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Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 10, 2006 on CBS
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Mac and Danny find a Marine Corporal dead but things don't seem right about his death. They find a drop of blood on his sleeve, new signs of a struggle and several medals on his uniform. They both wonder why the Marine didn't fight for his life.
Stella, Lindsay, and Dr. Hawkes are all busy investigating a dead body in front of a car; they believe the body to be that of Charles Wright. There is one slight problem: Sid confirms that the body found in the car is not Charles Wright. The body in the car is a female.
After Sheldon carefully begins facial reconstruction of the skull, he would use a tool that will allow him to import this call into the computer so he can match a face to that skull. Sheldon comes up with a surprising result: the skull and the photo match that of Aiden Burn.moreless

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  • A clever title goes here!

    This is a sad yet very touching episode.
  • Great they got Pratt, but At too high A cost.

    I Am bittersweet when It comes to this episode. 0n 1 hand, I Am proud that they got D.J. Pratt, but the way was 2 forms of dis.-appointing & gusting. We can cheer Aiden As being A martyr, but this was An appalling way to end her presence on the show. Eli Talbert wrote A disgraceful end for Aiden. Thanks to this Incompetent, ALL hope of the original team gettin back together. Killing Aiden was the LAST thing that should have happened. Anthony Zuiker should have re-written this episode so that Aiden would have escaped Pratt. Actually Zuiker should have Vanessa Ferlito honor her contract. I was shocked that he would allow her to quit after coming off only A year after Rory Cochrane quit C.S.I. MIAMI. If I were Zuiker, I NEVER would have cut her loose. I would set the stage for Aiden's return. All this has made HEROES hard to watch. When I watch the Season 2 DVD, I Am almost tempted to skip from Stealing Home right to Charge Of This Post. Maybe Team Zuiker could have Ferlito come back As Aiden's twin sister, so that we can someday have the original cast back together because Anna Belknap Is too much of A crybaby.moreless
  • Well done!

    Tonight's show opens with soldiers doing a mock military operation in Central Park. It's Fleet Week and the operation is being looked on by civilians. One of the Marines tells a group of children to run into the park and find some other soldiers who are dressed like he is. The Marine is dressed in a ghillie suit, which allows him to blend into the vegetation. As the kids run into the woods, there's a terrible scream. Marines rush in to find out what the problem is and find a dead Marine. He's not in a ghillie suit, but in his dress clothing.

    We quickly cut to Danny and photographing the dead Marine's body. Danny IDs him as Trevor Price. There's a single stab wound to the chest, as well as one drop of blood on his sleeve, but no other signs of trauma. Since the Marine isn't on a path, Danny believes he was dragged into the bushes. Mac notices some of the bars on the Marine's outfit. He learns that the man had just gotten back from combat, including Operation Iraqi Freedom. What's puzzling is there's no sign that this man put up any fight, despite being a trained Marine.

    After the opening credits roll, we resume the investigation of the death of Trevor Price. A liver temperature measurement indicates he was killed roughly eleven hours ago, which puts the time of death at around midnight. Danny has been looking around in the area and has come across directional blood drops, leading away from the body. Det. Flack enters the crime scene to let Mac know that he's searched the grounds twice and hasn't been able to come up with any murder weapon.

    At the morgue, Dr. Sid Hammerback tells Mac about the Marine's wounds. Besides the single stab wound, the Marine has severe bruising in his gut-area and a few places on his back. It happened before the man died, two or three days ago.

    After his visit to the morgue, Mac heads out to an aircraft carrier and meets up with Captain Flood, who has been asked to help the department in any way he can. Captain Flood is Corporal Price's company commander. After a few basic questions, Mac comes right out and asks Captain Flood if the bruises Corporal Price has are from being put in the bull-ring. Captain Flood admits to placing Cpl. Price in the bull-ring recently to test he and the other men. In simple terms, the bull-ring is where a circle of men form and one man stands in the middle and tries to defend himself against the other men. Before leaving, Mac asks Captain Flood where Cpl. Price went once they got to shore. Unfortunately, Cpl. Price didn't go with the platoon; he said there was something he needed to take care of on his own.

