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    Great DL Moments wrote:
    2x03: He introduces himself, then checks her out.
    2x03: Mac likes us to call him sir
    2x03: Sizing each other up
    2x03: You helped enough this morning. - Oh, so many meanings in that!
    2x03: First use of "Montana"
    2x03: "Country Girl"--Danny referring to Lindsay
    2x06: She wants him to look at her.
    2x06: History never made much of an impression on me.
    2x06: We're goin' to school.
    2x06: Being all chivalrous and opening the door
    2x06: Compete with each other
    2x06: Danny checking out Lindsay's ass
    2x06: She's jealous when women talk to him or other people mention women to him
    2x07: You read my mind.
    2x07: He's just looking out for you.
    2x08: Walrus documentary.
    2x09: Are you having as much fun with your doll as I am with mine? - You know he means Lindsay!
    2x09: A perfect fit.
    2x09:Ya hungry?
    2x09 Lindsay took the doll to the AV lab.
    2x09: Danny sneaks a peek at Lindsay's girls
    2x09: You play good cop, I'll be bad cop.
    2x09: Hand on Danny's shoulder, putting on her shoes
    2x11: Is he going to be all right?
    2x13: Danny stares at the twins.
    2x13: The double take
    2x13: Well, hello, Miss Monroe. Wow. You clean up nice.
    2x13: Danny's dejected look
    2x13: Danny's proud smile
    2x13: How you doin'?
    2x13: He calls her Monroe.
    2x13: Lindsay gets all posessive around the college girl.
    2x13: Nice collar, Monroe.
    2x13: Look what Lindsay and I found at the New York Public Library.
    2x14: The Montana grin
    2x14: Wanna go see Rough Sects?
    2x14: She makes him laugh
    2x14: Cozy's...more than just a jazz club
    2x15: A very buggy first "date"
    2x16: Lindsay checks out Danny's ass
    2x16: Make tracks, Cowboy.
    2x17: You run out of bug spray?
    2x17: Doesn't mean it's not funny.
    2x18: Sneaking a glance at Lindsay
    2x18: Very Attractive.
    2x18: Does it turn you on?
    2x18: Woah Montana. What'd ya have in mind?
    2x18: How can anyone be satisfied with just that?
    2x19: I might ask you to marry me.
    2x19: But Danny, we turned that hotel suite upside down...
    2x19: Call me.
    2x19: He gets jealous when Pino keeps looking at Lindsay.
    2x19: She calls him Danny a lot.
    2x19: We're staring a fourth and long Montana. Let's get something to eat?
    2x19: Danny sneaks a glance at Lindsay while she's on the computer.
    2x19: Tap on the shoulder, invading personal space.
    2x20: You beeped me 911, are you all right?
    2x20: Just you.
    2x20: Lindsay got back the DNA on the cigarette butt.
    2x20: Are you all right?
    2x20: The "look". Danny makes eye contact with only Lindsay.
    2x20: After Lindsay leaves the hospital Danny ignores Mac and Flack.
    2x21: Are you alright?
    2x21: Montana! 2x21: Chasing after Lindsay to make sure she's okay and calms her down
    2x21: Danny moves to stand next to Lindsay
    2x21: Lindsay checks out Danny's butt!
    2x21: Hand on shoulder
    2x22: Have you ever even seen a wheat field?
    2x22: He calls you that because he has a crush on you.
    2x22: Standing so close to each other
    2x22: "That's my girl" look at Flack
    2x22: Danny sends Mac to talk to Lindsay
    2x23: Danny talks about Aiden a lot.
    2x23: "I think you're cute..." *quoting Aiden but looking at Lindsay*
    2x23: Danny looks at Lindsay before he makes the toast to Aiden.
    2x24: Are you all right?
    2x24: We'll get that checked out. (referring to her cut) Worry/Concern written all over his face.
    2x24: Lindsay's case.
    2x24: Touch of hands and invasion of personal space.
    2x24: While disabling the bomb, Danny looks distracted/worried. Is he thinking about a certain someone?
    2x24: Standing next to each other when looking in on Flack
    2x24: You still want that ride?
    2x24: The look Mac gives them is priceless! (someone suspects something)
    2x24: Danny doesn't call Lindsay 'Montana' at all in this episode!
    3x01: Danny doesn't flirt with Angell.
    3x02: Don't get any ideas, Montana.
    3x02: Spoken like a true romantic.
    3x02: He clicks his tongue at her.
    3x02: What are you doing?
    3x02: C'mon, kiddo.
    3x02: She's been made. *races out of the van with no thought for his own safety*
    3x02: Lindsay! *searching through the smoke*
    3x02: Danny!
    3x03: Are we all right?
    3x03: I just wanna go grab a slice.
    3x03: Lindsay Monroe!
    3x03: I like you a lot.
    3x03: If there's anything you need from me, just let me know.
    3x05: What's going on? Are you all right?
    3x05: He takes the mother because she can't.
    3x05: Let me get out of the way.
    3x05: Goofy smiles
    3x05: He turns down the Suicide Girl.
    3x06: Lindsay stares at Danny's ass.
    3x06: Danny looks at her.
    3x09: Beautiful. (more than one meaning)
    3x09: Stands with Lindsay while watching interogation.
    3x10: How's Lindsay doing?
    3x11: Danny doesn't want to leave with Stella. (He wants to stay with Lindsay!)
    3x11: Lindsay looks sad when Danny leaves.
    3x11: Hey, Montana. Sorry I got hung up.
    3x11: He comes to help her with her evidence.
    3x11: Standing very close to each other
    3x13: I'm not into fun.
    3x14: He watches her walk away.
    3x14: Have you seen Danny?
    3x14: "That's how you're going to say goodbye?"
    3x14: She stops the cab when she sees Danny.
    3x14: She watches him from the cab.
    3x14: He smiles when he reads the note.
    3x14: She signs the note 'Montana'.
    3x14: The card says, "You're always in my thoughts."
    3x14: She addresses the card, "Dear Danny."
    3x15: Danny wants it to be Lindsay on the phone.
    3x16: I love you, DL.
    3x17: Danny wants to ask Mac about Lindsay.
    3x18: Say hi to...everyone.
    3x18: "I was just talking to Lindsay." "Oh yeah?"
    3x18: Goofy face after Stella said Lindsay said hello!!
    3x18: He's 'losing his mind' - daydreaming about her at the lab!!
    3x18: Go with your instincts. YOU GO TO MONTANA, DANNY!
    3x18: HOLDING HANDS!!
    3x18: THEY HUG!!!!
    3x18: THEY ALMOST KISS!!!!!!!!!!!
    3x18: The Smile on Danny's face when Lindsay was about to kiss him
    3x19: They share a look when Danny enters the crime scene
    3x19: "Danny's knowledge of wine is the house chianti."
    3x19: Lindsay totally checks Danny out.
    3x19: She touches his back.
    3x19: Mon-TAna
    3x19: We're more than beer and buffalo burgers, Messer.
    3x19: Danny grins at Adam's knowing look.
    3x21: Pube hair- the grab and smile
    3x21: He makes her giggle and blush.
    3x21: Dah. *wink*
    3x23: You sure look happy
    3X24: They woke up together - ON THE POOL TABLE.
    3x24: "I'm glad this happened." "Me too."
    3x24: He pokes her nose.
    3x24: She kisses his chest.
    3x24: Where would I go? This is my place.
    3x24: He went in for her!
    3X24: His shirt was untucked at the lab!
    3x24: He signs his note "D"!
    3x24: Enjoy your snow day.
    3x24: Pay me now or give something back.
    3x24: TEH KISS!
    3x24: TEH SECKS!
    3x24: She goes to the warehouse to check on him.
    3x24: She helps him outside.
    3x24. "Sorry." "What are you sorry for?"
    4x01: Spray condom- huh what?
    4x01: I'll show you-cheeky grin
    4x01: She says Boom- he smirks
    4x01: Condom spray in his pocket, a pat on the chest and a mumble grunt chuckle from him
    4x02: Lindsay is worried while Danny goes under water
    4x02: She is proud of him and gives him that wide smile
    4x02: 'Stop gooffing off. We have work to do' and she smiles
    4x03: 'The future, Mr. Messer'
    4x03: Mach 5 vs Batmobile discussion
    4x03: Calls her Montana for the first time in this season
    4x03: 'That explains so much'
    4x03: Montana again
    4x03: 'We have a date with it'
    4x03: Montana handles the coffee, Danny the Batmobile
    4x06: Danny calls Lindsay "Honey"
    4x06: Danny supports Lindsay in front of police officer
    4x06: Lindsay calls Danny and he comes running
    4x06: Danny rubs her back
    4x07:"Definitely could have gone right through the love handles"
    4x07:"Too low wise ass"
    4x07: Reenactment of the crime
    4x07: "Dennis the menace" Lindsay's smile
    4x07: Banter about shooting the bullets with the contraption
    4x10: Conversation about if women make anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night
    4x11: Lindsay trying to spoke to Danny after Ruben's death
    4x13: Lindsay's concern for Danny
    4x13: Lindsay's covering for Danny
    4x13: Mac recognizing their relationship by telling her 'to make sure she doesn't catch what he's got'
    4x14: Lindsay and Danny smiling at each other
    4x14: steel balls reference, Lindsay's raising her eyebrows and smiling at Danny
    4x14: Working the whole case very professionally
    4x14: Trust me
    4x15: Lindsay's sarcasm for Danny forgetting his birthday
    4x15: Lindsay's worried look as Danny lives the room
    4x16: He doesn't want to go to lunch
    4x16: She's fallen in love with him
    4x16: She has to let it go
    4x16: They should talk
    4x17: Jaws talk!
    4x17: This is hard
    4x19: The rain talk
    4x19: 'I miss you more than I can say, evenif I don't know how to say it
    4x19: Do you have any idea how hard you are to love?
    5x07: The teasing is back
    5x09: Danny called her at night.
    5x09: The 'I'm pregnant' conversation
    5x09: Their hands get closer
    5x10: Is the baby a 'she' or a 'he'?
    5x10: Danny has some unexpected questions for Lindsay
    5x10: The 'father' is great but she's 'not he's ready for any of this'
    5x10: It's the wrong time to get married, 'let's take baby steps'
    5x10: He loves her and she loves him
    5x11: He is excited when she tells that the baby kicked
    5x11: She places his hand on her womb and lets him feel their baby
    5x11: Next time it happens you come find me
    5x15: Lindsay defends Danny's stand on the blue flu against Hawkes' accusations
    5x15: Danny tells Stella Lindsay has been calling him ever hour
    5x16: Danny tells Mac he's going to be a father in 2 months
    5x16: Danny is reading a comic book to the baby
    5x16: Danny kisses Lindsay's belly and calls the baby 'kiddo'
    5x17: Danny rubs Lindsay's stomach
    5x17: Danny is being an overprotective father, not wanting a boy getting near the baby if it's a girl
    5x17: Danny tells Mac he loves Lindsay and asked her to marry him
    5x17: Danny brings to Lindsay to the courthouse to get married
    5x17: Danny tells Lindsay 'she's everything he's ever wanted'
    5x17: Lindsay agrees to marry him and kisses him
    5x19: Danny is trying to find a baby boy's name but Lindsay sends him a text saying they are having a baby birl!!
    5x22: the upside to Danny's two weeks suspension is that he gets 'to spend time with his new wife'
    5x23: Danny leaves a voicemail saying to hold the baby inside until he gets there and tells her that he loves her, twice.
    5x23: Lindsay big smile when Danny arrives at the hospital
    5x23: Labor moment (baby, sweetheart and more cute names he calls her), and Danny hugs her and rests their heads together once it's over
    5x23: having their daughter in their arms holding hands and heads touching
    5x24: The male god of virility- that's what Lindsay calls Danny!
    5x24: Danny gives Lindsay a hug and she strokes his arm.
    5x24: Danny's jealous of other men being around Lucy!
    5x24: The only man in her life is me.
    5x24: Here comes Daddy!
    5x24: Danny has Lucy strapped to his chest and bounces her (proud Daddy!)
    5x24: Lindsay's grin at her little family.
    5x25: Danny strokes Lindsay's shoulder to comfort her.
    5x25: They sit holding hands in the bar.
    5x25: Danny pushes Lindsay to the floor underneath him when the shooting begins

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    Great DL moments Part 2 wrote:

    6x01: Lindsay helps Danny process the scene.
    6x01: Lindsay leans on Danny's houlder when talking to him.
    6x01: They tease each other.
    6x01: Danny tells Lindsay she's too cute to threaten him.
    6x01: Danny calls her MONTANA!!
    6x01: The conversation about the 10 percent chance of walking/rain.
    6x02: Lindsay talks with Stella about Danny's improvements on walking again.
    6x03: Danny and Lindsay talk about his physical therapy - she gives him knowing looks.
    6x03: Lucy is 10 months old!
    6x03: Danny says he wants to run through Central Park 'with my daughter on my shoulders', chase down boys who try to hit on her and dance with his wife and daughter at her wedding!
    6x03: Lindsay smiles at him and says she doesn't mind at all.
    6x03: Danny jokes that he knows Lindsay's 'I don't like what I see face' - the look she gives him when he's changing Lucy's diaper
    6x04: Danny wants to know where Lindsay is - he doesn't want anyone else there.
    6x04: Danny whistles at Lindsay with the Messer grin!
    6x04: Danny's look to Lindsay when he talks about love.
    6x04: Lindsay returns his look - "...because she loved him."
    6x04: Danny has "a few precious things" he needs to pay for.
    6x04: The final scene - Danny and Lucy, Danny and Lindsay, what more can be said!
    6x09: Lindsay strokes Danny's back and makes sure that he is comfortable when he gets the bag of ice.
    6x09: When Stella says the life fleets and we should hold on to the people we love while we can, Danny strokes Lindsay's back affectionately and reflecting on those words.
    6x09: They kiss!
    6x11: 'Teamwork' moment, Danny winks an eye to Lindsay and she smiles back.
    6x11: They hug as they deliver the Xmas presents to the kids
    6x12: Danny kisses Lindsay on the corner of her mouth.
    6x12: Danny calls Lindsay first after he is robbed.
    6x12: Lindsay answers her cell phone as 'Lindsay Messer'.
    6x12: Danny calls Lindsay 'babe'.
    6x13: After some diaper talk, THEY KISS!
    6x15: Danny calls Lindsay "darling", "sweetie" and "my girl".
    6x18: Danny calls Lindsay "Lindsay Messer" to which she grins widely.
    6x21: Danny calls Lindsay "babe" and she can read his mind before he finishes the sentence.
    6x23: Lindsay teases Danny about killing him and claiming self-defense for not helping out with the laundry.
    6x23: Lindsay places her hand on Danny's lower back.
    6x23: You're outvoted (Danny changes the radio station claiming to have Lucy on his side).
    6x23: Lindsay teases Danny and imitates him when he is 60 years old.
    6x23: Danny is glad to enjoy their first family vacation.
    6x23: They kiss.
    6x23: Danny asks Lindsay to pack the blue bikini.
    6x23: Danny calls Lindsay 'babe'.
    6x23: Danny asks Lindsay to take Lucy and go when Casey threatens their lives.
    6x23: They say 'I love you' to each other!
    6x23: They cuddle together in bed.
    6x23: Lindsay is tired of feeling like she's lost Danny.
    6x23: Danny kisses her forehead and promises he is not going anywhere.
    6x23: They kiss.
    7x01: Danny threatens to kill Shane Casey if anything should happen to Lucy.
    7x01: Danny calls Lindsay 'babe' twice.
    7x01: Lindsay shoots Shane Casey dead and saves Lucy's life.
    7x01: Danny gets Lucy from Casey's arms and hands her to Lindsay.
    7x01: Danny hugs Lindsay and Lucy.
    7x01: Danny rocks Lucy while Lindsay is being tended to by medical services.
    7x01: Danny smiles proudly as Lindsay is awarded the Combat Cross for her act of heroism.
    7x01: Lindsay tells Mac that she would kill anyone who threatens her family.
    7x01: Danny knows where to find Lindsay.
    7x01: Danny implies that Lindsay's spot belongs in his arms to what she smiles.
    7x01: Danny calls Lindsay 'baby'.
    7x01: Danny respects Lindsay's wish not to return to therapy.
    7x01: Danny retrieves the Combat Cross medal that Lindsay had thrown away and says she deserves it for having saved their daughter. She accepts it.
    7x01: Danny embraces her, caresses her hair and kisses her head.
    7x01: Danny calls Lindsay 'my hero'.
    7x02: Dany and Lindsay work the crime scene together (at victim's appartment).
    7x02: Danny makes a comment that Lucy could have picked the lock (b/c it was so old).
    7x02: Dany believes it was more than a murder and Lindsay agrees that the perp wanted more.
    7x02: Danny and Lindsay go vist victim's former professor and possible suspect.
    7x02: Lindsay plays victim's(Sass) music and Danny agrees it is good
    7x02: Danny tells Lindsay that Lucy will never go near a computer ever and Lindsay agrees.
    7x02: But then she tells him she has a computer lab at preschool and is better at working her iphone than she is. This makes Danny not happy.
    7x03: Danny has talked to Lindsay about having a son.
    7x03: Hawkes teases Danny and Lindsay about leaving the bedroom to them both when it comes to process a bedroom and an entrance door. Danny giggles.
    7x04: Danny makes Lindsay gasp by making a Fishzilla hiss.
    7x05: Danny proudly tells Jimmy that he is married and has a daughter.
    7x06: Danny and Lindsay comment how horrifying it must be finding your missing kid dead as they process a crime scene where a body has been left to decompose inside a car.
    7x10: Danny gets the free body beauty kit that a clerk was giving to Jo to' take it home to the girls'.
    7x11: Danny says 'I love you' to EDNA, the sample library, when he gets a match to something he was looking for. Lindsay hears that and asks if there is another woman in his life as he puts her hands on his shoulders and both smile.
    7x12: Lindsay says she is teaching Lucy some Spanish. Danny teases her asking if she is doing that so mother and daughter can talk behind his back.
    7x16: Danny teases Lindsay about the nature of a stain on a victim's piece of clothing.
    7x16: Lindsay teases Danny about being very obsessed with baseball.
    7x16: Lindsay agrees with Jo's statement that being a mum involves finding oneself covered in throw-up often.
    7x17: Danny and Lindsay discuss about Lucy's future education.
    7x17: Danny calls Lindsay 'sweetheart'.
    7x17: Lindsay teases Danny about him not getting the Dewey Decimal System codes.
    7x17: Danny calls Lindsay 'honey' and 'babe'.
    7x17: They 're-enact' the library sex scene.
    7x18: Danny laughs at 'old Lindsay' pic.
    7x18: Lindsay punches him and then reminds him that he's gonna be married to her, and that they are gonna grow old together.
    7x18: Danny passes an arm around Lindsay's shoulder.
    7x18: Danny agrees with Lindsay and she reminds him that she's already her wife and that he doesn't need to turn on her. 7x19: Danny and Lucy brought Lindsay breakfast to bed on Mother's Day 2 years ago.
    7x19: "I'm not pregnant. Just hungry".
    7x19: Danny gets Lindsay the burger she wants and he takes over her job as she takes a break to eat it.
    7x21: Danny rushes to check that Lindsay is alright after the shooting. She calls him 'honey'. They join in a tight embrace.
    7x22: Danny has a habit of kissing a picture of Lucy before taking part in a risky action.
    7x22: Danny teases Lindsay about not offering help with his cases.
    7x22: Danny teases Lindsay about using her as a drug mule and she teases back about him in a drag outfit.
    7x22: Lindsay mocks Danny's Pacino impression.
    7x22: Danny calls himself 'very handsome' and Lindsay makes a face.
    7x22: Danny has taken the Sergeant's exam and balances out the pros (more money, possibility to become head of the lab in the future) and cons (it'll take him away from the lab, the team and Lindsay). She loves that he is thinking about their future and says they'll cross that bridge when they have to.
    7x22: They hug and kiss when Danny tells Lindsay that he's passed the Sergeant's exam.
    8x01: Danny jokingly refers to Lindsay as "what's her name?"
    8x01: Danny calls Lindsay "baby".
    8x01: They kiss.
    8x02: Lindsay teases Danny but asking him in his capacity as Officer (to which he corrects "Sergeant") at the crime scene if he's seen her husband, Danny Messer. They don't seem to see much of other lately and the miss one another.
    8x02: They tease each other about having been the one who said that Mac'd be back at the lab.
    8x02: Danny schedules his breaks so they can have lunch together. Lindsay is busy and can't make it. When he turns to go, she reaches out for him and runs her fingers over his lips so he draws a smile for her.
    8x02: Lindsay calls him 'honey'.
    8x02: Danny calls her 'babe' and 'sweetheart'.
    8x03: Danny mentions how he treasures having a wife and a kid to go home to.
    8x04: Lindsay is worried about Danny's head injury despite he tries to reassure her by saying that it's just a little cut. She hugs him tight and gets Danny off the IA guy's clutches to take him to the hospital.
    8x04: Danny calls her 'babe'.
    8x04: Lindsay calls him 'honey'.
    8x04: Lindsay stays off the case to avoid conflict of interest but she keeps trying to help from the outside with Adam, Hawkes and Mac.
    8x04: Lindsay stay up all night reading about administrative regulations.
    8x04: Lindsay goes to Mac as she is worried about Danny having been put on modified assignment and wants to help.
    8x04: Lindsay confronts Lauren Cooper about having lied about Danny. She is positive that Danny isn't in a relationship with her.
    8x04: When Danny is demoted and back to detective, Lindsay cares about how his feelings despite she says it's the right move. 'Does it mean I don't have to salute you in the morning anymore?'
    8x06: Danny thinks that they have to make a plan about what kind of funeral service they'd like having, how they'd want to go out and where they'd want their remains to be placed. They tease each other about different alternatives.
    8x06: Lindsay doesn't like Danny's "ratty green boxers".
    8x06: Lindsay gets a bit jealous when Danny mentions a tattoo lady from Coney Island he'd like having at his wake and Danny does the same when Lindsay teases him about remarrying a wealthy man when he's gone.
    8x06: Danny asks Adam who is being unreasonable about their after-life choices while pointing to Lindsay behind her back. She notices and playfully hits his arm so he removes it.
    8x08: When Lindsay spots Danny she spares some time to spend with him.
    8x08: He calls Lindsay 'kid' and reassures her about testifying in an upcoming trial.
    8x11: Danny performs a card trick for Lindsay. She says it was outstanding and that she's never been more proud. When Lindsay tells him about her scienfic findings and asks how that was for magic Danny says that it was 'very good'. As Lindsay leaves, Danny throws the Queen of spades her way and shouts: "My Queen".
    8x11: Lindsay tells Flack: "You are like Danny, you do not listen to what I actually say" to what Flack replies: "Oh I do listen, I think the problem is you aren't saying what you think you're saying." Lindsay smiles and Flack guesses correctly that Danny says that too word by word.
    8x12: Danny teases Lindsay about not working hard enough while he and Hawkes are making progress with their evidence.
    8x12: Lindsay says that she doesn't know what she would do if anyone would ever abduct Lucy and that she would give her right arm to have her back.
    8x13: Danny teases Lindsay about climbing a lot of trees and cow tipping back in Montana. She calls him "city boy" and gives him a scare making him believe that he's standing by a snake.
    8x14: "You alright, babe?" Danny is concerned about Lindsay when they arrive to the crime scene.
    8x14: Danny teases Lindsay about having "wrinkles all over her forehead". She says "it's a frown". He "comes to the rescue" and helps her figure out the footprints on the landing at the crime scene. She says to hate it when he is right.
    8x15: Lindsay teases Danny about one of the women attending the Gears of War tournament being his type.
    8x15: Lindsay teases Danny about beating him at 'Halo' videogame.
    8x15: Danny teases Lindsay about a strong videogame character holding a big un being her type.
    8x16: Danny sends Lindsay a fun riddle text about his crime scene.
    8x17: Lindsay is distressed at the sight of the bday presents for a little girl at a crime scene since Lucy's bday party is to be held the next day.
    8x18: Danny and Lindsay are running after Lucy around the lab. Lindsay says that Lucy is exhausting and Danny teases that she gets it from her mother as Lindsay never stops.
    8x18: Danny and Lindsay are considering moving out in some 2 or 3 years to raise Lucy elsewhere.
    9x01: Lindsay stands up to defend Danny when an spectator says that he is terrible at ice hockey.
    9x01: She cheers Danny and the NYPD team incessantly.
    9x03: Danny shares his concern with Lindsay about Lucy wearing body armor when she becomes a teenager, but she is more worried about ever finding her as the vic at a crime scene.
    9x03: Danny and Lindsay are stuck with a case. “Messer family... 0 for two” and they put their fists together.
    9x03: Danny and Lindsay share a worried look as they talk about a 15-year-old girl who is using already.
    9x03: Both call each other “babe”.
    9x04: Danny rushes to get a new balloon for Lucy after the girl has lost hers.
    9x04: Lindsay is patient when Lucy becomes restless, freaks out when she can’t find her and hugs her tightly when she finally does.
    9x04: Lindsay protects Lucy with her body when the shooting occurs.
    9x04: Danny runs to check on Lindsay and Lucy when the shooting occurs.
    9x04: Danny leaves Lucy with Jo and rides in the ambulance with Lindsay.
    9x04: Danny runs beside Lindsay’s gurney putting a hand to her shoulder until he isn’t allowed to accompany her any longer. He brings his hand to his forehead, distressed and only the sight of Lucy brightens up his face. He picks his daughter in his arms and seeks some privacy.
