Season 3 Episode 16

Heart of Glass

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • How the chick in the tub died totally caught me off guard.

    Yet again, another great installment. The beginning of the episode was cool, seeing what everyone was doing in their apartment. The flashing lights totally tippd me off that someone was firing their gun. The bathtub vic was really skinny, in my opinion, I think she needs to have a steak or something. Put some more muscle onto that body of hers, but she's dead so it really doesn't matter! :P

    Peyton's back! Wow, Mac is so hot with that leather jacket. It's probably for the best that he doesn't wear that kind of outfit to crime scenes otherwise strange girls would come trampling over and then nothing would get processed! When Danny took that lady down to the morgue, I had no idea what he was doing (mostly because I was babysitting while watching CSI NY, so I was distracted). Then to find out she had a bulet in her head, really shocked me. I'm amazed she missed that. Stupid husband.

    Crime #2: I feel honestly bad for Kennedy. Being afraid of her own refection and in the process accidentally killing her own brother. This crime, or rather, accident is very creative in a sad way. I hope Stella's blood work comes back negative. Man, that's very original to potentially give a CSI AIDS.