Season 7 Episode 19

Food For Thought

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

Hawkes takes his girlfriend out for a bite to eat in New York City. The gourmet food truck scene has been growing rapidly so they head over and order a meal. The only problem is that the truck explodes right in front of their eyes. Not only does their meal come to an end, but so does the life of the young chef of the truck.

Hawkes and his girlfriend are doing ok and the rest of the team arrives on scene to investigate. The chef is the only person to have died on the scene. After investigation, the team finds the source of the food truck's demise. A home made bomb had been planted on the truck. Upon further investigation, they also learn that the food trucks were a front for a prostitution ring.

After following a trail of evidence, the CSI team is led to the son of a local hot dog vendor. The son was upset by all the business his father was losing from the food trucks and it was difficult for him to watch his father struggle. Finding out that the trucks were a front for a prostitution ring sealed the deal in giving him motive. He decided to plant the bomb in order to blast his father's competition out of the water.