Season 5 Episode 11

Forbidden Fruit

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2008 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Looping: When Sid shows Mac the test tube with the splinter inside, Mac comments: "Looks metallic". However, he is being shot frontally and his mouth doesn't move.

    • There is continuation on Adam's backstory about his bully father when he casually tells Danny about how he was told every day of his childhood he was expensive to raise.

    • Wouldn't it be more appropriate for Hawkes to call in the techs instead of trying to fix himself a really expensive machine that he suspects isn't working properly?

    • It sounds out of character for Mac to show up alone at Ella's apartment after knowing she is not emotionally stable. Apart from encouraging Ella in her fixation, he puts himself in the situation of having no witnesses and no back up in case she accuses him of anything and tries to attempt something against either of their lives.

    • Stella, in her active seeking of revenge against Diagos is progressing from hiding things from Mac to actively lying to him. She is proceeding outside the bounds of the NYPD and dragging other people along. This should certainly have both professional and personal consequences.

    • Any other party attendant could have drunk from the remaining mixture in the blender and died. Sounds a bit reckless of the murderer not to get rid of the rest.

    • Goof: When the velvet is scanned the resulting image is facing in the wrong direction. The coin was lying face down on the material so the face would have pointed to the left, not the right.

    • Goof: In the first scene after the credits, they are removing the guy who ran from the cops off of the rebar. The cop cuts the rebar with bolt cutters. That is impossible. You would need grinder to cut that. I have used bolt cutters that size on a padlock and it was semi-tough.

    • This is the second time Louis Lombardi has guest starred in a CSI franchise. The other was in the original C.S.I.'s Season 4 episode Grissom Versus The Volcano.

    • Goof: The murder method is impossible. The victim's taste and smell were affected, not her pain receptors. The lye would have burned her mouth and throat long before she could have been able to swallow any substantial amount, and Ted would have seen it. She would have coughed it out, no matter how it tasted. (Credit to my wife for spotting it.)

    • Mac's text says: Code 1225 Riverside & 146th.

    • Ella's apartment is #222. The room where Bill Bedford was killed because Mac didn't gather the courage to shoot Bobby Toole was #333.

    • Sid listens to music while performing autopsies.

  • Quotes

    • Marina Morton: Isabel Vaughn was a ungrateful little bitch. After all I did for her she though she could just walk away? We had a contract and it was legally binding.
      Mac: So is a murder conviction.

    • Stella: C'mon, I can get this guy, I just need... give me a couple of days.
      Mac: As your friend I would love to but this is me being your boss; I'm not asking, that's a direct order.
      Stella: Fine! (Storms out)

    • Stella: The man is taunting me, Mac. He sent me a dead rat as a message. Put yourself in my shoes.
      Mac: Try stepping into mine. I'm in charge of this lab, responsible for everyone and everything that happens here. I admire your passion Stella but what you did is reckless. And more importantly, it could compromise any future criminal prosecution.
      Stella: What I'm doing is perfectly legal!
      Mac: And contrary to the policies of this lab and this department.

    • Flack: (To Colby Duncan) My friend here (Danny), he is all about science, I'm all about facts. So let me lay a few on you.

    • Mac: What is this? Some twisted revenge to embarrass me for locking up your mother, is that what this is about?
      Ella: No, I would never do that!
      Mac: A woman is dead! Instead of getting closer to her killer I waste valuable time chasing down a lie. What were you thinking?!

    • Ella: I just needed someone to talk to.
      Mac: We barely know each other Ella, why me?
      Ella: I thought you cared about me. They way you treated me when my father was murdered…that didn't mean anything?

    • Ella: I just wanted to see you again I didn't actually think that you would take that stupid card so seriously!
      Mac: I take everything seriously, that's my job.
      Ella: Ok, I get it. What I did was misguided and stupid. Can you forgive me?
      Mac: You are lucky I don't arrest you.

    • Adam: (Wearing some gloves and after having dug in elephant dung) High five.
      (Danny leaves)
      Adam: You left me hanging.

