Season 7 Episode 22

Exit Strategy

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 13, 2011 on CBS
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Mac tries to find a little girl who has been missing since 2002 and who witnessed some murders that took place at the time of a burglary.

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  • The 7th Season Concludes With Mac On The Trail Of A Little Girl Who Disappeared 9 Years Ago. The Story Is Told In Flashbacks.

    I remember when I first heard that "CSI: NY" would be cancelled after this episode, I was glad to know that there will be a ninth season (Yes, I'm late)! The opening scene was absolutely terrific because it was full of action. "Exit Strategy" is definitely one of the best episodes for Mac and there are plenty of touching moments throughout the episode. It was actually very sad when they shot Wes but it was the right thing to do. It was also touching when Olivia got to meet her mother. I also liked the side storyline about Danny becoming a sergeant. The final minutes were enjoyable. Overall, sometimes the case was too hard for me to follow but the final minutes overcame this flaw. I can't wait for season eight!!!moreless
  • 7x22

    this is definitevely one of the most touching episodes created but the show ever, maybe after "4x11 child´s play" this episode gets the second places in terms of touching and emotional episodes.

    in my opinion, this episode had many interesting things but at the same time it had something I did not like so thats the reason why I´m not giving it a ten.

    one of the thing I loved here was the dark stile spread among the episode, specially in the begining scene, at the same time I loved all of the flashbacks where the girl is seeing being kidnnaped by those criminals, and of course I loved the ending scene, it was kindda sad knowing that this one could be the last one so it really got me stuck till the end, but at this point I have to say that I´m very happy by knowing that csi ny was renewed for an eight season :D

    despite all good thing this episode had, it was kindda slow so I can´t give it a ten, however it was good and deserves a good score

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakesmoreless
  • Could this be it?

    I have kept with CSI: NY through thick and through thin (and thinner with Season 6), but I can plainly say that if the show's final episode is "Exit Strategy", I shall be satisfied. It has been a fairly solid seven years in the big apple (mainly L.A. sound stages), and my memories with the show are numerous. So, the seventh season finale, Exit Strategy has Mac questioning his position at the crime lab after a near death experience. The whole episode also has a series finale thing going for it; before the usuals (Flack, Danny and Mac) are about to smash in a door we get a moment we have never seen before on CSI: NY - Mac kisses his cross necklace and Danny kisses the picture of his daughter. That one little moment at the beginning of the episode immediately turned my mind into thinking that this was "it". Another instance of a the series ending vibe I got was during the team's conference. (It is where Mac is spacing out, while the rest of the team discusses the day's events). While there has been scenes of the entire main cast sitting around discussing one specific case, we have never had a scene with the entire cast sitting at the discussion table simply going over the day's assignments. Something about that scene really struck me as 'new' and refreshing.

    As far as the story line goes, it is fairly strong. By the books the story may have been, but with the 'this is all over' undertones, the episode was carried a little further than what was to be expected.

    The last five minutes, should those minutes be CSI: NY's last, was as good as it was going to be. Flack is still bashing in doors and arresting people, Danny is now a Sergeant, Hawkes is still romantically involved with his love interest, Sid continues to autopsy, Jo keeps on working and while Mac's future may be undecided for now, we can all safely assume that his strut down a busy Manhattan street only led him to a satisfying future.

    If this is the end, I can say farewell to you, CSI: NY, you have given me seven entertaining years.moreless
  • my fav.ep

    One of my fav epa. Very good acting

    and I.thought it was sad they took olivia away from wes.They were happy together
  • Another Season Finale

    Seven Season and Team from New York is good condition. Great Season Finale, Mac is interesting character, goood as Horatio from CSI Miami. Is Mac to withdraw? We'll see next season. A series of very successful a lot of interesting stories. Still a high level of actions.

    Peter Fonda was a very good episode, flesh of the past with Mac. Shooting on the Lab is the great moment in season.

Sela Ward

Sela Ward

Josephine 'Jo' Danville

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

A.J. Buckley

A.J. Buckley

Adam Ross

Lisa Sheridan

Lisa Sheridan

Natalie Dalton

Guest Star

Shaya McCord

Shaya McCord

5 Year Old Olivia Dalton

Guest Star

Kayla Carlson

Kayla Carlson

Teenage Olivia Dalton

Guest Star

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Danny gets promoted to Sergeant.

    • Mac gets to solve the first case he worked on when he became head of the crime lab. It is dated November 30th, 2002 (case #A6319763).

    • Mac has a habit of kissing a crucifix that he wears as a pendant and Danny a picture of Lucy before taking part in a highly risky action.

    • The action of this episode takes place in New York, Boston, Georgia and North Carolina.

    • Goof: When the police releases the postcard to the media, the full postcard is shown including Jackie Thompson's name and address, which should have been hidden for privacy reasons.