    9x04: Lucy is cuddled up with Lindsay, sleeping against her chest, once she’s been brought to a hospital room. Danny kisses Lindsay and carefully picks Lucy in his arms to take her home for the night.
    9x04: Lucy has drawn a picture for Lindsay with the legend: “Mommy get well soon”.
    9x04: Danny calls Lindsay: “Montana” and kisses her. She acknowledges that it had been a while since he last called her that.
    9x04: When Lindsay starts to recall what happened when she got hurt her first thought is towards Lucy's wellbeing.
    9x04: When Lindsay tells Danny about him standing in her room at night, Danny thinks that she has dreamt it and asks her if he was naked.
    9x04: Danny is angry because the security in the hospital was faulty.
    9x04: Danny, Lindsay and Lucy walk along a corridor. Lucy is in Danny’s arms, Lindsay tickles her, the three have big smiles in their faces.
    9x07: Danny calls Lindsay “babe” twice.
    9x07: Lindsay says that she is a patient person as evidenced by the man she’s taken as her husband.
    9x07: Lindsay says that Lucy is gonna be very jealous that they have had the chance to see a snow leopard in the Central Park Zoo close by.
    9x07: Danny gives Lindsay a dozen red roses and takes her out to dinner as an apology for unwillingly having made her the victim of a prank that was meant for Adam.
    9x08: Lindsay doesn’t pick Danny’s call so he leaves a message saying that he just wants to hear her voice and know that she is ok so he offers his ear if she wants to talk. He tells her that he loves her.
    9x08: Danny keeps checking his phone all the time. Adam knows that he hasn’t heard from Lindsay
    9x08: When she returns no questions are asked or words exchanged, Danny is waiting for her at the entrance of the building, they join in a tight hug, he kisses the side of her head and picks her suitcase, leading the way into the building. She slips her fingers into his backpocket and follows him inside.
    9x10: Danny is sent to the scene that Lindsay is processing: “not that I dont like an excuse to come see you, babe, but what's up?”.
    9x10: Danny tells Lindsay: “I love it when you talk sciencey to me, baby”.
    9x11: Lunch together was in their schedule.
    9x11: Danny calls her "babe".
    9X11: Danny wants to give the Guardian Angel their address.
    9x12: Danny and Lindsay go pay their respects together to Mark Riley’s family. She laces her arm with his as they walk down the hall.
    9x12: Danny puts his arm around Lindsay’s shoulder before leaving Mark Riley’s wake.
    9x13: When Lindsay was to Mac for help (with the case) he teases by asking what Danny has done to her.
    9x13: Danny calls her “Linds”.
    9x13: Lindsay tells Danny that she is pregnant. He is a good kind of shocked and shouts “We’re having a baby!” before hugging her tightly.
    9x14: Lindsay says that Lucy is excited about having a sibling.
    9x16: Danny is frustrated because Lindsay is busy and they might not make it to dinner on St. Valentine’s Day. Lindsay reminds him that he hates the celebration. He says that he doesn’t hate it, but that he finds stupid to spend a fortune on some fancy meal just because everybody else does. Lindsay kisses him in the cheek and tells him that they won’t do it and that it should be her present for him. Danny promises her that they’ll celebrate at home.
    9x16: At home Danny is rubbing Lindsay’s feet. She mentions that between Lucy and work they don’t have much time to spend together any longer and that it’ll get harder when the baby comes. Danny replies that it’ll also get a lot better, then rubs her belly and says “there’s my little boy”. Lindsay smiles pleased and suggests that it might be the perfect time to celebrate. Danny shifts his position in the couch and leans over her to kiss her but Lucy interrupts them from her bedroom scared of a vampire hiding under her bed. Lindsay laughs and Danny goes see to their daughter.
    9x17: Lindsay rushes to check in that Danny is ok after a shot is heard when he is in pursuit of a perp.
    9x17: During the roof top scene, Lindsay is leaning on Danny's chest. He runs his hand through her hair, they smile at each other and both rest their entwined hands on her belly.
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    Can you add me to the list of members? I forgot to do that for the last one.
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    DantanaMM wrote:
    Can you add me to the list of members? I forgot to do that for the last one.

