Season 5 Episode 11

Forbidden Fruit

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2008 on CBS

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  • Police find man dumping woman's body, man runs from police and ends up dying. 95% of Mac's team is on the case. Side story: The Greeks are back and Stella's still pissed off.........and the story continues.

    Case 1: Strange food party is the primary crime scene, where they find all kids of stuff from pigs feet, monkey brains, and elepahnt feces. Yeww. Reason woman dies, buisness partner hated her and wanted her gone for good.

    Case 2: Pawn shop owner dies from same injuries as the Rat Man. Stella works the scene with Angel. Stella finds the rare coin, and makes an underhanded deal which just happens to be unauthorized as well. More to come on this story as we see Stella not listening to Mac (again).

    Mac: Another crazy person after him, this time it's a woman and she wants him to love him. Still she has a couple of screws lose. Hopefully Mac will take her to the ER and then to the Crazy Ward where she belongs.

    Stella: So much passion, at least she is not alone and has back up with Angel. Doc: Once again it is up to him to put all the pieces together and solve the crime. Okay he did have a little help from Linds and her food project.

    Adam: He tries so hard. The scenes with Danny was classic, the first one trying to tell D how expensive babies are (we see D has no idea how much diapers really cost) and then with the elephant fecues. No high fives for Adam. Flack/Angel: No scenes together, but they each brought their own personalities to their cases. I see in the future that Flack may get injured on the job (again) so hopefully we will get to see more Flack/Angel scenes. Okay and now for the continuing saga of D/L:
    It was so cute how danny was trying to feel the baby kick. That was such a touching scene. And of course Linds uses her pregency to get Mac to eat a onion, yeww. However, we can see that this is the beginning of Linds (Anna) leave of absence as she was only in three scenes. Now we have to wait three weeks for a fresh episode.
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