Season 5 Episode 17

Green Piece

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • Adam gets caught in a bomb blast and wedding bells are in the air for one of our favourite couples. A tear-jerker for me which triggered tissues being pulled heaps of times.

    I was kind of shocked at the beginning of this episode when Adam was caught in the bomb blast. One part of my brain thought that he's not going to be his normal self ever again while the other half knows that he'll be fine.

    This episode consists on environmental issues that is probably new to the team. But in the end, they got the suspect and send him to a place where he belongs.

    My favourite part of the episode is the last 10 - 15 minutes of it. Danny surprising Lindsay by marrying her anyways was one of the most beautiful scene in a long time. Seeing them getting married (with both Mac and Stella present) made my night more pleasent and the montage of their relationship through the past four seasons (from Seasons 2 to now) brings me to tears. A great episode to watch. ;)
  • AWESOME! Enviromentalist terrorism and sxweet moments!

    The enviromental terrorism was a nice case! For most part of the chapter I thought that the father had something to do with it, but I thought that he was trying to get money for the insurance or whatever. It surprised me that he was one of the bad guys with all that China thing, sending the computers there... Really good case. I loved the 'ECO' bar... I always thought enviromentalists would live more like hippies!! Where was the mom?? Her daughter just died and she doesn't come back?

    Adam was great, I loved seeing him play hockey and make all that speech on the camera! And then safe a live!
    I liked that all the team worked on the case. I love those types of chapters that are not centered on one character and all the team takes part. It was nice to see how everyone cared about Adam so much, I could even see him blush when Stella asked how he was feeling! And Hawkes was really cool with him!

    Now, on the DL part.... The little moments they had given us this chapter were awesome! First Danny already proving that he would be an overprotective daddy, Lindsay and Sid talking about her leaving to Montana, and Mac and Danny moment was really cute. How Mac's voice breaks when he says that Claire is gone... AND the proposal/marriage... I'm the only one that cried with them?? Danny's speech was so intense and true and beautiful...I'm really happy that they kissed and then hugged and he keeps kissing her. Really sweet, and when they get in and found Mac and Stella there, I loved how Lindsay was so surprised. I'm glad they introduced the flashback with a whole lot of DL moments, but I kinda missed seeing them go through it...

    AMAZING chapter!! I'm gonna miss Lindsay for the next chapters...
  • Bombs and Weddings!!

    First of all let me say that the opening scene prior to the intro was perhaps the best opening to a CSI episode ever,the explosion was amazing, so much drama glad Adam was ok though!! The case was great, fast paced and very cool, loved the idea of eco terrorists killing people to prove a point, it could happen. The leader of the group really annoyed me, Mac should have punched him in the face and as for the racist guy, flack should have punched him too, anyway away from police brutality and back to the episode and there still seems to be a spark between Stella nad Adam, Am i the only one that sees this??
    Speaking of sparks Danny decides to spring a sort of wedding on Lindsey before she leaves to visit her mom, great to see their relationship working out. Looking forward to seeing them juggling work and family, should be interesting.
    Another Top Episode from the best CSI show right now!!
  • Adam gets caught up when a bomb explodes, Mac and the team try to figure who and why the bomb was planted.

    Love, love, love this episode. It was worth fighting to see. Adam's such a cool guy, nice to see him bounce back so soon. I like how he got to play the hero bit (second time this season after The Party's Over, just in a different way). I like how Hawkes went directly to Adam, even though he got sent with the other man. And you could tell Mac was affected by Adam's close call too. As for the Danny/Lindsay thing- I accepted it. But I was never a D/L fan, so I can't say I like the attention its getting.
  • I love this show.

    Great episode. Adam is enchanting in his own quirky way. He was even fun to watch just playing hockey with his buddies. It didn't really make sense he would be able to hear after the explosion but what made perfect sense is his willingness to provide assistance both at the scene and in the lab immediately after. The case was also interesting. We hear of environmental terrorism but the humanity of wanting to save ones own family is a twist not often dealt with. The best for last...
    Danny and Lindsey's impromptu wedding was sweet and romantic while not necessarily legal. But who cares? It is TV for crying out loud and fans everywhere for cheering for this darling couple. The DL montage at the end was a perfect cap on a great episode.
  • Moment of Truth!

    There is a first, in the CSI history. But first, Adam I think he needs to be a regular. As people seem to really like him. We get to know what, he is like. He likes hockey, and that everybody does seem to care for him. The CSI's must find out, how a bomb went off. They refer to Timothy McVeigh and the 1995 Oklahoma Bombing. Elsewhere, we get to see, two CSIs marry each other. When Lindsay was going to take her pregnancy to her hometown, in Montana. Danny, it was killing him. So for the very first time, we see him and Lindsay marry one another. We learn that Mac wished he had, children with his late wife, Claire. Though she had a stepson. Because Mac was too involved with his job it seems, to have children. Really good show!
  • God Do I LOVE this Show!!!!!

    I always knew Adam would be goalie but I loved how the team appreciated his absence in trace. The attention to detail at the bomb scene was phenomenal. Flack's expressions were priceless as Mac and Stella were determining the size of the drums carrying the ammonium nitrate. Danny is slipping into "daddy" mode really easy. Lately there are more scenes with interrogating suspects and I like the inclusion. It definitely fits but I think it gives a different dimension to the show. I love the scene with Mac and Danny. It was very touching. The twist that Redman, whom lost his daughter, was behind the motive for illegal dumping in China was creative. I loved Stella's interview of Redman, it was very powerful and matched Mac's interview of Mayheim. This was a perfect example of extremists taking their cause way to far. The wedding was perfect. I loved the montage of what led them to this point….. Thank you Zachary Reiter.
  • The episode I have been waiting for is finally here!

    The episode was amazing! The case started off with Adam (who is now a permanent cast member!) playing street hockey when he nearly gets blown away by a car bomb. I have to admit, for a second there I panicked. I thought, they can't kill him off, they just added him to the cast. But he ended up ok and showed a bit of his heroic side. As they investigate the case, they have a couple of curveballs thrown their way but being the pros that they are they manage to figure out who the bad guys are, and they were even able to uncover the bad thing that a seemingly good guy was doing. Even though the case was interesting, what had me squealing with joy was definitely not related to the case. Lindsay was preparing to go to Montana to show her mom the belly and Danny was slightly freaking out. It was cute how protective he was (I smiled so hard my face hurt when he told Lindsay that if the baby was a girl there was no way that any boy was going to get close enough to her to get her pregnant). I loved that little fatherly chat that he had with Mac and the speech he gave her at the end was far and away better than the "proposal" that he gave her in "The Triangle". If she said no...let's just say my TV is glad that she said yes. How cute was it that Mac and Stella were the ones waiting for them at the Justice of the Peace. I loved the montage at the end and thought it was beautifully done.
    Amazing episode!