Season 5 Episode 7

Dead Inside

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • SOOOO good. A Must see. Very exciting. TPTB have done it again!

    You cannot imagine how much I was squeeeing at that kiss at the end. Oh how much i wanted to be angell at that very moment and the huge smile she had on her face... heheh. mine would have been way bigger though. LOL. Flack is by far my favourite character on this show. he is such a great brother, a great friend and a great kisser (according to angell's smile that is). I loved the little "music over the intercom" scene. He really is a big teddy bear, and Sam teasing him for being too serious. And when she saw him and Lindsay together she was like ohh my bro's getting lucky and i swear she looked disappointed when Lindsay said they just worked together. I am warming up to Sam, but she really has a lot of work to do. Lots of Lindsay moments, her in the field and in the lab was great. Adam smoking carrots- I was laughing so hard at this bc it looked like he was getting high and stella was like what the hell are you doing. which totally made me laugh. I was happy that Hawkes got so much to do and he proved himself over and over again why we love him.

    Not too much Mac, but it was good.

    I thought it was the daughter who had been talking to him online and she reminded me too much of Aidan in the office.

    Good episode though! loves the D/L!