Season 7 Episode 19

Food For Thought

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2011 on CBS

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    A very enjoyable episode of CSI: NY tonight. A nice, easy to follow plot, a well-done explosion scene and just a fast-moving pace throughout the show. Luckily they did not focus too much on the actual lab scenes today, usually the worst part of the show (and trying to play contemporary music during it does not help, yet they continue with that anyway.)

    Hill Harper in a featured role was nice to see, as was his girlfriend played by the very lovely Lesley-Ann Brandt (someone I predict will be a breakout star in the next few years,) but the majority of the cast got ample time to shine here and that is good to see from an ensemble drama like CSI: NY is.

    We may be down to the last few episodes of this show, but they are going out with a bang. This was a very good episode tonight.