Season 4 Episode 15

DOA for a Day

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2008 on CBS

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  • Suspect X is back

    Continuing from the episode down the rabbit hole the Assassin who escaped from Mac returns and tries to fake her death and it works until the CSI's prove otherwise and set a trap for the assassin which will catch her for good.In the end mac shoots her and she dies after bleeding out but Mac still has no idea who she is.
  • Dead for a day?

    is it "for a day"?

    Maybe in the "final count down" of all seasons Mac notices the mistake, she was supposedly dead, but like in the begin of episode its a trick again, and finaly she logres exit in kill him.
  • Our favorite female assassin returns ... (spoiler ahead)

    ... with a really disappointing storyline, so I'm not going to bother writing a complete review of the episode here. Though the episode started out really interesting and promising it was a complete disaster at the end.

    When I first watched "Suspect X" in Season 4 episode 5 (Down The Rabbit Hole) I enjoyed the idea of a highly skilled assassin, and when she didn't get caught at the end of that episode it made it one of my favorite episodes this season.
    So after telling us how special and smart Suspect X is, she falls for absolutely every trap the NYPD sets up for her and then she gets shot by Mac? I'm not even complaining about the really bad acting at the shootout at the end of the episode, but the storyline itself could have been so much better. And since I'm disappointed I only gave it a 5.5 rating.
  • Truly I am hoping that this is a left over that Bruckheimer was paying a high school student to write while the rest of the writers were on the picket line.

    I used to think that csi miami was the worst csi of all. Now I am beginning to think that the overly dramatic scripts are beginning to bleed into this series.

    This episode begins off well enough off, a continuation of a previously unsolved case: After one very short detour of a false suspect the team is immediately back on the chase. Or what is more like a connect the dot puzzle that has already been crayoned in by a 9 year old.

    Truly I am hoping that this is a left over that Bruckheimer was paying a high school student to write while the rest of the writers were on the picket line.

    Excuse my bad grammar and writing because I am drunk; that is what it took to make it through this episode.
  • One of my favorites!

    I think this is a great conclusion to the episode "Down the Rabbit Hole" which is also one of my favorites. The plot is awesome and exiciting. SPOILERS ahead...

    There are some twists and exciting like suspect x not being the dead woman; Jordan being the target of Suspect X; catching her at the park and gun fight scene between her and Mac. I like the scene where Adam said that Suspect X is "brilliant" then changed it to "evil" when Mac looked at him! I also love this episode because of Angell! I also like the confession of Suspect X. She's so evil to say a nice confession before she died.

    I can't blame others who were disappointed with the episode - that suspect x was professional that she was only killed by a bullet; that she took the bait eventhough she knew that she was haunted by the police. I also realized these but then, maybe the writers thought that It would be great to hear some last words from her. All in all, this is an episode worth your time.
  • The Assassin from "Down the Rabbit Hole" Returns.

    I Loved "Down the Rabbit Hole" and was really looking forward to the second part and here it is "DOA for a Day". And i'm glad to say it didn't disappoint. The opening was very cleverly plotted and written, confusing viewers into believing that the female assassin was already dead, i'm really glad that wasn't the case. This episode wasn't as funny as the first (i don't think it needed to be), it was still one of my faves of the season. Angel wearing the blonde wig was perhaps one of the highlights of this episode. And although the ending wasn't as spsectacular as i'd have hoped it was still a decent conclusion to a great story. CSI NY on top form!!
  • But a disappointing ending

    The return of the assassin will no doubt crank your expectations of this episode through the roof. As a result you will very likely be disappointed to some degree. The first act setups the story very well. Through our expectations of see more of the assasin, the twist in the 2nd act is somewhat unexpected, yet plausible. A good set of varied locations provide a good basis for a story of twists and turns. I was genuiningly surprised at the route the story took as the layers of the mystery are peeled away.

    The bad points were that we didnt learn more about the assassin, and the finale which though somewhat gripping, didnt really get executed very well.

