Season 7 Episode 17

Do Or Die

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2011 on CBS

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  • A girl dies in a posh high school and the whole team has to figure out what happened.

    A girl dies in the middle of a crowded aisle in a posh high school from a head trauma against the girl's bathroom's sink. After a lot of science stuff they found out that she whitnessed a couple having sex on the library, she signed up for sex in the library and got help from another student to cheat on a History test, quite the busy day, huh? Well, after all that, it turned out to be a case of jealousy... There was this girl, called Emy that liked the boy that helped the victim cheat and she killed her deffending the guy's honour? That girl was quite stupid for such a prestigious school...

    As I said, lots of science. We get to see all the team working at the lab. Adam has a few of his high voice moments and seems really scared of Mac... Hawkes and Flack are maybe the 2 that are around less in this whole cast chapter. We got some nice Jo moments, one with Danny, one with Lindsay and a few with Mac. Sid is quite affected, as usually, with a young girl in his table (it happened in a season 3 chapter that too, right??) And of course I'm leaving the best for the end. Danny and Lindsay working together!! Talking about Lucy and her future, teasing each other, Danny calling her Sweetheart (and touching her back) and Honey, and scenifying sex on a library table... great! Just to write something bad, the table scene could have been way better. I mean, they were barely touching each other, just that their faces and bodies ended closer when they assumed the position it would have been enough...
    And the cherry on top... CONTINUITY!! We got a flashback from Lindsay whitnessing her friends get killed! I can't believe it!!

    Just a few comments from me the geek... Bacterial and fungal growings, even in an incubator take at least 2 days to show something significant...