Season 4 Episode 5

Down the Rabbit Hole

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on CBS

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  • Mac plays a video game to catch a serial killer

    This was a brilliant episode but it was different as Mac finds a victim that looks like a video game character and the killer is using the video game to find the victims and Mac is going to use it to find the killer.They find out that the killer is an assassin that is trained to kill giving Mac a hard time trying to track the assassin who turns out to be a woman.In the end she escapes and will no doubt be back.
  • Out of ideas?

    The first or probably the only thing that comes to my mind watching this episode that the writers are completely out of ideas and are rambling here and there trying to put new stories together. I think this was one of the silliest episode I've ever seen. I'm sure teen-agers have appreciated or even somebody who's no more exactly a teen-ager, but this is not the kind of stories an adult audience wants to follow. Do they want to go on like this? Okay, next time would they at least be so kind as to let me see Mac and his team hunting Wall-E or ET, please?
  • Absolutely loved it!

    There's not one thing I found to be bad about this episode. I loved every little part of it. Its interesting how they made it work with a website and real life, tracking the killer in both places throughout the episode. I have to say, that hall with the pictures of everyone that she killed on the website was creepy, but also so interesting that I didn't want to stop watching. It seems kinda weird how they chose to end it, but it only adds on to the mystery I guess. I give this episode a perfect 10, just like I do for most other CSI: NY episodes.
  • I was on the edge of my seat watching this episode, lots of activity, well written

    Dag I wanted them to catch her so badly, I don't even remember the last criminal that got away from them and I'm wondering if she did get out of there because shouldn't the CSI:NY cops lock down the hotel and lock down each and every entrance so I want to know what happened after Mac realizes she ain't on the floor any more. I guess I will have to wait and see the next episode but this episode was an adventurous episode and I didn't expect them to go all into the cyberworld and be online like they were. The interaction with online and the real world was crazy and cool and this was something I never seen attempted on TV.
  • One of the worst episodes ever. Second life is bad, using it in a show is even worse.

    All the events in the game where impossible and felt very bad to watch. Like the 'fight', letting them use a wireless keypad while standing in front of a big screen, come on. It doesn't work like this. You can't pick up a card with '2' and then magically get a virus which is able to infect the computer lab. And there isn't someone called 'the white rabbit' who knows where everyone is. That is what a search function is for.. Second life is just a slow and ugly videogame, inhabited by people who dress themselves as animals or huge genitals. This made the episode quite frustrating to watch. I'm not defending videogames here, I just hope using "popular" videogames doesn't continue in shows.
  • The CSI team has to explore Second Life technology to find the killer (Everybody must've had the same vacation time this week, a good half of the episode is computer animation with minimal dialog.) WARNING, review has SPOILERS.

    Holy cow, what a horrible horrible episode. Writing, awful. Acting, wooden. Concept, just god-awful. Such an obvious "let's target the 15-30-year-old gamers!" ploy. Didn't X-Files try something similar about five years ago? And wasn't it ALSO a dismal failure? Gah, it's like watching your grandfather try to be "cool." "It's second-life! It's hip! It's in!" Nobody CARES. (Not to mention plot holes big enough to drive a truck through (SPOILER ALERT): so she goes through ALL this trouble to get the identity, the costume, the means to be in his apartment, and in the end she's got the gun on him before he can even turn around. Why bother? Hardly secret-service-type security anywhere in the area, just walk up the darn stairs. But noooo, we've gotta get the computer-animation in the episode! Bleck.) The shark, it has been jumped.
  • This episode is the worst CSI episode among all the CSI series.

    Introducing Second Life into the game and revaluate it into a crime investigation drawn down to a civilian's perspective made this episode almost laughable! All the time I spent watching this episode, the only part of it that I liked was the first few minutes which included the CSI NY Theme music!

    Everything seemed sooo pumped up with product placing, that it looked downright retarded! Who ever wrote this episodes plot should be downright fired. Yes, it was that bad. It's the most painful episode I've ever dedicated my 40min to...

    And I, who don't usually watch CSI NY, thought within the first minutes of the episode - that I'd start watching it, as the two other CSI series are great. But now - I stand by my old train of thought.
  • Has CSI NY "jumped the shark?" I hope not.

    Once again, one of my favorite shows has had a problem with distributing correct medical information. It is EXTREMELY rare for an individual with multiple sclerosis to die from this disorder. Johnny claimed he was dying from "acute multiple sclerosis." An MS patient will have episodes of both acute and chronic symptomatology. I have had MS for more than 25 years, having both acute and chronic episodes.