    Its not as bad as some reviewers have scored it, but there have been better episodes in the last few weeks.
  • Disappointing

    After waiting through the writer's strike to see this evil woman captured, this episode was just disappointing. Not exciting enough. I think the episode would have had a different effect on me if I hadn't had to wait all this time to see it. But after waiting weeks and weeks, and finally getting a new episode, a conclusion to a pretty good story...I expected more. I'm glad that Mac finally got the woman. I remember screaming at my television months ago when she got away. But...the episode just wasn't explosive enough for me. At least the evil chick got shot in the end.
  • A slightly disappointing conclusion to the "Second Life" killer storyline.

    This episode starts off with "Crime Stoppers" show, being shown around the city. The suspect is from a previous episode which was all about the online game Second Life. The team get a tip to where she is and go there in pursuit of her. They find a body of a woman in the building and Mac has to confirm whether it is the killer, as he was the only one to have seen her. Mac confirms that it is her. She was killed with a Navy knife which is sticking out of her head. The big question is "Who kills a professional Killer?"
    We also find out that Danny forgot Lindsey's birthday.
    It turns out the woman who Mac identified was not the right person. She had her face altered to look like the real killer.
    The team send out an electronic message to try and bait the killer, out of hiding. Not a surprise, but she takes the bait. They set up a met, but she gets spooked as soon as she gets there. Mac chases her and they have a bit of a gun battle (well a really small one) and she gets shot. Overall it was a good episode to come back with after the strike. It also closed the Second Life story which was also nice. Not as good as perhaps it could have been but still a good episode to watch. At least it killed an hour out of my boring life......................
  • Thank goodness the strike is finally over....

    I have to say this is an above average episode, though it was obvious there was a little rustiness in the writing of this episode. First off, let me start with the negatives. There was too little of Stella, Sheldon, Lindsey, and Danny in this episode, though it looks as though Stella will have ample time in next week's episode. Most of the camera time was spent between Flack and especially Mac. Secondly, I really didn't feel that the Suspect X character had good acting ability, though her character didn't require much of that. Lastly, the shootout scene where Mac shoots Suspect X was a little too easy. You're a professional assasin and you get shot "accidently" in the chest? It almost reminded me of the final scene in the movie, "Collateral."

    But on the plus side, it was a great story. The fact that a suspect would force another female to have plastic surgery to look like her, then kill her to throw off the crime lab was a great plot. I also liked how she was watching the team first in the club, then when Danny and Lindsey found the camera in the surgeon's eye. Also, the avatar club reminded me of "Second Life." And the fact that Danny forgot Lindsey's birthday is another subtle development into each person's character. (Guys, we can't do anything right, can we?) Let's hope Danny isn't self-destructing as a result of that kid's death earlier in the season. Overall, a solid episode, but let's see more of the team next time.
  • It started great and then it just went blah.

    the episode started really good. it was excating though I suspected the dead body wasnt exactly what it looked like at first sight. and it ws nice for the CSIs to have a worthy oponent. but then it all just fizzled out into averigeness. and the last action sequence was illogical and slightly pathetic. didnt like Macs super knowladge that much here either. he has a lab full of people there who should be able to provide one or other information. this is not a one-man-show after all. Sid and Adam were great as usually. quality of an episode rises simply with them present. I dindt really like the route they took with the danny/Lindsay relationship, especially after what happened in the previous episode. and I really really dont like Angell. she annoys me. on the other hand I was missing Stella and Hawkes too.
  • Action packed with lots of turns!