    • (Stella promises Stan Trovato that she can move her brother to a closer prison)
      Stella: I can move Christmas.

    • (About the Greek man who attacked her)
      Stella: I'm fine, Mac. I just wanna get this guy.
      Mac: We all do.

    • Flack: (To Marina Morton) I guess that's what happens when you decide to treat a human being like a piece of trash. Fate catches up.

    • Flack: This is wrong. This is so wrong. Cod liver oil. What the heck kind of a sick party was this?

    • Mac: How long my taste buds are gonna be altered?
      Lindsay: For the rest of your life. I'm kidding. Just for a few hours.

    • Mac: Tell me this is not one of your weird cravings.
      Lindsay: Only for science.
      Mac: You were looking for me?
      Lindsay: I was hoping to offer you a little a snack.
      Mac: Well let me guess. This is another one of your famous reconstructions.
      Lindsay: Just put one of these berries in your mouth and swab it around for a couple of seconds.
      Mac: Lindsay I'm your boss not a guinea pig.
      Lindsay: Mac, I'm pregnant. Just humour me.

    • Danny: How are we feeling?
      Lindsay: Good. I think I felt a kick this morning.
      Danny: (Enthusiastically) Really?
      (She giggles)
      Danny: Come here (They grab hands and move a bit apart. Danny places his hand on Lindsay's womb and she places her hand on top of his)
      Lindsay: It stopped.
      Danny: Next time it happens you find me.

    • Adam: (To Danny, about how much it costs to raise a kid) My father used to remind me every day about it.

    • Danny: You find the connection and I'm buying you a beer.
      Adam: Beer's on me. There's a big expense coming.
      Danny: Oh yeah? What, diapers? How much can diapers cost?

    • Danny: (To Adam after knowing he identified a trace as elephant dung)
      You know, you've getting a lot of crappy case work lately.

    • Mac: That is a $200,000 piece of equipment. Any particular reason you are taking it apart?
      Hawkes: It needed to be recalibrated. I was running DNA elimination from the party guests and… pssh, no results. Nothing.

    • Hawkes: All that liquid came out of her stomach?
      Sid: That is her stomach and her liver and her pancreas. Her organs were liquefied and continued melting well after the death.

    • Flack: How crowded this city's got. Can't even dump a body in private anymore.

    • Ella: I thought cops were specifically adventurous.
      Mac: We are. I got a half a gallon of milk here that expires in two days.

  • Notes

    • French episode title: Le Fruit Défendu.

    • Tahyna Tozzi, who plays Quinci Feeney, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Family Affair.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Turkey: March 30, 2009 on CNBC-e.
      Spain: April 7, 2009 on AXN.
      Czech Republic: May 13, 2009 on AXN.
      Greece: May 26, 2009 on SKAI.
      Ireland: May 27, 2009 on RTÉ2.
      Norway: August 26, 2009 on TVNorge.
      Germany: November 16, 2009 on Vox.
      Slovakia: November 22, 2009 on JOJ.
      Australia: December 3, 2009 on Channel 9.
      Finland: April 14, 2010 on MTV3.

    • Music featured:
      Magick by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (Immediately after the opening credits).
      Baby by LL Cool J feat. Richie Sambora.
      Beautiful Day by U2.
      Man Up by The Blue Van.
      We Won't Break (Boris Dlugosch Les Visiteurs Remix) by Zoot Woman.
      What Goes Around Comes Around by Giggles.

    • The episode was called Berried Alive.

  • Allusions

    • Stella: (About the engraving on the Greek coin) King Philip II, 352 BC.

      Philip II of Macedon (382–336 BC) was the father of Alexander the Great, Philip III and possibly Ptolemy I, the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt.

    • Danny: (To Adam after being advised on combined incomes to raise his kid) Thank you, Suze Orman.

      Suze Orman is the host of CNBC's The Suze Orman Show where she offers financial advice.