Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • Amazing!

    * The case: really surprising! The moment I saw the brothers I really thought that they were the murderers!! Really good one! I loved Mac, Flack and Danny interrogating the lawyers at the end.

    * Adam: I loved the little speech he gives to Mac asking him if it was because of the dancing or his weird sounds...My heart broke a little when I saw him listenning to Mac and Stella argument. They are a great team and they just proved it again here, all of them giving their vacation days for him. *Danny: OMG! When he arrives at the park: converse, dark jeans, green shirt, leather jacket...*drools*...He seemed really tired at the beginning but he was so cute sitting in the swing later...

    *Lindsay: Really funny and I'm really happy she is in the field again!

    *Flack and his funny sentences...great as always.

    *Stella: I hated her a little when she prefered the robots to Adam but then she fixed it.

    *Mac: He is a great boss, fighting for his team and for a promise he made.

    *Hawkes: Looks like San Francisco is closed in January?? LOL!! that was great! He was really smart as always.

    *Sid: doing 3 autopsies at the same time...He definitely rocks
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