Season 5 Episode 17

Green Piece

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • AWESOME! Enviromentalist terrorism and sxweet moments!

    The enviromental terrorism was a nice case! For most part of the chapter I thought that the father had something to do with it, but I thought that he was trying to get money for the insurance or whatever. It surprised me that he was one of the bad guys with all that China thing, sending the computers there... Really good case. I loved the 'ECO' bar... I always thought enviromentalists would live more like hippies!! Where was the mom?? Her daughter just died and she doesn't come back?

    Adam was great, I loved seeing him play hockey and make all that speech on the camera! And then safe a live!
    I liked that all the team worked on the case. I love those types of chapters that are not centered on one character and all the team takes part. It was nice to see how everyone cared about Adam so much, I could even see him blush when Stella asked how he was feeling! And Hawkes was really cool with him!

    Now, on the DL part.... The little moments they had given us this chapter were awesome! First Danny already proving that he would be an overprotective daddy, Lindsay and Sid talking about her leaving to Montana, and Mac and Danny moment was really cute. How Mac's voice breaks when he says that Claire is gone... AND the proposal/marriage... I'm the only one that cried with them?? Danny's speech was so intense and true and beautiful...I'm really happy that they kissed and then hugged and he keeps kissing her. Really sweet, and when they get in and found Mac and Stella there, I loved how Lindsay was so surprised. I'm glad they introduced the flashback with a whole lot of DL moments, but I kinda missed seeing them go through it...

    AMAZING chapter!! I'm gonna miss Lindsay for the next chapters...
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