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Episode 8x11 'Who's There?' discussion thread.

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    [1]Jan 13, 2012
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    Please post your opinions/comments/discussion topics on episode 8x11 "Who's There?" here.

    -Spoilers are not allowed.
    -Bashing ships/characters is not allowed.
    -Discussion is welcome, arguing is not.
    -Trolls won't be fed, I love my cookies.
    -Be respecful, keep it cool.

    Thank you
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    [2]Jan 14, 2012
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    As usual, the acting, interaction, and evidence that was collected was great. The crime fell short though. It was predictable and horribly disorganized. I don't mind a little non-realistic s/l but this was ridiculous. They randomly threw out the whole "kill the wife" was a joke (a really horrible one too, whether it was or not). The daughter was overlooked throughout the show, not a good approach. I have a hard time believing the wife had enough strength to strangle the husband. Besides, the daughter concocted this whole elaborate scheme to get money when it'd just be way easier to get the safe code and steal the money. And although they tried, none of the characters were redeemed. All of them had what was coming to them, and that included the husband yes.
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    [3]Jan 14, 2012
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    OK episode, but nothing more. The thing I really want to know is who sent Mac the friend-request?!! He looked a bit shocked and angry when he opened the e-mailUndecided

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    [4]Jan 14, 2012
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    The opening scene had me puzzled for a second or two. Why the back and forth. Was the husband or wife thinking about this (if one of them had set this up but play the victim at the same time to make it look real)? It was easy to tell they were playing nice (that it was an act). Or did this happen and TPTB are doing this flash back and forth in an odd manner?

    I swear the music in the opening credits was a bit more upbeat then lasts weeks…. Anyone else think that?

    Lindsay rocking the leather jacket.

    I agree that the daughter as a suspect was ruled out too quickly. And her reaction when she came to the house wasn't all that believable. I know people react differently but I just wasn't feeling it from her.

    Lmao at Jo telling Mac that the Rocky Horror Picture Show is right up there with the Reagan documentary he watches.

    Yay! For a D/L moment. It makes me wonder if Danny learned the trick from Mac. Any thoughts?

    And a cute Flack and Lindsay moment. I love their banter. And it might have been the lighting difference from the scene when they argued in the garage looking for the suspect but Flack's gray seemed to be back and yet in the beginning, no gray?

    I have to give the wife credit for playing the victim (even though she was the killer too). I think many of you that know me, know that I pay attention to facial expressions and body language. It's a side effect to loving LtM. The wife when she picked out the guy (in the lineup) and said that's the man that killed my husband, to Mac…. Was very convincing.

    As for the girl that was supposingly having an affair with the hubby, I wasn't surprised to learn that the profile wasn't created by her. Though I thought b/c of her age the daughter knew her and therefore the creator of said profile.

    Jo and Lindsay creating a profile for Mac had me laughing. Well until the end when Mac got an email with a friend request. I thought it be Lindsay or Adam, or as crazy as this sounds Stella. Or some other person he is friendly with. But whether you watch body language, etc. or not it was clear that the 'friend' was a surprise. And not a good one.

    Overall great episode and nice to that everyone has a decent amount of screen time.

    And I wonder too who would friend request Mac that would leave him surprised and not in a good way?

    The only thing I can think of is someone Mac put away and is out of prison now.

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    [5]Jan 15, 2012
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    I agree the case was just ok as it was very easy to figure out that there was way more about the wife and daughter than what met the eye.

    I am not a fan of flashbacks but I loved the photography at the beginning of the episode, the montage of scenes and the bit where the wife was dragged around as the camera dragged about together with her.

    Lovely Danny/Lindsay and Flack/Lindsay interactions.

    No idea about who might have sent the friend request to Mac but he was all but happy about it. The reporter from last week maybe? Maybe whoever sent thim the flowers? Or some creepster from an old case he was involved in?
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    [6]Jan 19, 2012
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    Good episode for the characters and the mystery profile response at the end which I hope will be our next big bad guy taunting Mac a profile of his dead wife oh man that would be an nicely evil introduction for a new bad guy.

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