Season 3 Episode 16

Heart of Glass

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

We open to a posh NYC hotel, showing different scenes in each window; however, in one window we see two bright flashes of light. In another window, we see a blond woman (too thin) maybe a model preparing a romantic bubble bath with rose petals and champagne. "I Love You DL (it's smeared on the mirror)" A flash - then we see the same woman in the tub, dead with a large gash to her forehead. Danny is working the scene Peyton walks in with Mac. Danny mentions that he thought Mac had the night off. "I do, Peyton's on call and I'm with her" Danny eyes pop. They determine the women "Diane Langston" broke in using the universal key, a credit card. Peyton cannot initially give a cause of death. In finishing up the crime scene, Danny finds a bullet fragment at the bottom of the tub. But Peyton says there is no bullet wounds on the victim. More information would come after the autopsy.

Going to our secondary crime scene, we find a male dead body faced down in front of a broken fish tank, bled out from a severe cut to the wrist. It's determined the victim is Henry Gable. The apt belongs to Mr. Gable, his sister Kennedy had moved in 9 months ago to recover from a serious car accident that she and her brother Henry were involved in. Kennedy Gable stipulates she witnessed him fighting off an attacker. The attacker was described as a woman medium build with blond hair. Miss Gable had made two prior reports to the police about this woman breaking into their apt.

Stella begins processing the scene, in doing so, she begins picking up the pieces of broken glass to send to trace. As she does, a piece of glass breaks and cuts her pretty deeply just above the wrist. She rushes to give herself first aid. At the autopsy meeting with Sid COD was determined at a slice to the wrist causing him to bleed out. Unfortunately, it's confirmed, Mr. Gable had AIDS. Stella is stunned silent but doesn't reveal that she was cut at the crime scene. She heads to trace to speak with Adam.

Danny teamed up with Angel on the Langston murder, they find that the apt she was found in was leased to a DJ Melvoy, who six months ago took a TSO out on the victim, moved to Europe and subleted the apt to a Justin McKinney. They begin speaking with neighbors. The neighbors, particularly the Ballards (a married couple living in the apt just above the murder scene). They state that they heard "two pops" possible gunshots. Mr. Ballard was just leaving for work and Mrs. Ballard says she was asleep at the time of the murder. Her husband was at work at a nightclub. However, she said she thought had heard a woman scream just before she got up for some aspirin for a headache.

At the autopsy, Peyton determines preliminary findings are that Ms. Langston died of cardiomyopthy or an enlarged heart. But this doesn't explain the bullet fragment.

After Stella's meeting with Adam, she finds that the blood traces only had one donor. Mr. Gable. She doesn't wait to hear the rest and goes to a clinic for an HIV test. Unfortunately she is in for a long wait, it could take a minimum of 3 months to get the final results. The best course of action for now is maintenance drugs until her test results are in. Not being able to do anything in the meantime, Stella goes back to work.

Kennedy Gable is insisting that the police aren't doing enough to find the woman that broke into the apt and killed her brother. Mac questions her a feels that she believes what she is saying. They give her a lie detector test and she passes. A piece of information that has turned up is that Henry Gable was deep in debt.

Mac meets with Peyton back at Ms. Langston autopsy, a final cause of death is determined. Electrocution - Peyton determines the electric current started at the tip of a finger and went all the way through her body exiting out the tip of her toes. Mac sends Danny back out to the crime scene.

Stella and Hawks working the Gable case are tracking down a possible lead meeting with a singer named Becca that Mr. Gable once managed. It's determined that she was with him on the night he died. She was attempting a return to music however due to a bad drug habit Mr. Gable informed her this was not possible. Upon leaving Mr. Gable's apt Becca retrieve a framed collection of her CDs, this frame was dropped and broken.

Mac meets with Sid, Mr. Gable's body was returned from the funeral home. Through the final burial process some unexplained bruises appeared on his arms and on his back. They find out that Mr. Gable was trying additional homeopathic methods to combat his HIV/AIDS. They meet with his doctor. She informs them that he was behind in payment, they argued, she grabbed his arm (causing the bruising) then left.

Danny back at the Langston murder scene is in the bathroom and trying to determine how the electrocution occurred. He doesn't see anything but hears a noise coming from a fan vent in the bathroom. He goes to touch it and gets shocked. He begins to take the fan apart and finds additional bullet fragments and a bullet hole leading up into the Ballards apt. Danny returns to speak with Mrs. Ballard, she is still complaining of a headache. Going on his gut, he brings her to Peyton (who looks like she could strangle him for bringing in a live person to an autopsy room). Peyton using an X-Ray gadget determines that Mrs. Ballard is walking around with a bullet in her head. Danny puts together that Mr. Ballard probably shot Mrs. Ballard on the way to work. Danny grabs Angel and they go to interview Mr. Ballard.

Back at the Gable apt Mac and Stella are looking for evidence of the other woman that "attacked" Mr. Gable. Mac's looking around and things aren't adding up. "Stella, what time were those reports made by Kennedy about the woman in the apt" Her response is " 9:30 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. Mac looks out the window to the skyline and sees his reflection and figures out what happened.

Danny & Angel go to interview Mr. Ballard on how his wife was shot, and discover him with his mistress. They learn motive, Danny gets to chase him down and make the arrest.

Back in the interview room Mac is still questioning Kennedy Gable about the "woman" who attacked her brother. Stella, Flack and Hawks watch from behind the two-way mirror. Mac is pushing for a "confession" from Kennedy. She continues to defend herself about loving her brother and not killing him. She get up and sees her reflection in the two-way mirror. She starts pointing hysterically that that's the woman who killed her brother.

Hawks, being an MD, informs Stella and Flack that Kennedy is suffering from a brain injury from the car accident 9 months prior, which causes her to be confused with what she is seeing. That night she saw her reflection in the window and thought it was an intruder. Just like the previous two instances. She picked up a heavy object began breaking glass in "self-defense" and accidentally slashes her brother's wrist causing his ultimate death.

As this conversation is going on, Kennedy becomes angry and throws a chair through the two-way window, breaking it. Everyone is ok, but Hawks points out that she is cut just above her cheek. Adamantly, she tells them not to touch her and runs out of the room. Mac calls after her, she ignores him and goes to tend to her injury.

Fade Out…..