bad episode only it wasn't. Week after week, NY has great acting only the good scripts seem to get sent over to CSI. (Not that I mind of course but just once could NY have a great episode that doesn't sound familiar in any to CSI.) This episode was kind of strange; a guy gets stabbed with a swordfish, right... Anyway I can admit to saying that I thought the murder would involve the son in some way the moment sand was poured from the dead guys shoe. Overall, a pretty good episode however I would like to learn more about Lindsey.moreless
  • Good episode, lots of mysteries.

    This was a good episode. I liked how they tied the dancer's murder with the tram driver. The swordfish death was strange but to each his own. I like the new girl, she's much better than the girl that left the show. And I am loving Dr. Hawk in the field.
Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Nick Paonessa

Nick Paonessa

Richard Daly

Guest Star

Chastity Dotson

Chastity Dotson

Tera Grace

Guest Star

Barbara Tarbuck

Barbara Tarbuck

Vivian Claven

Guest Star

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • We learn that Danny has a girlfriend whose name would be later revealed as Cindy in 2x10 Jamalot.

    • Kia Rowe's lottery numbers were: 1 16 23 28 39 50.

    • Goof: When Danny compares the supposedly unique sample of epithelials from the swordfish that killed the victim to the textbook examples, you can clearly see that it is two pictures of the exact same epithelials that have been used.

    • Stella is a former dance student who took jazz, tap and ballet.

    • Goof: New York City doesn't have a lottery, just New York State. And the tickets are pink, not blue & yellow.

    • Goof: Flack says something along the lines of "the fall didn't kill her, the traffic on the FDR did." The FDR Drive in Manhattan is not a normal street by NYC standards. It's two-way, there is a concrete median separating the two sides, and you can't just turn off it at most places, as the side streets would indicate in the opening scene. You actually have to use off ramp exits.

    • Goof: The opening scene shows the motorcyclists racing down a one-way street, but the street is divided by a double-yellow line, indicating that it is two-way.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Sid: You were a dancer?
      Stella: More like a student. Jazz, tap, ballet. I have some skills.
      Sid: As do I. Heavy Latin influence. Merengue.

    • Stella: She also plays the lottery.
      Flack: All it takes is a dollar and a dream. I'm a dreamer too.
      Stella: I see.

    • Flack: What'd you find in Kia's locker?
      Stella: We got hot packs for before rehearsal, cold packs for after rehearsal, ibuprofen for inflammation.
      Flack: I guess you gotta dance through the pain.

    • Officer Murphy: Hey Dorothy, are we gonna process or what. Commuters are piling up.
      Lindsay: First off Officer Murphy, I'm from Montana, not Kansas. Second, this is my crime scene and I'm extremely thorough. Tram opens when I'm done.

    • Lindsay: Did you know this is the nation's only functioning commuter tram?
      Officer Murphy: No, and that knowledge doesn't affect me one way or the other.
      Lindsay: Really? I find it kind of interesting.

    • Hawkes: Voids in the ice. We're missing fish. Murder weapon's been sold.
      Danny: Well we need to find it before it becomes dinner.

    • Richard Daly: Swordfish is kind of why people come here. PR like this can kill a restaurant.
      Danny: Wow. (chuckling) People never seize to amaze me.

    • (Wheeling the swordfish inside the lab)
      Danny: My hat's off for Fred. I couldn't work around this smell all day long.
      Hawkes: But the decomp of a dead body you're okay with.
      Danny: It's a fish thing.
      Hawkes: I'm sure if the paycheck was right you'll be okay with it.
      Danny: That figure what Fred's pulling is a world apart.
      Hawkes: So says his wife and I'm sure you caught the uniform on his son. In New York City that means private school, expensive.
      Danny: He wanted the best for his kid. Nothing wrong with that investment.

    • Hawkes: Should I even ask how it's coming?
      Danny: You can now. Because it appears that wool's used for everything - towels, gloves, clothes, hats, and very frequently carpets.
      Hawkes: I'm sensing you found a connection.
      Danny: Yeah after twelve manuals and sixteen phone calls to auto manufacturers, I concluded that our mystery gray fiber isn't even gray. It's a dove. Okay, that is the new interior color option on the 2006 Jaguar XKR. Only been available a few months.

    • (About Lindsay)
      Stella: New girl's good. She stands her ground.
      Mac: She'll fit in well.

    • Danny: (about expensive preschools) What have they got at these schools? Yellow fingerpaint made with gold?

    • Razor: I don't believe this. I've got a theater full of mediocrity and now the cops are on my ass.
      Stella: Why don't you lose the attitude?

    • Flack: (to Shayna) I've heard your sob story. Now I wanna hear what the knife in your locker has to say.

    • Danny: Dyes are different, leaving me with a lone, gray fiber of unknown origin... Pulled from the gill of a swordfish, no less... Fiber that may or may not have anything to do with Fred Bayliss' murder. Yet, it's my only lead. So why don't you give me some good news, please?
      Tech: Sorry. The sand collected off Fred Bayliss, I don't know where it came from. All I know is it didn't come from a beach in New York.
      Danny: Fantastic. Mystery sand, mystery fiber, no suspects.

    • Lindsay: (to Vivian Claven) Did you know bruises age in a specific pattern? First they're red, color of the blood under the skin. After a day or two, they turn a blueish-purple, that fades to green, and as they heal they turn a yellowish-brown. Yours is just black. Too black. (Hands over tissue paper) Wipe it off!

    • Flack: Kia was a winner!
      Stella: And her lucky numbers add up to 17 million dollars.
      Mac: And 17 million motives.

    • (At the beginning of the episode)
      Man in the car: Did you see that? They're gonna kill someone!
      Woman in the car: Fine, just don't let it be us, I'd like to get home in one piece.

    • (Lindsay enters Mac's office with a tray of something omitting a strong smell)
      Lindsay: Who wants to play?
      Mac: Hydrogen sulfide?
      Lindsay: I borrowed that from the trace lab. Stuff stinks. That rotten egg smell. It's absolutely awful.
      Mac: Yes, I'm aware of that. Why is it in my office?

    • Mac: I don't believe that for a second.
      Razor: Of course not. You're a cop.
      Stella: No. It's because people lie.

    • Hawkes: Death by swordfish. Man, I love being in the field.

    • Shayna: I've got rights, ok, so you can't go through my locker.
      Flack: Not yet. But in 20 minutes when the warrant gets here, your world opens up.

    • Danny: This guy's foul. Smells worse than dead.
      Hawkes: Fish.

    • Hawkes: You know I've never been fishing, never even thought about trying. Seems kinda boring...
      Danny: Until you hook something. I went fishing with my old man once on a pier near Battery Park. I caught the sweetest striped bass, must have weighed close to 30 pounds.
      Hawkes: Did you eat it?
      Danny: Threw it back! Would you eat anything that came out of the Hudson?
      Hawkes: Good point!

    • Lab Tech: You two can't answer your cellphones?
      Danny: Umm much too impersonal. We prefer the face to face interaction.
      Hawkes: Which is why we were on our way to see you right now.

    • Flack: Goodbye suicide.
      Stella: Hello murder...

  • NOTES (4)


    • Title episode: Dancing with the fishes.

      The title references both the plot and subplot.

    • Officer Murphy: Hey Dorothy, are we gonna process or what. Commuters are piling up.
      Lindsay: First off Officer Murphy, I'm from Montana, not Kansas.

      When Lindsay is examining the tram driver's body, a uniformed officer addresses her as "Dorothy," referring to Judy Garland's character in the classic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz.