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Season 9 Spoilers thread (Spoilers here only please)

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    Nice one! I guess that Gary is taking it, pity it's not the whole lot of them.

    C.S.I. Episode 13x13: In Vino Veritas ---> (This is the CSI portion, part 1 of 2, of the crossover event taking place with original CSI).

    Preview here.

    Sneak peek here.


    9x15 Seth and Apep sneak peek here.


    9x16 Blood Actually sneak peeks here and here.

    Promo pictures here and here.

    Wow, such a beautiful Mac/Christine scene to such a beautiful, beautiful song!


    9x17 Today is Life promo pictures here, as well as an extra summary line regarding Mac contemplating his future with Christine

    And preview here.


    Pam Veasey on the season finale here.


    9x17 sneak peek here.


    Closing the thread because the season is over.

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