Season 5 Episode 17

Green Piece

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • Adam gets caught in a bomb blast and wedding bells are in the air for one of our favourite couples. A tear-jerker for me which triggered tissues being pulled heaps of times.

    I was kind of shocked at the beginning of this episode when Adam was caught in the bomb blast. One part of my brain thought that he's not going to be his normal self ever again while the other half knows that he'll be fine.

    This episode consists on environmental issues that is probably new to the team. But in the end, they got the suspect and send him to a place where he belongs.

    My favourite part of the episode is the last 10 - 15 minutes of it. Danny surprising Lindsay by marrying her anyways was one of the most beautiful scene in a long time. Seeing them getting married (with both Mac and Stella present) made my night more pleasent and the montage of their relationship through the past four seasons (from Seasons 2 to now) brings me to tears. A great episode to watch. ;)