Season 8 Episode 14

Flash Pop

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2012 on CBS

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  • CSI:NY Not So Cold

    The show delves into yet another cold case (there was one from Stella's past in which Danny Pino from Cold Case guest starred, in Cold Reveal. This time the CSIs are goaded into opening it, which didn't really show Kim to being smarter - if she was, she wouldn't have tried to frame Harlan, not to mention keeping the original murder weapon. She had all this time to dispose of it. Adam's first episode back after two week's missing (no one sent out a search party) and he had a chance to be personally involved. With yet another berating from Mac. As for Lindsay's comment and not so original idea about the snow, Mac and Stella did something similar in 1.13 Tanglewood. That was like saying Danny and Hawkes don't live in a city with snow and only Montana has snow.

    At least this episode had some mystery and the cold case still went unsolved. Either to feature again because the killer still wasn't found and was probably someone closer to home. here the victim was a lab tech, but who would have a motive to kill Lana? The method of her murder suggests crime of passion. Anyway thought it was creepy the way Burton sat at the desk and had a flash. Maybe his arrival meant he wanted to ingratiate himself into the investigation for reasons other than being helpful.

    Flack had pause for thought when Harlan says he didn't have a chance to tell her how he felt. Again another reminder of his losing Angell.

    As for Kim, she didn't have nay gloves on so why no prints on the shoe or wallet for starters. Those items weren't processed.

    Oh and I liked the title too, Flash Pop a reference to the past or to the flash/pop of the old fashioned camera when the bulb pops out after a photo has been taken.
  • Love this show

    When this episode began I was at first worried it was going to be one of those flash back/flash forward one's but was pleasantly surprised when it didn't flash back except to establish what had happened in the '50s. The original Detective on the case that was never solved grabbed my attention when he came to advise Mack on the '50s case. He was stunningly handsome, if somewhat aged (in his 70's) and trying to put a name to his still ruggedly handsome face and voice, was driving me nuts. After this excellent episode finished I looked up the Guest Cast members and saw the name Lee Majors! This month, April 2012, he will celebrate his 73rd birthday.

    This episode was up to the usual standard of CSI NY for me, which I cannot fault. The entire cast make this CSI enjoyable to watch, week after week.
  • Mac and the team investigate the murder of a young lab tech whose case closely resembles an unsolved murder from the late 1950s.

    It was certainly nice to have "CSI: NY" back after such an unusually long absence. "Flash Pop" was not the best episode I have ever seen, but it was very clever and entertaining. I was hooked from beginning to end. One problem I had with the episode was that it looked too much like an episode of "Cold Case". Lee Majors' cameo was a highlight of this episode. His scenes with Gary Sinise worked very well. One other thing I liked was that the 1950's case went unsolved (at least for now). I would have felt that to be too much of a contrivance if both cases were solved in the episode. In the end, while not a great episode, "Flash Pop" is certainly worth your time. A good chapter in an excellent crime drama.