    You are the 232nd member!! I added you!
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    OMG how did I miss this!?!?!?! no you know what, I somehow always manage

    GREAT JOB JORDINA!!!!!!!!! *hugs*

    I am bound and determined to find the original fountain *throws M&Ms*
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    Really nice job, JJ

    Hope they do really start making sense for me from now on
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    i totally love these photos... good opening too... wow it's been four years
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    They rock!
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    *dances* Wooooohooooo for new thread. Awesome job JJ. When I have a chance I will look to see what I have pic wise.

    *leaves baskets of D/L & D/L baby girl shaped brownies for everyone to enjoy*
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    woohoo!! great opening hun!!

    *throws M&Ms all around*
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    Beautiful opening! Thanks so much JJ & Gwen!

    Allow me to add some M&M brownies to the celebration. Yum!

    Danny is tending to diaper duty right now, so Danny-kisses will have to wait.

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    Great pictures... nothing better than starting a new thread.... oooh how exciting
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    FoxPhile wrote:

    Beautiful opening! Thanks so much JJ & Gwen!

    didn't do much besides giving JJ the last two pics.
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    gwenpiper24 wrote:
    FoxPhile wrote:

    Beautiful opening! Thanks so much JJ & Gwen!

    didn't do much besides giving JJ the last two pics.

    They were very important pics!!

    THANKS PEOPLE!! I'm glad you liked it!!
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    And Baby makes Three..... VERY NICE openly . ..
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    Here is the new SODL video


    Enjoy everyone. Please comment on it for me.
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    Yay, I was eagerly waiting for it DT Thank you! *off to get it on my phone*
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    *pretends she hasn't made her own to clips to be able to watch them on her phone every night in her bed before going to sleep*
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    I'm not blessed with a smart enough mind to make them myself, I'm afraid Good for you, hun!

    DT makes a great job at it as well, I have all of hers. So cool of her to share
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