    This week's episode was filled with surprises, gore, twists and turns. I liked how Suspect X's character was developed more and how she messed with the CSI's heads. I personally think that the cosmetic surgery was brilliant. Great way to throw the CSI's off track. There was a lot of Mac- definately a lot of Mac and too little of Hawkes, Stella and Danny. Adam's character was shown several times in this episode and I noticed that this was also his second time to help out on the field [reference to Snow Day; S03E24]. Despite all of the action given in this episode and all the fuss to catch Suspect X's there wasn't a good ending. I have come to this conclusion because Suspect X was caught too easily after all the trouble the NYPD and FBI have been through. Also, the way the construction scene was set up was great, however it lacks body and the capture of Suspect X could have been more elaborate and/or something to match up the complex hunt.
  • Welcome Back!

    Well, the writers' strike has taken its toll. I forgot all about Suspect X. I barely remember where we left off. Nonetheless, this episode was exciting and had the perfect blend of reminder information and new exciting storyline. We have dancing metal, Sims characters, frightening murder scenes, Danny/Lindsay moments (how dare he forget her birthday!?!), new morgue equipment (a holographic skull-how big is the NYC budget?), superior technology and surveillance equipment (can anyone say Beware Big Brother or 1984), a chase scene, and Gary Sinese in perfect leader/hero mode (out of all his acting gigs, this is HIS role). My only issue was the lackluster job that the actress portraying Suspect X did. Blame it on the writing, blame it on her but the jumping around in heels and sloppy handling of the gun made the shootout laughable. It's a good thing Gary Sinese can carry any scene he's in. Bottom Line:

    Beginning the rebirth season with the popular Sims like episode was genius, in my own opinion, as it rightly grabbed me back into the show. I still feel a bit out of the loop and will continue to feel so with all my returning shows. It's like it's September. Nonetheless, exciting episode and one that jumpstarts possible character arcs. Is Mac rekindling whatever relationship he has with the Crime Control woman? Time will tell.
  • The team gets led to an abandon warehouse to find a killer.

    CSI: New York is back Baby!! I REALLY liked it!! Does Mac have some lovin'? I LOVE the interaction between Mac and Jordon! Things didn't go well with Peyton, so know he might have Jordan! If they don't work out he always has Stella!! Speaking of Stella, Where is she?? She was hardly in this episode! But I guess thats okay because she had the whole Drew stalker. I really am starting to like Angell and Flack!! They are really cute together. Poor Danny:( He's in trouble! How could he forget Lindseys birthday?? I really liked that sceane! Hopefully the other new episodes are this good!!
  • Great end to 'Down the Rabit Hole'

    First, GREAT CHAPTER!! Continuity...that's new!!

    The case: Sid's reversing the multiple plastic surgeries is awesome!! I love how they found the body...but shouldn't have they took some photos before touching her? Great job of Adam! I like that they gave him more protagonism as well as in 'Down the Rabit hole'. I liked the action and the final shooting was great too...WAW!! MAc is in good shape, all that jumping running and scalating...I maybe have prefered that Suspect X ended alive the chapter so they can judge her and punish for what she did.

    The people: It's just me or in the preview Flack told Angell 'You make that look good' and in that chapter he says 'you look good in a vest'...I prefered the first one... Very Little Stella and Hawkes...Lot of MAc....I liked Jordan, althought the final hug was quite weird...
    Danny and Lindsay: For me it seems that it's not the first time that they talk about him forgetting her birthday, and for what she says, he hasn't tried to fix it. I like that when he tries to excuse himself he looks around a couple of times like if he doesn't want to be heard. If they were just friends they would be nothing to be so ashamed...I think Lindsay is playing cool girlfriend and not punishing him a lot for this because he is still not the same he used to be before Ruben's death but the look in the end...she is really worried for him and I guess that for herself too...She must be thinking where is her place in Danny's life if he even forgets her birthday.I'm just worried...a lot about those two...
  • We get closure on a storyline - see, CSI:NY CAN do that...

    This episode was really good and one can honestly say that it's good to have the show back, it was really much missed among the fans.

    Of course, Mac is somewhat in the focus again, but that is nothing new, and one actually already got used to it. His interaction with Jordan was really good. Although I am personally not completely for all the love stories in a forensics show, those two would really look good together.

