Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on CBS

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  • it was a knee jerking episode. you think one thing is gonna happen, and then it doesn't but the writers still make you cringe and give you someone to hate. it was such a good episode.

    How amazing was this episode? i love this team. how selfless they are for each other.. and i really really hate mac's boss.. cutting corners.. cutting the darn budget.. probably to pay for his new jaguar. geez. i was really scared about adam, but i think it will work out, things always do. esp. in tv land. regarding the case, i dunno if it was a second part from another episode or not, but it seemed familar. and the part about flack and hawkes in the apartment.

    flack: the neighbours know him as scooby.
    mac: scooby?
    hawkes: doobie doo.

    the men who died were stupid. but flack and hawkes are soo funny. we even got good lindsay and angel moments but it did focus a lot on the guys and stella. i was surprised how the promo played that fight between stella and mac and how it looked so bad and how mac comes through for his team. just made me love him much more..

    anyone looking for a ... devilishly hot lab tech? lol adam.. you are devilishly hot.. and you know it. tee heee. btw, stella was right.. mom did say you should always wear clean underwear.
    lindsay- "is everyone running around wearing dirty underwear?" lol. too funny. such a good episode!
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