    • After the scene where Danville is talking to Jackie Thompson in her apartment, there is a shot of an NYPD helicopter taking off from a helipad. A member of the ground crew can be seen running after the helicopter waving his arms as though the pilot forgot something.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Jo: Danny, check your schedule. You'll receive a 'must appear' for Wednesday.
      Hawkes: I can cover your cases for you if you have any deadlines.
      Danny: Ah, thanks, Doc (To Lindsay) You weren't even gonna offer, were you?
      Lindsay: Solve your own damn cases.
      Adam: I can't wait to get married.

    • Jo: Okay, what's going on, Mac? I know you better than you think. Something's up. What suddenly compelled you to investigate a robbery at a bodega on Austin and 123rd?
      Mac: I'm the head of the Crime Lab, Jo. I think that more or less entitles me to re-evaluate any case I want, whenever I want.
      Jo: Fine. I have no problem with that. But I'm your colleague and friend and I think that more or less entitles me to ask why.

    • Jo: You know, you're going old school with that string. You'd be amazed at what computers can do nowadays.
      Mac: It's an old case. Old habits.

    • Flack: What's up?
      Mac: You just killed two people: owner and an employee behind the counter.
      Flack: That sounds like me.

    • Mac: This case has been sitting on the edge of my desk for the last nine years.
      Flack: You got a new lead?
      Mac: No.
      Flack: Is the chief asking about it?
      Mac: Nope.
      Flack: Then, what's up? Why you looking into it now?
      Mac: No reason.

    • Danny: Know what I'm thinking? I want you to go into the bathroom, take these two bricks of cocaine and I want you to strap them to your body. All right? Then I'm going to meet you downstairs, okay? I'm gonna get it home, I'm gonna cut it and I'm gonna package it. And I'm going to become... (Imitating Al Pacino) ...Danny Montana. I'm a political prisoner from Staten Island.
      Lindsay: So you have no problem using me as a drug mule?
      Danny: No. If you want to be involved, you're going to have to take on some of the risk.
      Lindsay: Well, it sounds like I'm taking on all of the risk. The only thing you risk is being mocked for doing a bad Pacino impression.

    • Danny: So you're not a fan of being the wife of a very powerful and, and, and very handsome, of I do say so myself, drug lord. I anticipated that, because I know a little bit about you so I have a plan B for making some extra dough.
      Lindsay: Well, does it involve you dressing in drag and turning tricks? Because that I'm totally okay with.

    • Danny: How does Sergeant Danny Messer sound?
      Lindsay: Are you serious? You're thinking about taking the sergeant's exam?
      Danny: Maybe.
      Lindsay: I think that's a great idea.
      Danny: Good. 'Cause I took it a few months ago and I'm waiting for the results in a few days.
      Lindsay: What? Why didn't you tell me?
      Danny: I mean, I haven't told anyone. I mean, I don't know if I want it. I mean, it's more money. It puts me on the path to possibly running this lab one day but it takes me away from here. It would take me away from the team. It would take me away from you.
      Lindsay: Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I love that you're thinking about our future like this.

    • Mac: We processed this thing when the crime occurred and we never got a second donor. Why would it be different now?
      Hawkes: Well, I used a different genetic analyzer. Every instrument varies in sensitivity. If I ran it through a third one might not pick it up but this one did. Machines. Sometimes there's no rational explanation for why they do what they do.

    • Wes Dillon: Relax, Kenny. She's just a kid.
      Kenny Hexton: No, she's not a kid. She's a witness, man.

    • Natalie Dalton: I suppose you read the reports... the... the ones that the police made that night. I was a different person back then.
      Mac: Ms. Dalton, I'm not here to judge you. Based on what I've read here, you're a mother who's never given up hope, and I admire that.

    • Mac: How did Olivia end up in that bodega alone?
      Natalie Dalton : I was more interested in getting loaded than taking care of my baby girl.

    • Mac: The bodega was just around the corner. She [Olivia] went to get you some aspirin.
      Natalie Dalton: And when I woke up a couple hours later, she was gone. I went through the entire building, knocked on every door, went through the streets screaming her name. I haven't had a drink since that night. That's what it took to open my eyes. But it was too late.
      Mac: It's never too late.

    • Natalie Dalton: You've been looking for these men for nine years. What makes you think you're going to find them now?
      Mac: Olivia.

    • Jo: You're a very pretty woman. You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders. What happened?
      Jackie Thompson: You can go now.
      Jo: If I had to guess, I bet you had a father who told you you would never amount to anything. And after you heard that about a hundred times you started to believe it.
      Jackie Thompson: Get out.
      Jo: So you started dating guys who would smack you around.
      Jackie Thompson: Get the hell out.

    • Mac: I want a last name for Wes.
      Kenny Hexton: I couldn't tell you. We... we just met a couple weeks before the robbery. I barely knew that guy. After it all went south, we figured the less we knew about each other, the better.

    • Mac: (To Kenny Hexton) That can't be easy. Being on the run like that. All that picking up, moving. New town, new faces. None of that changes once you're on the inside. Not if I have anything to say about it, and I will.

    • Mac: I want the girl, Olivia. Tell me where she is.
      Kenny Hexton: I don't know.
      Mac: Well, then I don't know where you might end up. I'm thinking maybe, uh, New Mexico right now. How about that?

