Season 5 Episode 11

Forbidden Fruit

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2008 on CBS

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  • Police find man dumping woman's body, man runs from police and ends up dying. 95% of Mac's team is on the case. Side story: The Greeks are back and Stella's still pissed off.........and the story continues.

    Case 1: Strange food party is the primary crime scene, where they find all kids of stuff from pigs feet, monkey brains, and elepahnt feces. Yeww. Reason woman dies, buisness partner hated her and wanted her gone for good.

    Case 2: Pawn shop owner dies from same injuries as the Rat Man. Stella works the scene with Angel. Stella finds the rare coin, and makes an underhanded deal which just happens to be unauthorized as well. More to come on this story as we see Stella not listening to Mac (again).

    Mac: Another crazy person after him, this time it's a woman and she wants him to love him. Still she has a couple of screws lose. Hopefully Mac will take her to the ER and then to the Crazy Ward where she belongs.

    Stella: So much passion, at least she is not alone and has back up with Angel. Doc: Once again it is up to him to put all the pieces together and solve the crime. Okay he did have a little help from Linds and her food project.

    Adam: He tries so hard. The scenes with Danny was classic, the first one trying to tell D how expensive babies are (we see D has no idea how much diapers really cost) and then with the elephant fecues. No high fives for Adam. Flack/Angel: No scenes together, but they each brought their own personalities to their cases. I see in the future that Flack may get injured on the job (again) so hopefully we will get to see more Flack/Angel scenes. Okay and now for the continuing saga of D/L:
    It was so cute how danny was trying to feel the baby kick. That was such a touching scene. And of course Linds uses her pregency to get Mac to eat a onion, yeww. However, we can see that this is the beginning of Linds (Anna) leave of absence as she was only in three scenes. Now we have to wait three weeks for a fresh episode.
  • Lots of interesting science!

    The case: It was a good one! The fruit that made everything turn sweet was really cool. And that plant that leaves you without DNA???? There was a lot of science in this chapter and I like it...Adam with the elephant faeces? LOL!! I loved Danny in that scene! The Greek coins mistery: Stella dragging Angell into the dark side? I hope they boths know that it would bring them some problems!

    Flack was funny and Hawkes was incredibly smart...nothing new there..

    That Ella girl is quite creepy and crazy....I loved the end...'I'll make him love me' I guess that means a new Mac centric arc....

    I liked that they did not big deal about everyone knowing that Linds is pregnant and that Danny is the father (Adam and Danny talking about how much it cost to rise a kid until 1.Really cute the DL moment...trying to feel the baby kicking. ALthough I didnt understand what they were saying when Danny was touching her bump.
  • Forbidden "Miracle Fruit"

    This is very interesting because the New York Times wrote about this fruit a few months ago and now it has become a plot in a TV show... I'm excited to see that miracle berry is finally attention it deserves. I've tried both the fresh berry and the miracle berry tablets myself and I have to say it lives up to its reputation. Though I wouldn't recommend the cod liver oil the berry does wonders to hard liquor. If anyone is interested in miracle berry let me know I own the company that produces the tablets. I'm looking to throw a party who's in? – charles@mymfruit.com
  • Lots going on...

    Overall I thought this episode was pretty good. The case of Isabelle dying because she ate something bad for her just seem too far fetched. I know the show does it's homework and the items involved are probably true and work, but just not my favorite scenario. However, we now have other things taking our focus. Yeah, the secret's out about the baby. BUT, Mac has a new friend in Elle and she's not playing with a full deck. Then we have Stella who wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to break some rules. I had no idea it would involve disobeying Mac. I just hope she doesn't regret her choice.
  • A fashion designer is found dead and Mac gets a stalker

    In this episode of CSI: New York, the following happens. Police spots a man trying to dump a body from his car, he runs, but ends up killing himself as he lands on top of a pole, which goes through him. The team are called in to investigate. We soon learn that the female victims name is Isabelle Vaughn. During the autopsy we see that some of her organs have liquefied. This was due to a deadly liquid which she drank. They soon learn from the evidence that she ate the fruit known as "Miracle Fruit", before she died. It alters the taste buds and makes bitter foods, taste sweet. We soon learn that Isabelle was a fashion designer and was about to make the big time, with her designs. We soon learn through the evidence that Isabelle's own partner killed her. Throughout the episode, Ella, from a previous episode this season, seems to be following Mac. At the end of the episode, she attempts suicide and calls Mac; he gets there and saves her life.
  • Amazing episode, amazing season

    So the 5.11 episode was the best epi of the 5. season I think.
    The story was great, exiting case, I loved the Mac and Linds trying different fruits.Anyway I love them 2 working together as well.

    Then D/L .Well I must say that Danny is really enthusiastic about having a baby, I loved the scene when they go somwhere quiet and he puts his hand on Linds to feel the baby kicking.So sweet.

    I was really impressed by the Mac/Stell argue. They do it pretty much in this season. Anyway love them 2 together and I cant wait for 5.12.Smacked 4eva. Whats gonna happen with the stolen flash drive and those scary FBI agents? Whats gonna happen with the coins, cause Stell broke Macs order? But most of all whats gonna happen with that crazy Ellie?
    Omg I really cant wait for "Help".
    CSI NY just rocks. No more words needed.
  • good episode.. but yet could have been stronger.

    revenge- screw over a business partner and die. how many times has this type of motive been used? i mean honestly. ella- the cards was weird in the first place, but to use one to spend more time with mac, and then go crazy.. anyone have a straightjacket?

    stella- i hope she finds the jerk and gets even. such passion, i adore her.

    d/l- the baby kick, "i'm pregnant.. help me out here"... such an excuse to get mac to do anything she wants.. and she will totally use that again. is it just me or did linds in one week, get 2 monthes bigger? i did notice in the last episode, she was wearing a scarf, covering her belly, but i honestly did not think she was that big. kudos to the food experiment.. she is always doing experiments. she's a lot of fun.

    flack- king of the one liners. angell- thank goodness shes so tough.

    adam- so much fun.. poor high five.. ick.

    doc- doc always saves the day.

    mac- oh my gosh i hope he doesn't get involved with ella, can we say, whack job?
  • While on patrol late one night, two police officers spot a man attempting to dump the body of a young woman. The police pursue the man and in the process of attempting to escape, the man dies. Meanwhile, Stella takes drastic measures to crack a case.

    This season of "CSI: NY" has seen a few cast members gives their best performances of the series. Previously Carmine Giovinazzo was in top form, in this episode, it's Gary Sinise who takes the spotlight. Giving a terrific performance from start to finish. The third installment of the "CSI" franchise is really beginiing to show that it is as good as its counterparts. This episode is a fine example of that with a well written script that hooks the viewer right away and compelling (as well as plausible) plot twists. I will definitely be tuning in next year and beyond.
  • Good acting with some interesting props, but sloppy on the science.

    I enjoy the actors in the show, but the plot line needs some serious work.

    The good looking, successful Thai business woman gets to take the fall...as if we didn't see THAT coming.

    I know some "liberties" get taken with the science, but this one was ridiculous. The pH of the green mystery cocktail should have been about 13, not 14. Doesn't seem like a big difference until one realizes that it represents a difference of a factor of 10. In the real world, 90% inaccuracy would get them shut down.

    There is no way possible to match the sodium hydroxide back to the source, unless it had a radioactive marker or something. DNA links DNA, not chemical to chemical. The concentration in the body would have changed it as well, so the "purity" factor is moot.