Season 5 Episode 7

Dead Inside

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2008 on CBS

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  • My most favourite episode in the whole running time of CSI:NY! Just because i love Flack/Angell!

    Firstly this has got to be my favourite episode ever you'll find out at the bottom of my review....

    Hawkes: Great Hawkes moments in here just enough satisfy me!

    Adam: Adam is so fun and cute especially in this episode am i the only one that thinks the way he says Lindsay is cute? Great contribution from Adam in here yeay!

    Sid: We're seeing Sid's character building up it's great to see more from the very awesome doctor!

    Stella: I have to say she was quite brilliant in this episode and if any of them evil guys lays as much as one finger on her i will kill them myself! But still great acting from the wonderful actress in this episode (as usual).

    Mac: Not much of Mac in this episode, but i didn't mind because Mac is usually in most of every episode i'm glad that everyone else got a chance to shine in this episode.

    D/L; I'm putting these two together because in this episode they basically were together in this episode. All the flirting and messing with each others heads came back. YEAY. That is all i need to say. YEAY!

    I saved the best till last and the reason that this is my favourite episode ever. Flack/Angell. The kiss i screamed so loud i was so suprised i love it these two are my favourite ship and i am now the happiest girl in the world thank you so much for making them kiss who ever wrote this script. Thank you! I love them both to pieces. I watch that part over and over, i love it that much! But does it mean that they're together or not? I really hope they are!

    Can't wait for more mind blowing episodes of CSI:NY!
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