Season 2 Episode 15

Fare Game

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • This was an excellent episode. Need I say superb? Definitely a must see.

    Loved the great bit with the dead ADA in the cemetery in front of a tombstone with a man talking about life and living to the fullest. I loved the tear dropping in the blood before he keels over. That was brilliant. THE CASES:
    I loved the case of the dead ADA. I mean we think it's a con that is after him. It has to be right? But not really. It happens to be an accident- by someone who was just trying to scare him with a BLANK GUN- no real shots were fired. It was insane!! And why? Because of a water gun war. The poor actor with his child. That was an adorable scene. I felt so bad for the actor I mean the actor playing the actor (hehehe yes that's funny) was excellent. He delivered his lines very well. Anyways, I felt that the case was superb. I mean it was such a silly deal- a street war with water guns!! How fun! But then it's so sad, the poor actor was gypped. He clearly doesn’t get a lot of jobs, and so you mess with his mind and make him think he has a chance? Not nice. And it was a blank, who would've thought he woulda died?

    Then there was the case with the lady who liked to sue restaurants. I also enjoyed this case, if it wasn't for Danny and his eating the centipede. But it was also great to see a crazy chef, who wanted to stop a woman from suing before he got to her. I mean Danny and Hawkes had a point; he didn’t have to kill her. She clearly had a thing for him; had he just left it at that and flirted with her, she probably wouldn't have sued him. That's why the lawyer tried to stop them from talking. And it was cruel to just watch her. The jerk. FAVORITE SCENES:
    Danny eating the centipede and the whole, "tastes like chicken doesn't it." And Danny's response of "not really." EXCELLENT! I love Danny so much!

    I also loved the very end with Danny and Lindsay's little bug dinner. The start with the bet and the whole even though Mac got pizza, he stays with her to watch her eat the bug, and also join her? Very cute. Loved it. Whoever says they don't have chemistry is blind.

    This was an excellent episode. Need I say superb? Definitely a must see.
  • Like watching Fear Factor, CSI style.

    Whoa, I feel like I just watched an episode of Fear Factor, Danny ate that centipede with no problems, and the chef says takes just like chicken right, and Danny responds with a no not exactly. Then when Hawkes says he can't believe he just ate that, danny says like drinking worms in tequila. That is defintely one mixed drink I am never gonna try. But when that chef ate that octopus I about threw up that was probably the grossist thing I've ever seen. The smile on Lindsay's face when she was eating the spider was priceless. Lindsay is defintely my favorite character on this series, followed closely by Danny.
  • Fare Game I think was a perfect title.

    One of the things I loved about this episode was the pun on words. Fare & Game. Dealing with what's fare/fair and "game". The Watergun wars to the game of suing for money. I really enjoyed how this episode played out the Watergun wars. From tracking down intended "victims" to find a possbile murder, but as it happens the murder was accidental, not intentional. Then with Paula Dunley's murder, granted her cons needed to be stopped but not the way Tony Collins' did it. I thought the whole exotic cuisine is just gross, but to each their own. But leave it to Danny & Lindsay to try anything once.
  • Water guns fight. Live exotic food. Welcome to NYC, people.

    Okay, so we have an episode with a dead Assistant District Attorney(ADA). Det. Mac, Stella and Lindsay followed up this case. I am amazed to see that the water guns fight is not only participated by the youngsters but also middle-aged ppl. The participants must find a creative way to "shoot" their targets. And let's say one of the participants didn't turn out happy over the way the ADA "shot" him. So he killed the ADA.

    The other case was followed up by Danny and Hawkes. A lady victim was found on the bed with uh, octopus in her throat. Well, it's all exotic food in the episode. Not only exotic, but exoctic food which is ALIVE. And yay, yay, yay! D/L moments! Lindsay and Danny ate live, exotic food together! Excuse my yay-ness. =P
  • An dead ADA leads Stella, Mac and Lindsay to the world of water wars, while Danny and Hawkes check out the murder of a woman who made a living out of filing charges against restaurants.

    Note: This is a late review. I wrote this a long time ago but only got the chance to post it now. ^_^

    Mac's case was pretty interesting. The water wars game is perfect for all those adventurous paranoids out there (and that includes me, haha). This is a perfect example of "a person can only take so much." A mixture of disappointment, anger and frustration can cloud a man's judgement.

    Danny's case was cool, although I'm not one to eat live octupi in my lifetime. And don't get me started on spiders. Anyway, they say revenge is a dish best served cold. In this case, the suspect served it live. I didn't think the CSI could match the octupus' tentacles to the marks on the woman's throat, but they did. Good for them.

    I gotta hand it to Anna Belknap and Carmine Giovinazzo for having the guts to eat those overly exotic foods.
  • Well that's it for fish and chips!

    This was a pretty good episode, mainly for csi team interaction than anything. The stories were unique at least, and mildly interesting, but the real drawcard were the animals. Not being a massive fan of seafood, I can now say that sharing the kids fish and chips meal with my niece is now completely out of the question. However it was an eye opener into what the "elite eat".

    CSI New York is my least favourite CSI, but I believe it has the most potential, sadly this episode realised very little of that, yet still promised it with a closing scene of lighter times that do need to be addressed every now and then.
  • So this episode has two murder storylines. The one with the game is ok; the other one with the living food is just disgusting!!

    The idea with the game is old, but is done here quite well. But how did they manage to find all those people from those pictures so fast? The murder is a bit weird – I mean this blank gun shouldn’t kill anyone.

    To show all those eating and cooking of those living animals – I hated that. I even think that this is cruel! Well and besides that it looks quite disgusting. Well the octopus murder was nice and the insect in her ear was even more disgusting. By the way I liked that we saw Kelly Hu in this episode. I just like her as an actress.

    At the end Danny and Lindsay look to get closer and closer. But I somehow don’t really believe that Mac would bet with money. A bet yes, but with money. He just isn’t the type for that.

    After all this is an average episode. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Tasteless

    I am surprised Peta wasn't protesting this episode. Yech.
    And what was up with all the sympathy for the actor? If he was so desperate for work, he should have been waiting tables instead of playing a game that fed his appetite for murder.
    The chef deserved our sympathy - his crime was sweet revenge, and the victim got her just desserts.
    This story was a delicious premise for Miami or Vegas; the casts there would have eaten it up. NY's cast is just too bland for my taste.
  • DA gets killed over a water war game

    The water war game idea was interesting. The reason why the guy was in the place where he died was creepy. Who ambushes a person at a cemetary? The chef killing the girl who sued him was great. That girl was such a sleaze. Wayne Knight as her lawyer was genius.