    I wrote some time ago to the powers that be at "Cold Case" when they aired an episode about a serial killer with multiple sclerosis. They referred to him as having a terminal illness as well. Let's get on the ball people!!!
  • Sleep depravation, msysterious phone calls, and now an unidentified female assassin are added to Mac's growing list of things to contend with.

    CSI:NY has always appeared to be the most underappreciated, yet most visually exciting of the three shows. Tonights episode proves that an underdog can come out on top in terms of excellent writing and editing. With Adam as his guide, Mac and his avitar enter the virtual world of Second Sight to track down an illusive contract killer whose real life identity remains a mystery. While Adam and Stella show how much game they possess, Mac will need all the game he can get in order to stop this killer before she kills again. Who will be her next target and is she connected to the mysterious phone calls Mac keeps getting at 3:33? These questions are sure to keep us guessing well into the new year.
  • welcome to the Second Life

    although this episode was somewhat bizzare it still made a lot of sense and Im really looking forward to the second part. I like how they addressed Macs story lines. both with Peyton - still sad about that one, and about the 333-caller. there wasnt much of it just a little reminder. it was also nice to see him out of his element with the Second life altough he still pieced it all together - with help of his super team of course. I loved the part with Johnnys interogation - especially Carmine did a splendid job. but the one who owned this episoode was Adam. AJ did an incredible job during the virtual fight scene and it was pure joy watch Adam work and be the guide for Mac for once.
  • I don't normally go for CSI NY, but it was good.

    Well, I love CSI, but I usually only watch the Las Vegas one, but this one caught my attention because it was different. It was really good and interesting. The whole idea of a killer off of the internet seemed so weird, yet so cool at the same time! I really wish it didn't end like that, but I guess we'll have to wait to see if they ever catch that weird lady. The whole changing identity thing really creeps me out, lol. You never know who is who! But yea, it was really exciting and I cannot wait to see the conclusion!
  • Technology at it's finest. Second Life here we come.

    Mac and Adam getting paid to play video games. I love it. Adam is definitely in his element and showing some out of the box skills. The concept is fantastic. AZ has hit this storyline out of the ballpark. It had me from the first. Then it turning into a murder for hire plot was ingenius. The graphics were top notch just what we expect from the series. The team's focus on one case was great. Adam being at the lead with Mac was great. I loved watching that teaming. With the episode not being concluded it leaves us with lots to think about and mull over and theorize what will happen next.
  • Second life?? More like Adam's sixth sense..

    This week's case begins with a Second Life "celebrity" found murdered among a crowd of mannequins. Mac is under the supervision of gamer Adam to try and crack the virtual world, which is even more hilarious when Stella steps in to try and stall an avatar. Adam's new found knowledge proves useful in a battle in a gladiator style coliseum, while standing in front the life size screen in AV, his reaction after his skillful conquest is just hilarious. The case boasts many twists and turns, both in the real and Second Life, but overall a well rounded and intriguing case.
  • I found this episode weird.

    I have just seen this episode on channel 5 and rushed in to write my review. A lot of you may disagree with my review but it's just my personal opinion that this episode was not as good as the other episodes I have watched. I am a huge fan of Flacks and the only parts of the episode I liked were the bits with him in. I liked that Mac could confide in Flack. I noticed that the victim Cheryl's phone rang and Mac, Stella and Hawkes were reluctant to answer it. Is that cos the call was made at 3.33 making the caller the 333 guy. If it was and I was Mac I would be freaking out.
  • A green haired assasin loose in a virtual world results in one of my fave episodes of CSINY

    This episode was so cool, i loved everything about it. From the very first scene when the janitor was dancing with the mannequin to the very last scene when the CSI's hunt for the killer, i loved every second of it. So the case, and basically a green haired woman is found dead and when Adam reveals she is wearing the exact same outfit as an "avatar" in a virtual online world known as Second life, Mac is forced to track down her killer by entering the game himself. It was awesome to see so much of Adam in this episode and he definitely added to the comedy, the scene where he and Stella are laughing at Mac attempting to flirt with a suspect in the game is brilliant. Truly one of my fave episodes in CSI NY's history "Down the Rabbit Hole" is a must for every CSI fan and it was just an added bonus that the story returned later in the Season.
  • Best episode yet...

    Damn that was a good episode! The best yet. I loved how they put a real life website into the show, although I'd hate to know that there was a murderer loose on Second Life, or any other website!

    I liked Adam in this episode too, he was so funny when he was fighting on the website, "Who's Your Daddy?" he was a crack up.

    And that Venus chick, or the girl dressed up as Venus was so freaky looking. With the red eyes! Wow I'd just run away from her if I saw her, I'd know she was dressed up but her eyes just freaked me out.

