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eppisode 13 missing :O

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    is it just a mis numbering from cbs or tv.com or is eppisode 13 indeed not in the season 8 eppisode guidei also saw the exact same eppisode number missing in de epp guide for csi miami just an coincedense or is there some one who can explane why its not in the epp guides for both serries.

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    To answer your question, I don't know why ep 13 is missing. To the best of my knowledge, the CBS hasn't released any official press information about it. Ep 12 is scheduled for Feb 3rd whereas ep 14 is scheduled for March 30th so I guess that March Madness could be getting in the way and play havoc with the schedule for ep 13. Any new information will be added to the guide as soon as we hear about it

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