Season 2 Episode 2

Grand Murder at Central Station

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on CBS
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Stella and Danny are heading into the world of cuddle parties: non-sexual events where adults learn to touch and hug each other. Meanwhile, Mac, Hawkes, and Flack investigate the death of a hated plastic surgeon found covered with lye with thousands of eyewitnesses during rush hour at Grand Central Station. While Mac and Stella assist Aiden in a rape case, after she breaks an evidence seal, Mac must come to terms with Aiden's action and work up the nerve to fire her.moreless

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  • This episode was very well written, but it also included the scene nobody ever wanted: Mac Taylor firing one of his CSIs.

    This episode was very well written. Like the rest of the CSI: NY episodes, this one investigates one of the more mysterious and strange ways to commit murder -- this time it's putting lye in a stainless steel coffee mug and throwing it in the victim's face. It was also a rather upsetting episode as we had to watch Mac Taylor do something that every fan hates. He fired Aiden Burn for breaking an evidence seal to plant incriminating evidence on DJ Pratt, an action which would compromise the integrity of the lab. As for Vanessa Ferlito herself, she wasn't in this episode much, in fact the only times I saw her was when she was on her way to Mac's Office and when she was fired.moreless
  • Great Script!

    For the twists of insurance fraud in the case of the murdered plastic surgeon was great. I loved the interviews with the surgeons patients. Some of them were just too funny and watching Flack try and keep a straight face was just as funny. Two of the things that stick out for me in this case were in regards to Hawkes. He will forever be a doctor, a good one. His attention to returning the teddy bear to the little girl was very much in his character. Now the case of the blind artist was great. I loved how Stella utilized Frankie's talent to finish the half finished bust. The cuddle club was a little bit weird for me. But watching Stella & Danny work their way through the evidence and suspect list was great. Stella's closing line in making the arrest about "her being blind but seeing right through Paul" was classic. Now for the whole firing Aiden situation. Mac was given no choice but knowing Aiden's feeling regarding the case let her know that he wouldn't forget that justice needed to be served.moreless
  • acid at grand central station and a blind woman stangled. woahh

    The acid scene at the beginning was exciting, but it was sad to see that Hawkes couldn't save the man. I loved how Hawkes interacted with the little girl with the stuffed animal, and how he sent it back to her at the end. It was adorable. I loved the scene where Mac tells Hawkes that eating is frowned upon, and how nervous Hawkes gets to put it away. Also, when Hawkes comes in to tell about J-Lo's butt and the disturbed/surprised look on Mac's face. It was cute to see them joke around with one another.

    When Mac found the ripped open evidence bag, I was surprised. It was nice seeing him get all worked up.:) I didn't expect Aiden to get fired, but it was best for the lab. They didn't leave on bad terms either, which made the scene really good!

    As for the blind girl, I thought it was really cool how she sculpted and it was so precise. It was sad for the girls boyfriend, because you could see that he really had strong feelings for her. Stella's comment about her seeing right through the jerk was perfect.moreless
  • Aiden aiden aiden. And Hawkes freaking out over lunch

    The Beginning:

    Yup. That’s how Grand Central can be! But add a screaming crazy, and that only ADDS to the fun! Well okay so he’s not crazy. He just has his face being burned off. I loved Mac’s take charge attitude of closing off the area.

    The Cases:

    First there was the dead plastic surgeon. He lived his life to make people look beautiful, and he ended up looking like a mess of a thing. Well Okay, maybe he didn’t make people beautiful, as we can tell by some of his malpractice suits. What I loved is the originality of this case. I mean a doctor has insurance on his hands, and the way they figured it out that it happened because of an insurance scam was brilliant

    Aiden continuing her rape case.

    Then there was the artist who was blind. Seeing her do her work, and seeing how great she worked was wonderful. It made you feel more for the victim. I mean, killing a person is bad enough, but someone who can’t see what’s coming? It was just bad, especially when she thought the guy was taking her upstairs to see her loved one. I love what Stella said about her though, how though she may have been unable to see, but she could see right through him. I just wish she could have seen what he was up to. I can’t believe he killed her. The jerk.

    Then Aiden with her rape case, and Aiden getting kicked off, even though technically she didn’t actually do it. She didn’t go through with planting the evidence. Then we have how Aiden pretty much admitted she can’t handle this anymore. Very sad to see her go.

