Season 7 Episode 17

Do Or Die

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2011 on CBS

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  • A By the Book Episode, NY is fading away

    CSI: NY is nearing the end, and these recent episodes have only proved it. "Do Or Die" is a fine episode, it is serviceable in every way. But there is nothing particularly unique about it...CSI: NY has dealt with high school drama plenty of times before, and the motive ends up being one that has been overused in all the CSIs by now. The problem with NY these last two seasons is that it is too plain and too pedestrian for its own good. The show has become a rip-off of itself, now just going through the motions as it takes one last breath. I loved CSI: NY two or three years ago during its 5th Season, but now I just pray it will get a proper ending.
  • 7x17

    well, after three abysmal episodes, I mean "7x14 Smooth criminal"; "7x15 Vigilante" and the worst one, "7x16 the untouchable", I think we finally recive a very good one, here, the entery development was amazing, a lot of twist and of course, a well acted episode, specially by danny and lindsay, I´m not a D/L fan, I actually dislike carmine jovanaso´s character but in this one, they were great. I think this episode had that old csi ny feeling from previous seasons and maybe that´s the reason why I loved it

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • A girl dies in a posh high school and the whole team has to figure out what happened.

    A girl dies in the middle of a crowded aisle in a posh high school from a head trauma against the girl's bathroom's sink. After a lot of science stuff they found out that she whitnessed a couple having sex on the library, she signed up for sex in the library and got help from another student to cheat on a History test, quite the busy day, huh? Well, after all that, it turned out to be a case of jealousy... There was this girl, called Emy that liked the boy that helped the victim cheat and she killed her deffending the guy's honour? That girl was quite stupid for such a prestigious school...

    As I said, lots of science. We get to see all the team working at the lab. Adam has a few of his high voice moments and seems really scared of Mac... Hawkes and Flack are maybe the 2 that are around less in this whole cast chapter. We got some nice Jo moments, one with Danny, one with Lindsay and a few with Mac. Sid is quite affected, as usually, with a young girl in his table (it happened in a season 3 chapter that too, right??) And of course I'm leaving the best for the end. Danny and Lindsay working together!! Talking about Lucy and her future, teasing each other, Danny calling her Sweetheart (and touching her back) and Honey, and scenifying sex on a library table... great! Just to write something bad, the table scene could have been way better. I mean, they were barely touching each other, just that their faces and bodies ended closer when they assumed the position it would have been enough...
    And the cherry on top... CONTINUITY!! We got a flashback from Lindsay whitnessing her friends get killed! I can't believe it!!

    Just a few comments from me the geek... Bacterial and fungal growings, even in an incubator take at least 2 days to show something significant...
  • Highschool student from an exclusive school found dead

    Episode tonight reflects the situation of our high schools nowadays. Students being bullied, sexual immorality issues, cheating and worst is the the principal seems to be ignorant about it. Or maybe it is intended so that the authorities do not need to deal with these issues. I think school authorities should take more proactive approach in protecting our kids inside school premises. Protecting them by teaching them the right values and standing on what's right and not be afraid to fight for what's right. At the same time parents should spend more time with high school kids, help them choose their the right group of people bec this is the time when kids are so easily swayed by their peers.
  • Mac and the team investigate the death of a female student at an upscale private school where the children of the rich and powerful roam.

    My opinion of "Do or Die" is a positive one. The episode's sharp dialogue and compelling story do halp make "Do or Die" entertaining. My problem with the episode is it's too bogged down by cliches and recycled plot devices. The school itself is one of those cliches. I knew from the second the dean was telling potential students how clean cut and proper the students were, that the opposite was true. It was no surprise at all to see the students cheat on exams, use drugs, have sex at the drop of a hat, etc. A cliched ridden episode.
  • 3/11

    As CSI: NY's season continues to wind down and the show finds itself like a college team on Selection Sunday, on the bubble hoping to get renewed, the series delivers yet another less than spectacular episode. The premise was good here, but like I keep saying, the execution just was not there. Maybe it is the whole "CSI" process itself just taking too long and the fact that other cop shows can skip this and progress faster, but I just feel as if the show moves too slowly (maybe to keep its older audience able to follow things?)

    Interesting storyline, interesting episode as a whole really, but just not that good.