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    CBS'fall schedule has been announced and CSI:NY has been sent to TV show purgatory - Friday nights at 9:00 PM. We know its because of the drop in ratings. The show runner, Pam Veasey, started the downhill spiral by killing off a popular character at the end of last season claiming it was due to budget cuts. Then this season she has a series of unpopular actresses step in to roles which the fans DID NOT take to - Hayley, Aubrey...

    Throw in some out of character behavior from the cast - Stella sleeping with Adam, Mac chasing women around NY and being in a 'love triangle', Danny running around for weeks with no badge and Mac, Stella, Hawks not noticing.

    Ms. Veasey likened one of the story lines to the Twilight Saga. She's correct. The whole thing is too fantastic to be believed!

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    Hello CyraleneLorquetand welcome to the forum

    For future reference, and to avoid cluttering the forum, please note that all news regarding the show should be posted in the News, Articles and Interviews thread which is pinned at the top for easy access. Your chances for people to join in the discussion increase that way since this is a very active forum and inactive threads get buried quickly.

    We appreciate all contributions but we also like to follow the rules and keep a clear and accesible forum for new users to easily find their way around. We had problems with the mods in the past so I hope you understand. In case of any doubt, you can go through the Posting Rules threads, which are also pinned at the top of the page, so you can know where you post what. You can also pm me anytime.

    Have fun around!


    I think you raise some valid points there, but I have to lock this now. Please move the discussion where it belongs. Thank you

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