    We cut to a burnt car with a victim inside. Stella photographs the body and is soon joined by Lindsay and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes. The way the car is burned leaves the CSIs to believe that the fire was relatively small, not engulfing the entire car, just the passenger compartment, focused in the front seat. Dr. Hawkes has learned that the car is registered to Charles Wright.

    Back at the morgue, Sid tells Dr. Hawkes that the burn victim isn't Charles Wright, and isn't even a male. He's been able to identify some of the organs inside of the body which indicate the victim is a female. The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the skull, two rubs, and an ulna. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to identify the woman. This leaves Dr. Hawkes to use the skull and make a facial reconstruction. He removes the ash from the skull, getting down to the skull itself. He then begins work on the facial reconstruction. His sketch gives him an unexpected result.

    We quickly cut to Lindsay, who is examining the burned car. She tries to picture the scene before the car was torched and then comes across an odd mark on the arm rest to the passenger door. She also dusts the windows for prints and finds an ear print on the inside part of the passenger window. She shows the results to Stella. She tells Lindsay an interesting piece of information, Charles Wright called in and reported seeing his car being stolen just an hour ago. This clearly doesn't add up with the timeline they know.

    Back in the lab, Dr. Hawkes is using one of their new facial reconstruction technologies to put a face to the skull they found. Once again, he's surprised by the results. The face is of Aiden Burn, a former CSI.

    A quick cut to Dr. Hawkes, shows him telling Mac the sketch he did and the 3D model the new computer program created for him. Mac is just as surprised by this as Dr. Hawkes is.

    After a commercial break, Dr. Hawkes shows the results to Stella and Danny, and they're just as shocked. Danny leaves the room almost in tears and Stella seems more angry than sad, saying "We're gonna get the son of a ***** who did this!"

    In the interrogation, Mac and Stella question Charles Wright about Aiden Burns' death. She was found dead in his car, afterall. Charles is reluctant to talk to the CSIs because it seems he's been cheating on his wife, with a prostitute... a man. He says that after spending time with the prostitute, he went to get into his car, but it was stolen and he didn't know what to do. He didn't want his wife to find out about his cheating, so he got in a cab and went home. The next morning, he got up and acted like his car was stolen. When Mac leaves, the man turns to Stella and offers to do anything he can to prove that he didn't kill Aiden. She tells him he can start by providing prints, starting with his left ear, to compare it to the one found in the car. As Mac is walking away from the interrogation room, he's confronted by Danny, who's looking to take a shot at Charles Wright, thinking he killed Aiden. Mac stops him from doing something he'll live to regret.

    In the lab, Lindsay tells Dr. Hawks that the accelerant used to torch the car was lighter fluid, a very common substance. They then turn their attention to a photograph of the indentation on the car's armrest. Neither of them know what it's from.

    In the lab's garage, Dr. Hawkes examines the armrest a little closer. He cuts a portion of it from the door.

    Back in the lab, Flack and Danny talk about Stella. Danny was planning on spending time with Aiden this weekend. Flack changes the subject to Cpl. Price. He apparently has an older brother who has said that the victim didn't know anyone in the city. Danny finds this odd because he found a watch in Cpl. Price's pocket. On the back, there's an inscription, "I'm Your Girl, Ellie". Flack says that he spoke to every Marine in his platoon and no one mentioned a girlfriend. There are other mysteries to this case. Danny has found a non-biological stain on Cpl. Price's pants, there are scuff marks on his recently-polished shoes, and even a Lima bean was found in his pocket, just a single Lima bean.

    On the streets of New York City, we find a man hustling a group of sailors. He loses his money but gains it back with the classic "double or nothing" promise. Danny crashes the man's little scam. It seems the man, Rondo, uses a Lima bean in his version of the shell game. Anyway, Cpl. Price lost to Rondo and took the Lima bean as a souvenir.

