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Which CSI is the best?

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    lanamissy wrote:

    If you would have asked me this 2 years ago, my answer would have been:


    CSI: NY


    I just thought MIAMI had a beautiful setting and Horatio was awesome. But lately it's been going down hill with the arrival of Walter the the slowly depleting story plots. So now, I'm focusing more on NY because Mac, Jo, Flack, and Lindsey are amazing. Plus there is a little humor in the mix.

    So now I like it: CSI: NY: CSI: MIAMI, and CSI.

    For some reason I could ever get into CSI: LV. And since the show got rid of Grissom, it doesn't seem like the same show anymore.

    Seeing how "CSI:MIAMI" has finished "CSI"NY" has taken my number one position.

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