Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • Talk about a great show. It had a lot of angles and all tied together. Not only that but we actually got to see all of the cast play during the entire show (unlike last week).

    Mac: Was great. It goes to show you not only what a good boss he is, but he actually cares about the victims of crimes. It takes a lot of guts to yell at the Chief of Detectives and basically get a way with it. Also the way he did everything he could to keep the witness from testifing.

    Stella: Love the head-to-head fights with Mac. It really brings her out. Even though after the conversation my response was "fire her instead". But she turned it around at the end by having everyone give up thier vacatations for adam.

    Danny: Great as always. Love his smart a$$ comments. Love it when he is interrogating the suspects both on the playground (swing) and at the station house.

    Lindsey: Did you all see the baby bump. They tried to hide it by doing wide shots and would only shoot her when she was facing the camera directly, but if you look losely when Stella and her are on the street and she hikes up her legs you can see it. There were others, but that is when I first caught it. Three more epsidoes before the big annoucement.

    Doc: Great as ever. It is good to see him get more screen time.

    Adam: Do Not Fire Him!!!!!. It was cute when he went to Mac asking about all of his little quirks. It broke my heart when he was in the locker room and he touched his name plate. But he is not going anywhere just quite yet.

    Sid: 3 bodies for the price of one. Yes, he loves it.

    Flack/Angel: Need more scenes together. But I'm glad that Angel is back.