    Back in the lab, Stella's examining the ear prints and has had no luck with a match. Mac comes in and tells her he's informed Aiden's father about his daughter. They then talk about the last contact they had with Aiden. Mac talked to her on the phone not that long ago, and Stella ran into her a few days ago and didn't have time to talk for long.

    Having little information about Aiden's past few months, Stella and Mac enter Aiden's apartment. Everything seems normal until Stella stumbles upon a small, side room, full of scientific equipment. It seems she was working her own case, trying to nail D.J. Pratt. On a wall, they find numerous photos of Mr. Pratt and were taken just two days earlier. Mac is reminded of an incident from a few days ago when Mr. Pratt's lawyer complained about police following him. It seems it was Aiden who was following him, not the NYPD. Stella throws out the idea of Mr. Pratt may have gotten angry if he found out that Aiden was the one following him, and may have taken matters into his own hands. Mac thinks it's a good possibility.

    Stella and Mac confront D.J. Pratt, who is working a painting job. Mr. Pratt threatens to file a lawsuit against the department for harassment, but this doesn't stop Mac and Stella from pressing him for answers.

    Back at the lab, Danny asks Mac if D.J. Pratt is really the killer. Mac says that it looks that way, but there's nothing he can do to arrest him right now. He doesn't want Pratt to be released on a technicality. Danny then tells Mac about Rondo's involvement with Cpl. Price; he took his money, but not his life. The blood on Cpl. Price's shirt sleeve doesn't match Rondo, so he's looking innocent. The scuff mark on his shoes had a substance used to polish brass. Also, the stain on the shirt is artificial flavoring used in beer, banana flavoring to be exact. Danny has done some searching and found a good place to start, The Yard Bar. Their micro-brew specialty is Banana Ale.

    At the Yard Bar, Det. Flack asks around to see if Cpl. Price was in there the night before. He learns that Cpl. Price was there. He stood out because they don't get many Marines there during Fleet Week; most go to the strip clubs instead. The bar patrons treated Cpl. Price as a hero, offering him their chair, and the bartender told him he'd get free drinks for the night. The bartender, Damon, says Cpl. Price stayed there until about 11:30 or so and left, saying he was looking for someone, a girl named Ellie. The reason he went to this bar is because he thought she worked here.

    In the lab's garage, Stella and Lindsay examine the burnt car once again. They're trying to find any evidence which ties D.J. Pratt to the car. Stella finds scratch marks in the window area, telling her that the car thief used a thin piece of metal to break in. Lindsay finds tool marks in the ignition switch, and there's a piece of the tool left. The tool used had paint on it. Stella's reminded of D.J. Pratt, who when encountered by she and Mac, was working on a painting job in a residential building.

    Back in the lab, we find Mac looking through the contents of Cpl. Price's footlocker. It has the typical things, boots, photos, etc. Danny then enters and confirms Cpl. Price went to the Yard Bar to find a girl named Ellie. Mac then tells Danny that the blood on the shirt sleeve has mucus in it, which means it was from someone's nose. To demonstrate something, Mac asks Danny to come at him with the knife. Danny does so and Mac defends himself in the way Marines are taught to. The action involves dislocating the attacker's elbow, breaking his nose, and then applying a choke-hold, depleting the head of blood, until the attacker passed out. While applying the choke-hold, the attacker's nose would have bled on Cpl. Price's sleeve, which explains the blood they found. If the attacker was out, he couldn't have stabbed Cpl. Price in the chest. The only possible reason for the stab wound would be a second attacker, one Cpl. Price didn't see coming. To find the attacker, Mac has Danny search the hospitals for someone with a recently broken nose and dislocated elbow.

    Elsewhere in the lab, Lindsay informs Stella of the paint sample from the ignition. It matches the paint D.J. Pratt uses. The only problem is the paint is a very common color for interior walls, so it's not a slam-dunk.

