Season 5 Episode 7

Dead Inside

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • Another good one

    In this episode of CSI New York the following happens. When a man is found murdered the team are called in to investigate. The team find the victims house, which is on a boat in the middle of the east river. We soon learn that the house was being moved for a stock broker. Flack in this episode has to deal with a problem with his sister. She has lost her job and is now drinking all day and all night. Mac soon learns that the man was killed by his own daughter after she set him up. But it turns out that she didn't know that the man she fell in love with on the internet was actually her own father. But the team soon learn that to some video evidence that his wife killed him. She did so because she found a postcard in his draw, but was actually from her daughter, and so she killed him. But outside of the room Mac is there with her daughter, and she begs Mac not to tell her mother that her father's death is really her fault. If she hadn't sent the postcard then he would still be alive. At the end of the episode Flack follows his sister to an AA meeting, where she admits that she is an alcoholic. Stella is sent a dead rat.
  • Interesting.

    Again, I love not knowing who the true bad guy is until the end. I had my theories but and the second Stella really started focusing on the "walk through" video, I sure. I thought the idea of sharing "secrets" was a little odd, but interesting. I also thought a moving house through downtown Manhattan was a trip. The bonus to this episode was some personal insight for our team. I thought Mac showed a great deal of compassion for the McKeedy daughter. Don dealing with not only Sam but Angel. Then Stella grapling with a situation that is testing her personally and professionally.
  • A body is found in the basement of a home. What makes this case out of the ordinary is that the primary crime scene, the house itself, was in the process of being transported to another part of New York. Elsewhere, Stella gets a threatening phone call.

    All of the other reviews of this episode have pretty much said it all. However, I just thought I would weigh in with my opinions on this well written and very exciting episode of "CSI: NY." This is by far one of the best episodes of the series. Everything worked here, the storylines, the writing are all top notch. I was also impressed with the storyline concerning Flak's alcoholic sister. More often than not, such stories of alcoholics end sadly ("Cold Case") it's nice for once to see the opposite happen here (at least up to this point in time).
  • My most favourite episode in the whole running time of CSI:NY! Just because i love Flack/Angell!

    Firstly this has got to be my favourite episode ever you'll find out at the bottom of my review....

    Hawkes: Great Hawkes moments in here just enough satisfy me!

    Adam: Adam is so fun and cute especially in this episode am i the only one that thinks the way he says Lindsay is cute? Great contribution from Adam in here yeay!

    Sid: We're seeing Sid's character building up it's great to see more from the very awesome doctor!

    Stella: I have to say she was quite brilliant in this episode and if any of them evil guys lays as much as one finger on her i will kill them myself! But still great acting from the wonderful actress in this episode (as usual).

    Mac: Not much of Mac in this episode, but i didn't mind because Mac is usually in most of every episode i'm glad that everyone else got a chance to shine in this episode.

    D/L; I'm putting these two together because in this episode they basically were together in this episode. All the flirting and messing with each others heads came back. YEAY. That is all i need to say. YEAY!

    I saved the best till last and the reason that this is my favourite episode ever. Flack/Angell. The kiss i screamed so loud i was so suprised i love it these two are my favourite ship and i am now the happiest girl in the world thank you so much for making them kiss who ever wrote this script. Thank you! I love them both to pieces. I watch that part over and over, i love it that much! But does it mean that they're together or not? I really hope they are!

    Can't wait for more mind blowing episodes of CSI:NY!
  • SOOOO good. A Must see. Very exciting. TPTB have done it again!

    You cannot imagine how much I was squeeeing at that kiss at the end. Oh how much i wanted to be angell at that very moment and the huge smile she had on her face... heheh. mine would have been way bigger though. LOL. Flack is by far my favourite character on this show. he is such a great brother, a great friend and a great kisser (according to angell's smile that is). I loved the little "music over the intercom" scene. He really is a big teddy bear, and Sam teasing him for being too serious. And when she saw him and Lindsay together she was like ohh my bro's getting lucky and i swear she looked disappointed when Lindsay said they just worked together. I am warming up to Sam, but she really has a lot of work to do. Lots of Lindsay moments, her in the field and in the lab was great. Adam smoking carrots- I was laughing so hard at this bc it looked like he was getting high and stella was like what the hell are you doing. which totally made me laugh. I was happy that Hawkes got so much to do and he proved himself over and over again why we love him.

    Not too much Mac, but it was good.

    I thought it was the daughter who had been talking to him online and she reminded me too much of Aidan in the office.

    Good episode though! loves the D/L!
  • Some kids find a dead body, and it turns out that the primary crime scene is floating down the east river. One case for the entire team. Side story of Stella and her unsolved rat man case gets new pieces.

    This was a Great Chapter. Here is why:

    Case: Man dies cause he is having an online affair. Wife did it (of course). What was intresting was the way they found out who done it. I never heard of those little bar codes before. Also it shows you the danger of having an online love affair. you never know who you are chatting with.

    D/L are back. Now only were they in scenes together, but they actually spoke to each other more the once. Yes, it only ook 7 episodes or so. Two more weeks to go until the bomb gets dropped.

    Mac. A good faciliator of the story as always.

    The Greek Goddess of "Highly Pissed Off" a.k.a. Stella. I can not wait until she takes on the Greeks and thier goon. My money is on Stella.

    Doc: Major screen time, which I always love.

    Adam: You can not say enough about him. He is the comedic releif to the show. First the dolls, then the paper airplane's, and now itS smoking a carrot. Flack/Angel. It was good to see them get some action in more ways then one. Last season they couldn't stop flirting. It was good to see Flack go to Angel when he was having problems. Not sure if he listened to his sister(who we will be seeing more of) or learned from Danny's mistakes. But it was so good to see him come back and kiss Angel and not just walk/push her away. 6 More days until we see who hasn't learned thier lesson: Y O U C A N ' T K I L L T H E R E A L M A C T A Y L O R!!!!!!!!
  • Amazing!!!:)

    *Case: Really good. I thought it was the secretary it really surprised me that the mother did it!! I loved all the lab work! it was really great!

    *Lindsay: a lot of her! GREAT!! She was funny, smart and beautiful!

    *Danny: He definetely lost his glasses, not that I'm complaining...he is going to guide Stella in all the breaking rules thing...interesting.

    *Stella: Still dealing with the Greek guy thing. I'm glad they are giving it some continuity!

    *Mac: Good too, although very little of him, I guess that's because next week would be all him.

    *Hawkes: he had all the clues! The fish thingy, the hammer...

    *Flack: He is the best older brother anyone could dream of.

    *Adam and Sid: Not a lot of them but they were good.

    *DL: Ok, I don't get it! Last time they talked was in 'Personal Foul' and they weren't in the best of the terms and now they are teasing each other again?? I'm completely los with this two!

    *And I'm leaving the best for the last...Flack and Angell kissed!!! OMG!! I'm the only one that got surprised by that?? I mean, I read spoilers and I've watched the photos but I didn't expect a kiss!! I'm the only one that could see Jess trying to control herself after the kiss? Like he was trying not to squee or do a little victory dance?? That was all....Great chapter!
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