    Favorite Scenes:

    One of them was Hawkes on his lunch break and Mac freaking him out, letting him think that he was in trouble for eating. That it was frowned upon. Then he doesn’t even get to finish eating because he figured out the case. And all because of JLo’s butt. Also on the favorite scenes list was Hawkes with the little girl and her teddy bear. He was just so sweet when he talked to her and also so cute when he put the bear back together.

    Finally, there is the scene of Danny at the Cuddle Party and how he was just shocked by how weird it was. I love his reaction to the Cuddle guard, or whatever he called himself and how he responded: “I don’t cuddle.”moreless
  • A man gets burned by acid and someone strangles a blind girl. Bring on the fun.

    One of the two episodes I hadn't yet seen, and I finally caught it on the reruns tonight.

    This episode is important for two reasons: 1) We are introduced to Stella's beau, Frankie, who ends up being a homicidal psycho but seems perfectly normal in this one. 2) It is Aiden's last day on the job, as she flirts with evidence tampering and gets fired for it.

    Question...if this was Aiden's last episode, couldn't they have - oh, I don't know - given her more lines? She was barely in the show. Was that a decision of the actress? Did she agree to come back for only a few episodes or something, and they wanted to give her as little to do as possible? We see Mac find the broken evidence seal and then we see her get fired because of it.

    Can I just say...loved Hawkes with the teddy bear? So cute! I'm glad they moved Hawkes into the field. He is too good of a character to waste him by only giving him a few scenes each episode.

    Favorite line? Danny: I don't cuddle.

    Laughed my *ss off. It was great.moreless
Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Vanessa Ferlito

Vanessa Ferlito

Aiden Burn

Aria Wallace

Aria Wallace

Emily Dickerson

Guest Star

Lauren Bowles

Lauren Bowles

Jamie Blake

Guest Star

John Cappon

John Cappon


Guest Star

Ron Yuan

Ron Yuan

Dr. Evan Zao

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof: The CSI team used the footprint on the bear to find the murderer, but in real life this would not have been usable evidence. There were traces of lye all over the floor, and it was Grand Central at rush hour. Any defense attorney would argue that anyone there could have stepped in the lye and on the bear, and that it could not be used to incriminate his/her client, due to the fact it only proves they were one of the thousand's of people there, not the murderer.

    • Goof: While Sheldon and Mac are processing the crime scene, there is an announcement over the PA of the boarding of the Metroliner train. The Metroliner never arrived/departed from Grand Central, but from Penn Station.

    • Goof: When Aiden places her badge on Mac's desk, she walks out of his office after a short talk; then the camera cuts back to Mac standing behind his desk, but Aiden's badge is gone. It does not show Mac picking up the badge.

    • Dr. Hawkes has five years of experience in the E.R

      The scene where Hawkes is trying to save a patient but loses it begins the backstory for episode 56 (Season 3, Episode 9) And Here's To You, Mrs. Azrael.

      That scene was used to end the teaser for the episode.

    • Goof: Stella asks Aiden about the Regina BOWEN rape case, but just one episode before, when Aiden picks up the old evidence, the victim's name is given as Regina MOORE.

    • Goof: In the photo shots of Evelyn Danner when the CSI team is first documenting her death, the corpse's mouth is alternately open and closed.

    • Goof: Lye is strong and usually would be handled by a HAZMAT team.

      When the victim is arrested in the ambulance, Hawkes asked for intubation and the paramedic began the procedure but did not finish it.

    • Goof: When the man from the Braille Institute reads the Braille letter out loud, he is not reading the real text of the letter.

      The shots of the reader's fingers repeatedly show him reading the first line of the body of the letter, rather than reading through the lines of the letter.

    • We learn that Aiden did not tamper with the evidence although she wanted to. But Mac fired her because she broke the evidence seal and therefore to ensure that she would never have the chance to do it again.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Mac: (To Dr. Thatcher who is being accused of throwing lye) We know from your shoes that that's a lie. L-I-E.

    • Hawkes: Did you know rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez's ass is insured for one billion dollars?
      Mac: Excuse me?
      Hawkes: Five hundred million a cheek.

    • Danny: Come on, Zach, you're kidding me, right? The SEM doesn't take this long to cook up skate dusts.
      Zach: It's working as fast as it can. You don't want this thing busting down, alright? Mac will have my ass.
      Danny: So hard to find good help.

    • Donald Scott: (showing an ID card with an old photo) Which Donald Scott do you think is handsomer?
      Flack: Do I have to answer that question?

    • Hawkes: Vanity - one of the seven deadly sins.

    • Zach: Okay, I'm gonna start charging you guys for this forensic valet service.
      (Hawkes and Flack don't find it funny)

    • Aiden: Mac! Do you have a second?
      Mac: Yeah, for you, I have ten seconds.

    • (Hawkes is processing a teddy bear named Franklin)
      Mac: So Franklin tell you anything or did he lawyer up?

    • Dr. Thatcher: Plastic surgery isn't an exact science. We try to make people into swans, but you can't always fix an ugly duckling.

    • Det. Scagnetti: I just spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Butterball over there. They don't know anything.

    • Mac: You ready to search for the Holy Grail?
      (Hawkes stops and gives a puzzled look at Mac)
      Mac: You gotta have a container of some sort if you're gonna throw lye in someone's face.
      Hawkes: You know, the Holy Grail is considered...
      Mac: Yeah, yeah, I know, I read The Da Vinci Code too.

    • Mac: This folder...
      (puts the Regina Moore case file on his desk)
      Mac: ...will stay right here on my desk until we catch this guy.

    • Mac: Aiden...you're fired.

    • Flack: We got some whackadoo running around throwing acid in people's faces?
      Mac: Not acid-- lye.
      Flack: All right. Well,I'll start with the nuts in this city and work my way up!

    • Stella: Hey Danny, come here.
      Danny: Which one of those trees need Viagra?

    • Mac: There are three things that I'll protect at any cost. The honor of this country, the safety of this city, and the integrity of this lab.

    • Mac: (to Dr. Thatcher) We checked your record, it's clean, but your partner's record has more flags than the UN building.

    • Mac: A crime in a crowd. Two thousand eyes, not one witness.

    • Stella: I didn't know Evelyn, but I have to give her credit for one thing. For not being able to see, she was able to see right through you.

    • Mac: You on a break?
      Hawkes: I'm just taking five minutes to eat. That's okay, isn't it?
      Mac: Eating is frowned upon, Hawkes.
      (Hawkes starts putting his food away)
      Mac: Hey, I'm kidding. Relax!

    • Danny: Give us a call if you remember the name.
      Ira Feinstein: Of course. And you know who to call if you need a cuddle.
      Danny: I don't cuddle.

    • (Det. Scagnetti walks in with a pink bag)
      Danny: Ooh, Detective Prada! That's a nice bag, matches your shoes perfectly.
      Det. Scagnetti: (sarcastically) You're a funny guy, Messer.

    • Mac: It never ceases to amaze me how men of higher education can commit such stupid crimes.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Larry Poindexter, who plays Dr. Stanley Thatcher, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Bombshell and in the C.S.I. ones Bad Words and Targets of Obsession.

      Todd Stashwick, who plays Ira Feinstein, also appears in the CSI: Miami episodes Invasion and Look Who's Taunting and in the C.S.I. one Revenge Is Best Served Cold.

    • German episode title: Kunstfehler, meaning Malpractice.
      Franch episode title: Un Mort Dans La Foule, meaning A Dead in the Crowd.

    • Music Featured:
      New York Girls by Morningwood.
      Dance to the Underground (the DFA version) by Radio 4.
      Dawn by Night Traffic.
      9x9 by The Benevento Russo Duo.
      Open the Jowls by Tipper.
      Get Right by J-Lo.

    • In the original script for Grand Murder at Central Station the producers wanted Aiden to pull out a letter of resignation from her breast pocket but later decided that it would take away the impact of the speech detective Taylor gives Aiden.

    • The producers and writers had planned to shoot the episode at Grand Central Station. This couldn't be done due to the London bombings.

      A Grand Central Station set was built for the episode.

    • This episode was to be originally aired Sept. 28, but was pushed back because of the postponement of the C.S.I: NY season premiere Summer in the City.


    • Hawkes: Bless you, J.Lo!

      Allusion to Jennifer Lopez, popularly nicknamed J.Lo.

    • Mac: I read it too.

      Hawkes refers to The Da Vinci Code, a popular novel written by Dan Brown. The book is a fictional novel based on theories of the Holy Grail. The writers of this episode cleverly didn't give away the ending or even plot of the book.

    • Stella: (interrupting a group of guys playing street hockey) I hate to break up the next Miracle On Ice, but we're looking for Steve Sampras. The expression Miracle On Ice refers to the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, where the American men's hockey team won gold by defeating the highly-favored Soviets. The day before the game between the Americans and the Soviets, sports columnist Dave Anderson said that the Soviets would win gold for the sixth time in a row unless the Americans performed a miracle. Ironically, CSI: NY co-star Eddie Cahill starred in the 2004 movie Miracle which chronicles this story.