    In Mac's office, Stella ponders why Aiden would have gotten so close to D.J. Pratt, knowing he was dangerous. Mac tells her Aiden sacrificed her career trying to D.J. Pratt, so it haunted her. Stella then notices that several of the photos feature D.J. Pratt checking out a blonde female who lives in one of the apartments. She and Mac believe that Stella was taking photographs of the woman because she fits Pratt's M.O. Stella realizes Pratt used the blonde to lure Stella into his trap. He lured her into an alley, attacked her, and threw her into Charles Wright's car. He continued to beat her until she died and then set the car ablaze. Dr. Hawkes then enters and tells Mac that the indentation on the armrest is a bite mark, which belongs to Aiden. She left them all the evidence they needed to get D.J. Pratt.

    We cut to a local hospital, where Keith Gale is lying in bed. He's got an injured elbow and nose. Det. Flack tells Danny about his conditions, and they match the injuries they were looking for in a possible suspect. Danny knows that the injuries he sustained would have kept him from getting right up and visiting a hospital on his own. It turns out his wife brought him to a hospital, which puts her at the scene of the crime. She's outside of her husband's room, so Danny and Det. Flack question her about the incident. She admits to stabbing Cpl. Price because she thought the Cpl killed her husband. It seems Keith Gale has a temper when he drinks and he picked the wrong fight that night.

    In the interrogation room, Mac and Stella question D.J. Pratt, who was brought in because of an unpaid parking ticket. While Pratt was being booked, he was photographed. One of the photographs shows a bite mark. It matches the bite mark Aiden left in the armrest of the car, putting D.J. Pratt at the scene and as the attacker.

    We cut to Mac in his office, picking up D.J. Pratt's file. He remembers telling Aiden that his file will be on his desk until they get him. Mac makes his way over to another table and sets it down. He's visited by Stella's who is curious about how Mac knew about the bite mark's meaning. It seems Aiden worked a similar case when she was a rookie detective and she would knew that Mac would understand it all. She offers to stick around, but Mac has something to take care of first. Stella leaves and Mac puts D.J. Pratt's file away.

    In the lab, we see Mac putting things back into Cpl. Price's footlocker when he comes across the watch. He remembers a photograph he just put away. One of the other Marines is shown wearing it. Mac pulls out the employee list from the Yard Bar, and one of the employees is Alexandria Hollis, a server.

    Mac stops by the Yard Bar and talks to Alexandria, who was there when Det. Flack visited earlier. She doesn't think she can help him, but Mac believes otherwise. Mac pulls out a photo from Cpl. Price, showing a man wearing the watch they have. She tells Mac that man wearing the watch is her fiance. He died last year in Iraq. Alexandria breaks down into tears when she finds out that Cpl. Price was asked by his fellow Marine to give the watch to her. Mac hands Alexandria the watch which is hers. Ellie isn't a common nickname for Alexandria, but it's certainly her. She tells Mac that only he ever called her Ellie.

    With the crimes solved, Mac joins Dr. Hawkes, Danny, Stella, and Det. Flack at a local bar for a drink and a toast to Aiden.

    Tonight's episode had a lot of emotion in it because they had to not only solve a murder of a Marine, but they had to figure out who killed one of their own. I really enjoyed the show, from beginning to end. The end was a little emotional, and it was really all well done.moreless
  • This was a very excellent second to last episode. I was pleased with how it ended. NY has just been pulling out all the stops near the end of this season. It definitely made me hooked. spoilers throughout (sorry i can't help it)moreless


    We have marines doing a scene for Fleet Week. And then as things aregoing around, we see a dead marine! Oh no!


    First we have the case of the dead marine which was sad. But we don't get into that case as much. It's obviously because of the second case being so crazy intense. It shocked me that the girl and her husband ended up attacking a marine. I love how Mac focused on this case and tried to get it done. Of course he did. Danny helped. I loved how Mac kept being like well it doesn't make sense. He would have fought back. And he did, that's why there were no defensive wounds, the marine was doing most of the attacking. It's just crazy that the marine tried to save the girl, and the girl attacked the marine for attacking her husband. She killed him for saving her from her BEATING HUSBAND.

