Season 7 Episode 19

Food For Thought

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • An explosion in a food festival kills one of the cooks...

    Ok... it wasn't a great chapter, actually it turned out to be quite boring... Maybe it was because I TOTALLY hated Camille... I mean, she's cute and we finally got a love interest for Hawkes, but she makes him call in sick to spend an evening with her, skip work to attend one of her parties and accompany her while she smokes weed? Quite a bad influence and VERY out of Hawkes character, who I always thought that right after Mac was the one with more morals and rules... I guess I didn't like that chapter very much because of that...

    It had it good moments, DL scenes were cute and funny, there was some banter like old times and I loved Linds stealing the burger and leaving Danny behind to work on the evidence, not sure how much 'legal' that was but... But then Danny and Lindsay were barely around, maybe we are getting a big DL chapter before the end of the season?
    Adam was funny and not scared of Mac... that was great!
    And I loved Flack one liners, 'that doesn't sound very appetizing' and the ones he said during the interrogation... Definetely not my favorite but not that bad, but or Camille changes or she has to go...
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