Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • When 3 men all die at the same time, we soon learn that they are all connected to each other

    In this episode of CSI New York the following happens. The team deal with 3 separate murders which all take place in the same night. Adam gets a letter which tells him that after one month he will no longer have a job at the lab. When he tells Mac it becomes obvious that Mac had no idea that it was going on. The ME informs Mac that all three victims had drugs in their systems when they died. When their identities are announced, Mac tells the ME that he knows all three of the victims; they were due to all go on trail together, for murder. After tests are run on the guns and the bullets we learn that each victim was killed with the same guns which were used to kill the man who they are all on trial for murdering. One of the witnesses was attacked a few days before she was due to give evidence. Her 3 brothers have now become prime suspects in the murders. But then prints found at one of the crime scenes leads the team to believe that the 3 killers are actually the 3 lawyers. They decided to kill their clients after one of them seen what they did to the witness. None of the lawyers admit to the murders, but one of them lets Mac know that he is going to work the system and that he is going to get off.
  • Mac and the team investigate the murders of three men who had ties to a case Mac worked on approximately one year ago. Also, Mac does his best to fight for Adam who's job is in jeopardy due to Chief Sinclair's proposed budget cuts.

    This episode is quite good. A dramatic improvment over the previous episode, for sure. The story surrounding the three dead suspects is very well done. The writers in all the shows in the "CSI" franchise know how to keep the viewer hooked until the end and make the viewer enjoy the ride. Gary Sinise once again delievers a top notch performance. One flaw of this episode is Stella stepping out of character trying to convince Mac to allow the department to lay off Adam so new equipment can be purchased for the lab. That is very unlike Stella. Very odd.
  • it was a knee jerking episode. you think one thing is gonna happen, and then it doesn't but the writers still make you cringe and give you someone to hate. it was such a good episode.

    How amazing was this episode? i love this team. how selfless they are for each other.. and i really really hate mac's boss.. cutting corners.. cutting the darn budget.. probably to pay for his new jaguar. geez. i was really scared about adam, but i think it will work out, things always do. esp. in tv land. regarding the case, i dunno if it was a second part from another episode or not, but it seemed familar. and the part about flack and hawkes in the apartment.

    flack: the neighbours know him as scooby.
    mac: scooby?
    hawkes: doobie doo.

    the men who died were stupid. but flack and hawkes are soo funny. we even got good lindsay and angel moments but it did focus a lot on the guys and stella. i was surprised how the promo played that fight between stella and mac and how it looked so bad and how mac comes through for his team. just made me love him much more..

    anyone looking for a ... devilishly hot lab tech? lol adam.. you are devilishly hot.. and you know it. tee heee. btw, stella was right.. mom did say you should always wear clean underwear.
    lindsay- "is everyone running around wearing dirty underwear?" lol. too funny. such a good episode!
  • Talk about a great show. It had a lot of angles and all tied together. Not only that but we actually got to see all of the cast play during the entire show (unlike last week).

    Mac: Was great. It goes to show you not only what a good boss he is, but he actually cares about the victims of crimes. It takes a lot of guts to yell at the Chief of Detectives and basically get a way with it. Also the way he did everything he could to keep the witness from testifing.

    Stella: Love the head-to-head fights with Mac. It really brings her out. Even though after the conversation my response was "fire her instead". But she turned it around at the end by having everyone give up thier vacatations for adam.

    Danny: Great as always. Love his smart a$$ comments. Love it when he is interrogating the suspects both on the playground (swing) and at the station house.

    Lindsey: Did you all see the baby bump. They tried to hide it by doing wide shots and would only shoot her when she was facing the camera directly, but if you look losely when Stella and her are on the street and she hikes up her legs you can see it. There were others, but that is when I first caught it. Three more epsidoes before the big annoucement.

    Doc: Great as ever. It is good to see him get more screen time.

    Adam: Do Not Fire Him!!!!!. It was cute when he went to Mac asking about all of his little quirks. It broke my heart when he was in the locker room and he touched his name plate. But he is not going anywhere just quite yet.

    Sid: 3 bodies for the price of one. Yes, he loves it.

    Flack/Angel: Need more scenes together. But I'm glad that Angel is back.
  • Amazing!

    * The case: really surprising! The moment I saw the brothers I really thought that they were the murderers!! Really good one! I loved Mac, Flack and Danny interrogating the lawyers at the end.

    * Adam: I loved the little speech he gives to Mac asking him if it was because of the dancing or his weird sounds...My heart broke a little when I saw him listenning to Mac and Stella argument. They are a great team and they just proved it again here, all of them giving their vacation days for him. *Danny: OMG! When he arrives at the park: converse, dark jeans, green shirt, leather jacket...*drools*...He seemed really tired at the beginning but he was so cute sitting in the swing later...

    *Lindsay: Really funny and I'm really happy she is in the field again!

    *Flack and his funny sentences...great as always.

    *Stella: I hated her a little when she prefered the robots to Adam but then she fixed it.

    *Mac: He is a great boss, fighting for his team and for a promise he made.

    *Hawkes: Looks like San Francisco is closed in January?? LOL!! that was great! He was really smart as always.

    *Sid: doing 3 autopsies at the same time...He definitely rocks
  • Mac and the team investigate the deaths of 3 drug dealers who happen to have been killed at around the same time and has ties to another case that he worked on.

    I thought that it was a pretty good episode. The case was interesting, the M.O of the murders and how it related to another case that Mac worked on. The twists that they threw in were pretty good. They had some really good suspects so I didn't see who really did it until they revealed it at the end. The side stories were good too-the witness, the budget cuts and Adam. It was sad but true enough about what happened to the witness and it was made worse by the fact that she was still willing to testify despite what happened to her. The way that they tackled the issue of the budget was realistic and interesting. I have to believe that they're going to come up with a way to save Adam though. I usually don't like to see Stella and Mac argue, but it just goes to show you that there is only one person willing to go toe to toe with an angry Mac. Stella seems to be the only person who can make Mac see reason when he starts seeing red. It was also nice that the team was willing to forgo their paid vacations to keep Adam for at least a little while longer. He's a valuable asset to the team and the show. I'd miss him if he left. I really liked the episode and they did introduce another possible story arc with Mac having to deal with the fallout from the budget cuts. Wonder what will happen next week. I know I'll be tuning in to see.
  • Justice....

    Three defendants, three dead bodies, our team is going to be busy. Even though this was ultimately one case, everyone was involved and that I love. Adam's love for his job and respect for Mac was made crystal clear throughout this episode. Adam is so good at puzzles, even glass ones. The team finds a new way of selling drugs. Mac's fighting for Adam was great. Stella playing devil advocate to Mac in regards to what's best for the lab was an incredible scene. The life of a witness is a dangerous thing. Maggie Hall. I was pretty sure that Maggie's brothers had something's to do with the defendants' deaths. The shocking aspect was that it wasn't the brothers, it was their lawyers. Talk about justice.