    I love that the reason the marine Price, went to the bar was because he wanted to give Alexandria, the fiancé of his buddy, a watch given to him by the buddy who died in Iraq. What's sad is he goes there and doesn't find her, when Mac goes there we think she doesn't work there. But she does, she just wasn't called by her nickname over there because only her fiancé called her that. It was cute seeing Mac wanting to finish the marine case- well the whole watch bit. He wanted to finish the marine's last deed. The second case is of a dead… someone in a car. We can't tell who or what it is as the body is so charred it's undistinguishable. It ends up being a skull and as we find out later from Hawkes, it's Aiden's skull. Super. We see Hawkes working on her skull. I bet this was creepy for Vanessa Ferlito, especially when the skull came up as her face. What I found interesting is that this sort of brought Aiden full circle, as one of the first memories we have of her is working on a skull similar to this and figuring out a face from it. I'm not sure if they considered that, but I would love it if they did. You can tell Hawkes is surprised with the drawing so he double checks it. He needed to make sure it was her. It was so sad when they showed the results to everyone else and seeing all their reactions. Poor Danny had to walk off and everyone else was just destroyed. AIDEN was dead!

    When they find the car owner we think we got him, though some of us figure it has to be Pratt. That's the only way they would end her life. It was great when they brought the owner of the car in and found him lying. He was having an affair; with another guy (I love it!). I loved when Danny walked by and he wanted to kill the guy, and then we hear Danny talking to Hawkes how he was supposed to see her this weekend. Poor Danny. When Mac and Stella are in Aiden's apartment and we find out she was shadowing Pratt, I totally saw that coming. Immediately we realize, as do they Pratt killed Aiden.

    I loved Lindsay and how she says to Stella she wishes she could have met her. Though we do note a hint of jealousy in her voice when she mentions Danny talking about her a lot.

    I loved they made a connection with Aiden's case with Pratt and how they were where she was. They had the killer they just couldn't get him for it. I was so excited when they got him and all because she left a clue for Mac with the bite mark. Aiden was wonderful in making it so they could prove he did it. She knew she'd die so she figured she'd do it so they could get him once and for all. I loved Stella trying to comfort Mac. Poooor Aiden!!! FAVORITE SCENE:

    Best bit was definitely at the end with all the guys, with all of them around each other. Very cute and touching. Danny and Lindsay were sitting next to each other! YAY!


    I loved Aiden's acting. Well you couldn't tell if it was intentionally bad or not, I think intentionally, as it was that whole "HI! Long time no see!" sort of thing.


    This was a very excellent second to last episode. I was pleased with how it ended. NY has just been pulling out all the stops near the end of this season. It definitely made me hooked.moreless
  • even in the end the good guys always get their mam

    its nice to dispite their hurt and anger the team did their job and got the bad guy in the end it was a good way to say goodbye to a friend. its nice to see also Mac remembering his past and carrying out the wishes of a fallen marine.

    old habits dies hard

    we remember all those who dies in the defence of their country at home and overseas they shall not be forgottenmoreless
Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

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Danny Messer

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Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

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Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Joaquin Perez Campbell

Joaquin Perez Campbell

Captain Flood

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Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Danny and Mac investigate the death of a Marine; in reality, this case would have been investigated by the NCIS (Naval Crime Investigative Service) team.

    • Goof: While Mac and Sid examine the marine's body - the chest moves! The dead guy is actually breathing!

    • The ship used in the episode was The Intrepid. Gary Sinise wanted Fleet Week to be depicted on the show because of Mac Taylor's war service.

    • Aiden is identified using facial reconstruction something that according to Season 1 Episode 3 American Dreamers she loves doing!

