Season 7 Episode 19

Food For Thought

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • One of the better and more memorable CSI: NY episodes there have been of late...

    CSI: NY has undoubtably been on auto-pilot for roughly a year and a half now. Episode after episode there has been unspectacular crimes committed by unspectacular people with unspectacular and downright fishy motives. But "Food For Thought" is a slight break above the mold. Naturally, to catch interest, there is an explosion in the first 4 minutes of the episode which has potentially hurt the ever capable Dr. Sheldon Hawkes. After the explosion, the episode delves into Hawkes's personal life, which is a small welcome after seeing an abundance of Danny, Lindsay and Jo. Hawkes is still somewhat of a mysterious character which makes his personal story line all the more interesting. With some in house workplace drama involving Hawkes and cannabis and some other neat gags, this episode of CSI: NY is one of the better and more memorable of late.
  • An explosion in a food festival kills one of the cooks...

    Ok... it wasn't a great chapter, actually it turned out to be quite boring... Maybe it was because I TOTALLY hated Camille... I mean, she's cute and we finally got a love interest for Hawkes, but she makes him call in sick to spend an evening with her, skip work to attend one of her parties and accompany her while she smokes weed? Quite a bad influence and VERY out of Hawkes character, who I always thought that right after Mac was the one with more morals and rules... I guess I didn't like that chapter very much because of that...

    It had it good moments, DL scenes were cute and funny, there was some banter like old times and I loved Linds stealing the burger and leaving Danny behind to work on the evidence, not sure how much 'legal' that was but... But then Danny and Lindsay were barely around, maybe we are getting a big DL chapter before the end of the season?
    Adam was funny and not scared of Mac... that was great!
    And I loved Flack one liners, 'that doesn't sound very appetizing' and the ones he said during the interrogation... Definetely not my favorite but not that bad, but or Camille changes or she has to go...
  • 7x19

    definitively one of the best opening scenes at least in the last years, when this episode started I thougth it was going to be exellent, I was wrong because it lost its attractive very soon, however, it wasn´t bad, the only flaw I found here, was who was the real killer. but in general it was very interesting with sheldon scaping from his routine only to spend some time with his girlfriend,

    Carmine(Danny) and Anna(lindsay) also did a good job here, I think they are improving their abillities and this episode probes that P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • gourmet food trucks

    Hawks finally gets to have a life outside work but struggles to keep it at a balance with work. In this episode, this is the story line that interests me the most. It showed the reality of what our detectives and police may go through in their private lives. Many times, good police are bundled up with the bad ones when there's a mess up but may not be appreciated when they do a great job. In Hawks' situation, he gets to find love. I also like the scene where Lindsey asked Danny to buy her a lot of food because she did not have time to take her breakfast because she had to go to the crime scene already, though very hungry she chose to do her work and not slack off. We have police who risks their lives for us, we should show our appreciation to them whenever we can.
  • 719

    A very enjoyable episode of CSI: NY tonight. A nice, easy to follow plot, a well-done explosion scene and just a fast-moving pace throughout the show. Luckily they did not focus too much on the actual lab scenes today, usually the worst part of the show (and trying to play contemporary music during it does not help, yet they continue with that anyway.)

    Hill Harper in a featured role was nice to see, as was his girlfriend played by the very lovely Lesley-Ann Brandt (someone I predict will be a breakout star in the next few years,) but the majority of the cast got ample time to shine here and that is good to see from an ensemble drama like CSI: NY is.

    We may be down to the last few episodes of this show, but they are going out with a bang. This was a very good episode tonight.