    Angell is back and the sparks between her and Flack fly when flirting over 'Who makes a vest look good'? Angell at least looks better in vest than with a blonde wig. Throw that away, hun, looked awful.

    Danny and Lindsay... *sigh* What to say to that? So he forgot her birthday. Bad man, really bad man. Lindsay was of course upset, but for someone who should be totally pissed, she smiled too much. If this was deliberate, one cannot say. We just need to wait how this storyline develops.

    Where are Hawkes and Stella? Part of the team? Oh, there is one for a spilt second, still alive, didn't get missed. Good to know.

    Adam... Oh Adam, me loves thee. You are so funny and cool, please ALWAYS keep your job in the lab, you make a little girl smile.

    And Sid - should I ever get killed, I want you to perform my autopsy. So I at least know that jokes will be cracked over my dead body.

    The most important bit for last - the case. Really interesting and good closure to the storyline that begun in 'Down the Rabbit Hole'. I liked how everything played out. That the first victim was NOT that assassin as they first thought. I like those little twists and turns in a case, so I really enjoyed watching this one.

    All in all - it's good to have CSI:NY back, and I really hope that the writers keep up the good work for the last part of the season.
  • Great conclusion to that 2nd Life episode.

    I've been waiting for all my favourite TV shows to come back. This episode was a great way to start of the rest off the season. When she came on the computer screen in the club super freaky and cool. Everything all connectted, as it should. The only thing I don't get is why it took so long for the Mac's back up to get there. I mean Flack and Jess were right there and the FBI were close by too. Obviously it wouldn't happen but, what if Suspect X killed Mac and there was no one there. Can't believe that Danny forgot Lindsay's birthday. They didn't even finish of that story line. I really like them together and I hope that this isn't the beginning of the end. OOHH and i hope that Flack and Jess get together too.
  • Gang's All Here - But Stella.

    As expected the episode didn't disappoint. I was hooked from the get go, I liked the link to asking for the public's assistance. The episode filled in the blanks for anyone that missed Down the Rabbit Hole which I thought was considerate. I appreciate the involvement of Adam within the case seeing he was a big help the first time around. The computer aspect of it was complex as expected. The addition to the possible threat during the "Green Day" event was believable. The one thing I questioned was all the bystanders watching Flack & Danny search the stage. One of the things I loved was the Mac's involvement with everyone, Adam, Danny, Lindsay & Hawks. The tele-presence call was pretty much a video conference call, nothing major just a new toy to play with for the gang. The showdown with Suspect X was GREAT. A little bit over the top with the number of shots fired by both Mac & Suspect X but it is in true NY fashion. Lots of action but Mac not having backup again, I swear he just loves playing the hero. But it's a role he plays well. I'm glad the whole Second Life was wrapped up but I would have like a little bit more information on Suspect X, real name, links to previous killings something.

    One thing I questioned was where was Stella. I know they were working episodes side by side so that could explain it, but still it was odd not seeing Stella knee deep right next to Mac.

    Side notes…. Loved this little bit of flirting with Flack & Jess. Jessica as a blonde just didn't work. Danny forgetting Lindsay's birthday and NOT calling her Montana throughout the entire episode just means trouble. He's distancing himself that much is obvious. But after watching previews I think it's going to be decision time for both of them. The introduction of Jordan as a possible new love interest for Mac could be interesting.
  • WOW, this was an excellent episode back

    They think they've got Suspect X, to find out its not. You knew as soon as they showed that they think they've got the assassin, ya know it ain't her, too early in the episode. Then we find out that Danny has forgotten Lindsay's birthday, sure seems like the bump in the road to me that everyones been talking about, if my boyfriend forgot my birthday he'd have a lot of kissing up to do. Forgetting your girlfriends birthday is a huge no-no. Then they finally catch Suspect X to have Mac kill her in self-defense, because hey she was shooting at him first remember. Overall, excellent episode, this was really good for being the first episode back.
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