    • Kenny Hexton: (Giving Wes a gun) It's time to lighten the load.
      Wes Dillon: (Knocks Kenny with the gun) You're sick, you know that? (He kicks Kenny repeatedly) Killing little kids is where we part ways.

    • Mac: This writing style is very unique. Look at the I's. Exaggerated slant. Alternating capital and lowercase letters between words. Someone may be able to recognize it.
      Adam: I'm not sure I follow.
      Mac: We use it like a missing persons billboard. Instead of a face, we use this. 'If you recognize the handwriting, call the NYPD tips line.' That kind of thing. See? Out of the box thinking. Get it out to every media source you can think of. I want it on electronic billboards, too.
      Adam: All over the state?
      Mac: The country.

    • Samantha Rogers: Why would Tony do that to me? Lie to me like that?
      Flack: We believe his real name is Wes. He's a fugitive. Been on the run since 2002.
      Samantha Rogers: For what?
      Flack: Murder.
      Samantha Rogers: He killed someone?
      Flack: He's also wanted for kidnapping.
      Samantha Rogers: Wait, you mean Madison?
      Flack: Her real name is Olivia Dalton. She's not his daughter.
      Samantha Rogers: That can't be. You should have seen them together, the way he treated her.

    • Wes Dillon: You're young. There's gonna be other boys.
      Olivia: Not like him.
      Wes Dillon: You're one of a kind, you know that? You're a real princess. Now, if this guy can't see that, you don't want to be with him anyway. I could have a chat with him. You know... little one-on-one. Little man-to-man? I can be pretty convincing.
      Olivia: He's 12.
      Wes Dillon: So, what are you saying? You saying I'm too old, I can't take him?
      Olivia: Okay, yeah. Go beat him up for me. But leave me the last punch.
      Wes Dillon: Deal (He kisses her)

    • (After Wes has been shot by the cops)
      Olivia: (Sobbing) You're gonna be okay. We'll get you to a doctor right now.
      Wes Dillon: Don't be sad, okay, princess? You get to go home now.

    • Mac: Olivia Dalton. That's your name. You're from Queens, New York. Your mom's name is Natalie. Remember? I saw her just before I came here. She wanted you to know that she never forgot about you. She never stopped looking for you. She never stopped hoping that you were out here somewhere... alive. She loves you, Olivia.
      Olivia: (About Wes) He loved me, too. My father loved me.

    • Natalie Dalton: Thank you. Both of you for all that you've done. (Jo motions for Natalie to go join Olivia) Is... is that her? (She peers inside the office) She's beautiful. Can I go...?
      Mac: Of course you can. You're her mother.

    • Jo: Why didn't you say something about what happened to you on that roof? You put it in the paperwork, but you didn't tell anyone. Why?
      Mac: I'm still trying to wrap my head around a few things, Jo. I've eluded death on many occasions, but this time it was different. It was staring me right in the eyes.

    • Mac: What am I doing? How much longer can I do this?
      Jo: So that's why you went back to the bodega homicide, the last unsolved case. You wanted to see if you could find some closure.
      Mac: I've done a lot of good.
      Jo: Yeah.
      Mac: Maybe I've done my part.

    • Lindsay: Oh, did you get your results back?
      Danny: (Imitating Al Pacino) Say hello to Sergeant Messer.
      (They hug)
      Lindsay: You passed?
      Danny: I passed!
      (They kiss)

  • NOTES (5)

    • Lisa Sheridan, who plays Natalie Dalton in this episode, played a character named Krista Dalton in the NCIS episode Child's Play.

    • The title of the episode makes a reference to the fact that it was filmed before having confirmation if it would be the last of season 7 or the last of the show. Hence, the producers tried to do both: offer some closure while at the same time providing with a lot of story to come back to.

      Four days after it aired, CBS confirmed that the show would be back for an 8th season.

    • Music Featured:
      Holding On And Letting Go by Ross Copperman (it plays during the last sequence of the episode).

    • Michael Irby, who plays Kenny Hexton, also appears in the episode 1x10 Night Mother and in the CSI: Miami one Breathless.

      Lisa Sheridan, who plays Natalie Dalton, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Ambush and in the C.S.I. one Bloodlines.

      Clayne Crawford, who plays Wes Dillon, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Freaks and Tweaks and in the C.S.I. one Miscarriage of Justice.

      Allison McAtee, who plays Jackie Thompson, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Going Ballistic and in the C.S.I. one Kill Me If You Can.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 13, 2011 on CTV.
      Turkey: May 30, 2011 on CNBC-e.
      United Kingdom: June 4, 2011 on Five/Five HD.
      Czech Republic: July 27, 2011 on AXN.
      Norway: July 27, 2011 on TVNorge.
      Spain: August 2, 2011 on AXN.
      Slovakia: February 21, 2012 on JOJ.
      Germany: February 27, 2012 on ProSieben.
      Finland: August 22, 2012 on MTV3.


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