    I'm glad they didn't catch her because that eans they might bring the Second Life case back and lets face it not all bad guys/girls are caught.

    We'll see if they bring her back...
  • one of the best episodes so far

    i think that they way they hvae they have done this episode is fantastic..it amazing how they managed to come up with something like that. The graphics were brilliant and the way that the killer was in the game as well as out of the game..who's next..mac? i would like to know how they done this episode as it really got me on tender hooks..i am a keen fan of all the C.S.I prgrammes and i really hope that there is going to be a conclusion as they can't just leave the episode like that!!!! just have to wait and see :D
  • Makes you feel for Mac!

    This episode was a character development for Mac as you really feel for him. Not just with overworking around the clock and getting sleep deviation. And after his break-up with his girlfriend. He sees that the web is a dangerous place with people being killed that are a target. Now we find out that he has a female hitman nemesis. Who will do her best to get to his friends first. Before she gets to him. Really frightening show and also Mac & Stella really seemed to work well together. But they always seem to. As she tried to help him during this stressed out time.
  • still being pestered by the 333 caller and the final and best part of this one. We now have this seasons nemesis a female hitman who got away and I can't wait to see her comeback.

    Well I should know by now that CSI all of it's franchises are best at trendy episodes. Still I went into this one apprehensive of how they would handle the mmo phenomenon. They did great the best parts being Mac and his avatar being set up. The tech wondering if Mac wants to be a man or woman in the digital world was hilarious. Plus we have Mac still being pestered by the 333 caller and the final and best part of this one. We now have this seasons nemesis a female hitman who got away and I can't wait to see her comeback.
  • Good chapter, Lots of Mac and a huge Adam.

    The action is centered in the 'second life' thing. One girl dressed up like her avatar is found dead in a warehouse near a club. I love the opening of Mac running and the janitor dancing a tango. Adam is a uber-geek!! He stoles every scene where he is in...The batle in second life is amazing and he is really funny! For my taste too much Mac: Insomnia, 333 and he playing SL...The other characters barely appear, only Stella correcting Danny and Lindsay in every sentence...Hawkes awesome, the litle moments he is in. Lindsay is finally out of the lab and she is still funny, that haircut gave her more confidence and humour or maybe it's the fact that she is with Danny?? Who knows... Danny with a white shirt, every woman's fantasy, but very litle screentime too...
    In conclusion, well written and played, but not my favourite one!:D
  • CSI:NY meets Second Life

    I am not into those kinds of technology, but this "Second Life" looks intriguing. I mean, not for me, but CSI:NY made it look extremely funny. I liked that part of the show.

    Adam is uber-geek! How funny is he??? And why did I get the feeling that this more than fits to him???

    Lindsay is out of the lab, finally... was about time, although her screentime still seems to be limited. Mac jogging to "Mambo Italiano"??? I was so LMAO! How funny did that look??? And he is still harrassed. I am still curious what to make of that.

    Flack in THE VEST! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. Do I need to say more??? I don't think so. ;)

    Mac and Flack discussing Peyton: oh how cute are they together???

    And again: a new technology to show off... the weird "eye" looking into the apartment... Every episode something new: fishy! ;)

    I like the idea of solving the crime online. I won't do so, but I would like to read whatever you all find out. If you ever meet Flack online, tell me and I will be there as soon as possible! ;)

    All in all: a really respectable episode. Would have been even better if I would be into Second Life. But that is personal, nothing bad about the episode! CSI:NY did a great job with it.
  • Wow, what a great episode!

    I can't even explain how much I loved this episode of CSI NY. Though I was frustrated by the ending, I LOVED the episode. I just hate when the bad guy (or in this case, the bad woman) gets away.

    I laughed so much during this episode. Adam's knowledge of Second Life is almost scary and very humorous. When he battled the avatars in Second Life, I had to laugh at his enthusiasm.

    It was funny to see Stella and Mac take turns "becoming" the avatar. I loved how Stella teased Mac.

    Sid was missing! At least everyone else had a part in this episode.

    I feel so bad for Mac. He is heartbroken over Peyton, but at least he acknowledges that he kind of saw their breakup coming. He doesn't fault her for being the one to end their relationship. And those 3:33 calls are still coming in. Hawkes noticed this week. I wonder if Mac will confide in him. I was very annoyed when Mac didn't shoot that woman at the end. But since I'd already heard about CBS & Second Life teaming up, I kind of expected that. But I was still screaming at my TV anyway, because Mac is such a good cop, I don't think he'd actually let that woman get away. He had plenty of chances to shoot her. Imagine if Danny or Flack took a turn being the avatar? I'd love to see that! LOL :) Great episode.