    • Goof: The sign at Central Park says there will be a display by the Marines. However, the music that plays before the discovery of the body is The Army Goes Rolling Along, the official song of the Army since 1952. The appropriate music to play would have been the Marine's hymn [sic], which has been in use much longer (the music is from an 1859 opera; the Marines copyrighted the song in 1919, but it's now in public domain).

    • Goof: The Marine Corporal's body is found by a girl in broad daylight, and the liver temperature of the victim indicates he was killed eleven hours before at midnight. However, Danny states, "The vic. was playing the shell game in Times Square at 9pm, and was found dead in Central Park at midnight." Danny should have said the victim DIED at midnight in Central Park.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • DJ Pratt: My lawyer will have a field day with you, detective Taylor.
      Mac: Bring him on.

    • (Rondo is running a shell game)
      Rondo: Five'll get you ten, ten'll get you twenty, twenty'll get you plenty. Who wants to play?

    • (While processing the car).
      Lindsay: Danny talks about her a lot. Aiden. They were close. I wish I could have met her.
      Stella: You would have liked her.

    • Mac: Tell the truth.
      Charles Wright: I can't. It would ruin me.
      Mac: I don't care. This isn't about you.

    • Mac: (looking at Corporal Price's medals and ribbons) He's been overseas.
      Danny: And this is how we welcome him home.

    • Stella: That woman burned beyond recognition in your car, was a DETECTIVE!

    • Captain Flood: A platoon is only as strong as its weakest link.

    • Stella: This wasn't about torching a car.
      Lindsay: It was about hiding a body.

    • Stella: (after learning Aiden Burn was killed) We're gonna get the son of a ***** who did this!

    • Charles Wright: I had nothing to do with a murder or a fire. You have to believe me!
      Mac: (angry) No, I don't.

    • Danny: (angry) Mac, is this him, the scumbag that killed Aiden?!
      Mac: Danny, get out of here.
      Danny: Just let me talk to him. Aww. I will get him to crack, I promise you that.
      Mac: How?! By tuning him up? Stella's got the case, she knows what to do!
      Danny: This is Aiden! She's one of our own, Mac!
      Mac: That's why we can't make any mistakes. We do this one by the book, understand?
      Danny: (cooling down) Alright, I just wanted to help.
      Mac: I know, me too.

    • Lindsay: How well did you know her? Aiden.
      Hawkes: Well enough to know that if one of us had been killed, she wouldn't sleep until the killer was caught.

    • Stella: (frustrated with Aiden's murder) We're exactly where Aiden was eight months ago, staring at the criminal right in the face, powerless to bring him to justice.

    • Sid: (about Trevor Price) He fought with someone, and it was one hell of a battle.

    • Flack: Unfortunately, low-lifes know it's Fleet Week also. Service men are easy targets because they're easy to spot.
      Mac: A uniform isn't a bullseye, it's a badge of honor.
      Flack: Once a Marine, always a Marine.
      Mac: And if you've attacked one of us, you've attacked us all.

    • Mac: Something's not right. His shirt is tucked in, his pants are creased. There's no abrasions on his knuckles, no dirt under his nails.
      Danny: That means there wasn't a struggle.
      Mac: Corporal Price was a decorated Marine, trained in combat. So, why didn't he fight for his life?

  • NOTES (5)


    • DJ Pratt is mentioned in the following episodes: 2x01 Summer in the City, 2x02 Grand Murder at Central Station, 2x18 Live or Let Die, 2x22 Stealing Home and this one, where the ongoing storyline culminates in the death of Aiden.

    • Danny: See? This is no lie. She, Aiden, gets on my face, right? You know she did that, and she tells me: Keep dreaming Messer. Well I think you're cute, but I'm way out of your league.

      This alludes to the following bit of Season 1 Episode 19 Crime and Misdemeanor:

      Danny: Check you out! You know, you're lucky you and I work together...
      Aiden: You know, you're cute Messer, but I'm way out of your league.